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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Trump rid conservatism of its phonies

Roger L. Simon, the CEO of Pajamas Media, wrote a simple piece, "Why the Remaining Never Trumpers Should Apologize Now."

Some of them tweeted no we don't. And I agree because the truth is nobody needs them.

They stood athwart history screaming stop, and the Trump train ran over them without so much as a quiver felt by passengers.

Trump is Al Czervik. They are Judge Smails. We're the caddies.

Simon holds out hope that the Never Trumpers will see the light:
But a war is coming -- you can almost feel it in the air.  We should all pray that it will be non-violent and work hard to keep it that way.  But we should also have our ideological troops ready and prepared for that imminent battle for the hearts and minds.  It's going to be pivotal.
NeverTrumpers, please join.  Past disagreements will be instantly forgotten and your skills immediately welcomed. I think you can depend on that.
Frankly, I do not want them on our side.

They are untrustworthy and incompetent.

They were willing to let liberals have the Supreme Court for the next 25 years, forgo a tax cut, and let America continue that slide to being another failed socialist state because, really, how many of them are capitalists?

Yes, they write books and appear on TV, but many of them work for tax-exempt corporations that rely on donations to pay their bills.

For years they have sworn that we must get conservative judges, that we must cut taxes, and that we must move the embassy to Jerusalem.

Then along came a man who could do all that, and they freaked. They opposed his election more than they opposed Obama's election and re-election.

The only real point they can make about Trump is that he isn't a slick-talking politician.

They grade him on style, not substance.

America just enjoyed its greatest year ever, as Trump pushed us from the precipice of socialism.

Are we better off now than we were one year ago? As Sarah Palin said, you betcha. And no thanks to the insufferably obstinate Never Trumpers.

The judiciary is stronger with Antonin Scalia's intellectual son, Neil Gorsuch, joining the Supreme Court and a dozen appellate judges confirmed and six more waiting Senate approval.

The rollback of 1,579 regulations has revived the coal industry and helped many other industries. Ford, Chrysler, GM, and Toyota all announced major investments in car making in America.

The tax cut signed on Friday gets rid of the Obamacare mandate, opens ANWR for possible drilling, and drops our corporate tax rate down to the European Union's average.

There is no intellectually honest reason for anyone who is conservative to oppose him now.

But the Never Trumpers march on. The media loves its phony conservatives to serve as Washington Generals to their liberal Harlem Globetrotters.

The ones with beards have my sympathy because obviously they are too guilt-wracked to look at themselves in the mirror reach morning.

Trump has purged conservatives of their frauds. We won without them last year. Let's see how we do in next year's election.


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  1. #NeverTrumpers: Marching in lockstep into ignominy. Good riddance. - Elric

    1. +1 with a Thumbs Up! Well said, Elric!

    2. Everything Trump has done, Ted Cruz would have done, better, while acting like a statesman and articulating a coherent political philosophy.

      I will be supporting Cruz in 2020, will sit out the 2020 election, as I did the 2016 election, if Cruz is not the nominee.

  2. I assert the GOP and conservatism has been perverted.

    When you eschew American workers and their money and value for foreign labor that may or maybe not be cheap (think Mexican vs. Canadian), you are inherently are not conservative and are not Republican as it once was understood.

  3. The non-profits' willingness to confuse themselves (corporations without stockholders) with true public charities in order to solicit and encourage donations has long been a pet-peeve of mine.

    " . . . many of them work for tax-exempt corporations that rely on donations to pay their bills." [Don Surber]

    Don is correct, except that most 501(c)3 corps are perfectly capable of paying their bills with little help from donations.

    Ask any hospital how cheap blood from the Red Cross is; note (as a matter of public record) how Goodwill, a 501(c)3 that exists off donations, only allocates about 19% of its profit to charitable works (the reaminder goes to its own organization).

    By contrast, imagine DuPont, Microsoft or Tesla asking for individual donations to keep themselves afloat while paying their top execs ginormous salaries; imagine Harvard with its 35 BILLION dollar plus endowment accepting alumni gifts and outrageous tuitions.

    In other words, many non-profit corporations are parasites, masquerading as charities to feather their own nest. -- T

    1. Take it from a retired blood banker: Red Cross Disaster Services and Red Cross Blood Services are completely separate entities. The former is always near broke, and the latter is FLOATING in money.
      My enduring gratitude to Mr. Surber's books and blog to help my evolving list of pundits to read or ignore.

