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Monday, December 18, 2017

Trump makes 1,579 regulations disappear

Cutting the corporate tax rate by 40% is a great accomplishment which will give U.S. companies and foreign investors an excellent reason to invest trillions -- yes, trillions -- in the U.S. economy.

But let us not overlook Donald Trump's greatest economic accomplishment as president: cutting the arms off the regulatory octopus that strangles our nation.

To be sure, appointing a record 12 appellate judges and a Supreme Court justice is his greatest achievement.

Marxists were able to legalize abortion on demand, gay marriage, and even flag burning through the judiciary.

Real Americans need to turn that back around, and have needed to for generations.

But I digress. As Congress prepares to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, let us look at what has fueled this year's economic growth.

From the president's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, regulatory relief so far this year:
Agencies plan to finalize three deregulatory actions for every new regulatory action in FY2018.
  • 1,579 Withdrawn or Delayed Actions -- Agencies continue to eliminate, delay, or streamline regulatory actions in the pipeline. In this Administration, agencies withdrew or delayed 1579 planned regulatory actions, reflecting all such changes from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017.
  • 635 regulations were withdrawn from the Unified Agenda (469 in the Spring 2017 Update to Agenda; 166 in the Fall 2017 Agenda)
  • 244 regulations were made inactive (166 in the Spring 2017 Update to Agenda; 78 in the Fall 2017 Agenda)
  • 700 regulations were added to the Long Term list (401 in the Spring 2017 Update to Agenda; 299 in the Fall 2017 Agenda)
This is outstanding work. The goal was two rules removed for every one added. They are doing three.

Throughout my adulthood, businesses complained about regulations that hinder their work unnecessarily. Taxes go up when Democrats take over, and go down when Republicans are in.

But no one has addressed regulatory relief like this. For the first time in decades, we will end the year with fewer federal regulations than we began.


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  1. You did an excellent job making this point on the Michael Geaham podcast. Glad I listened to it. It was nice putting a voice to the face. Since you don’t have comments open on that post I am making it here.

    Quote of the show - “He (PDJT) is driving them (never Trumpers) insane. Of course for many, it is a short trip”.

  2. Trump is doing great work, but The Deep State is still alive, well, and fighting like hell. They rename programs and try to undermine the POTUS at every turn. The only thing that is going to stop that crap is mass firings.

  3. This is how we'll keep Mr. Trump!

  4. It's nice to have a businessman who has been on the receiving end of all this garbage in charge. He knows what needs to go, and he's getting rid of it.

  5. Regulations and laws are killing us "normal" folks here in my beloved California. EPA can be blamed for our fires (no clearing, cutting harvesting timber) and so on. Mr.President, sell this forestry land to people who will take care of it. Sometimes you just want to scream for the stupidity and arrogance abounding in my once great state. Merry Christmas.