    2. Check out the charitable organizations listed on the West Virginia Secretary of State website and see how much each charity spends and what they spend it on. Most police-supporting charities are nothing but perpetual self-supporting fundraising companies. I like when they call begging and I pull up the numbers (I have the site bookmarked) on their charity and read it to them. Then I tell them to go to the infernal regions and hang up. - Elric

    3. Greg,

      Yes, I know. I remember after 9/11 when O'Reilly was livid that the Red Cross stated it collected too much money for 9/11 families and was going to "redirect" it. At that time it was revealed that the woman who ran the LA chapter of Red Cross was being paid $600,000 per year. I have known for a long time that the Red Cross is corporations masquerading within a corporation (i.e., a large holding company). I despise them for the way they fraudulently milk well-intentioned citizens. -- T

  4. continued ..:

    When a New York liberal Republican who was a registered Democrat not that long ago has ushered in a government and policies that are as or more conservative than any in modern history is a testament to just how far astray the GOP and conservatism has become.

    1. Continued from the 1033 post

    2. Y'know you can tag an identifier to your posts without signing up anywhere.
      It DOES help us keep track of posts/commenters.

    3. Trump freely admits to having donated to both Democrat and Republican political campaigns in New York. He is (was) a real estate developer; he had to cozy up to everybody in power.

      I have never heard him admit to having been a registered Democrat. In fact, his father was a Republican (and donor), and Trump appears to have followed in his footsteps from an early age.

      In either case, so what? Reagan was a registered Democrat for most of his life, and a union president for God's sake. I heard the same accusations leveled against Reagan when he ran -- from Republicans of the same ilk as those who brand Trump as not ideologically pure enough -- yet Reagan became a conservative icon.

      Americans always have been pragmatists, and ideological purity is the enemy of pragmatism. Leftists are unrelenting ideological purists who sacrifice humanity on the alter of their ideology.

      Trump is a pragmatist. He gets things done. Let's become the party who's policies succeed.

  5. Saw the little riff on Bill Buckley you did.


    Frankly, I do not want them on our side.

    Good thinking. Many gave up way too easily and, as you note, they always were prepared to lose.

  6. I've thought for a while that many of the "conservatives," who went to the same colleges as the Leftists, just ended up on the right because everybody had to choose sides freshman year. They took the opposing side for the academic debate, but still want to be invited into the faculty lounge when the graduated.

    I've actually heard a few speak of how Trump is not intellectually pure. He, like the Heritage Foundation, are into advocacy beyond writing smart position papers. Scott Adams made a similar comparison last night when he contrasted a diplomat from a deal maker.

  7. We don’t need or want them. They have outed themselves and would only appear to support President Trump. Their motives would be purely selfish.

    Besides, there is no Brie and Chardonnay in MAGAville.

    1. Dass right Schlongy. We roll on beer, cheddar, and saltines. And what the f--- is wrong wid dat?

  8. The resolutely pure are found on both sides although on the left I guess they're not as obvious but have more influence. The commies hated Bill C but firmly got their fangs into his wife. The hatred of the white middle they injected into her political flab did her in.
    On the "right" we have the same kind of irrationality. Peggy N still hates DT to the point that Space Time for her has reversed itself. She said in a recent diatribe that any other Republican would have appointed a conservative like Gorsuch so DT didn't deserve any points. That no other R could have or did win was passed over as though we all live in the land time forgot.
    Yet all this happened before, in the 40s BC. The super conservatives of the Roman nobility led by Cato rejected the then victorious Caesar's offer of comity to end Civil War.They continued the fight. They lost.
    Under siege, Cato read Plato on the immortality of the soul, then stabbed himself, dying in misery far from the beloved farm of his father. The failure of the conservative wing to accept reality was followed by 1400 years of dictatorship, their ideology rendered political dust.
    There is still time for them to join a fine and unselfish general who could use their cohorts on his flank against a common and pitiless foe.
    Right now it looks like it is That, or philosophy and the knife.

  9. It's gotta be killing little twerps like John Kasich that Trump is doing so well. Sorry John, you will never be president. - GOC

  10. It seems the GOP is the Go Along To Get Along Party, and has decided to ignore its base. So We shall ignore Them.

  11. Attributed to Sir Winston Churchill: "We've already established that, now we're dickering about price."

  12. “They stood athwart history screaming stop”

    The frauds stood on the railroad track,
    They heard the whistle squeal;
    The engineer got slowly down,
    And scraped ‘em off the wheel.