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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Trump is checking off Hugh Hewitt's list

Hugh Hewitt is outside my ken. There are too many conservative voices out there for me to keep up with all of them. He has a radio show and is well connected within the Republican Party. We share the curse of being Cleveland sports fans by birth. He was born in Warren, Ohio.

We also share fans, and one sent me a note about a Hugh Hewitt T-shirt of yore.

From my reader:
Hey Don, 
So I was getting dressed this morning and pulled out the next T shirt off the pile. It is a Hugh Hewitt shirt from 15 or so years ago.
On the back, it listed the five things he was calling for Bush to do, as a Conservative president. Things he never did.
Win the war.
Confirm the judges.
Cut the taxes.
Control the spending.
Secure the border.
Well, looks like Trump hit 4 out of 5 in his first year. 
Maybe spending next year? 
Home run!
Grand slam, I would say although as an Indians fan we do not see that many of them. At least from our side of the plate.

Hewitt has had an up and down relationship with Trump. He did not support his nomination, and three times called for Trump to step aside after he secured the nomination.

But eventually Hewitt voted for Trump. In many ways that is a more admirable vote than mine was because Hewitt really had to put principle first. I had no trouble voting. He had to hold his nose and cross his fingers.

But remember Trump's campaign song.
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes, yeah
You might find you get what you need!
Trump is what we need.



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  1. You can't always get what you want

    President Trump always plays some Rolling Stones songs at his rallies. Even now as President.

    For those old enough, remember how The Stones (and Bob Dylan) handled the gossipy media in the mid-60's? While the Beatles joked with them via Brian Epstein's instructions, the Stones and Dylan pretty much treated them as Donald Trump has - not just in politics, but throughout his career.

    Most of the media went on to criticize The Stones and Dylan trying to cut them down. Hasn't worked. They still sell out shows 50-some years later. They revolutionized popular music by respecting tradition from those that came before them and taking it further. In short, the Clinton's and Obama will be seen in history as Herman's Hermits and Jerry and the Pacemakers are seen to Rock historians.....and I'm being charitable here.

    1. It might've been on Citizen Free Press, I can't remember exactly where, but some site recently posted a clip of Bob Dylan calling Time magazine Fake News back in '64! And speaking of prescience, the Hollies wrote a song about Widdle Barrie in '67---"King Midas In Reverse," as the Beatles had already with "I'm A Loser," "Nowhere Man" and would add "Fool On The Hill" to the mix.

  2. Hewitt is not a never-Trumper, but he is quick to blast Trump and slow to acknowledge his success.

    If he had his druthers, Trump and the Deplorables would be relegated to fringe status.

    Thing is, Trump and the Deplorables win and do things that supposedly "right thinking" Republicans like W, McCain, and Romney could do only in their dreams.

    I listen to him on the way to work. I applaud his acceptance of reality, but I have no illusion that if someone like W or Romney or whatever of like kind could possible win, he would go all out for them, along with many, many other Republicans and we would revert back to the slow walk to fascist totalitarianism that those Republicans demanded us to watch!

    1. Sorry ... march, not watch

    2. Both 'watch' and 'march work in that sentence.

    3. Actually, I am afraid W, McCain and Romney (all of whom I voted for, BTW) dreamt of other things. GOPe to the core.

  3. I've always like Hewitt's commentary, and have his book "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat." But if you examine his win-loss record of political predictions, you'll find him batting in the low .100's. Whatever he predicts, you can count on the opposite.

  4. A grand slam. And men are back on base. The inning is still going. The opponents bull pen is weak. It is only full of bull.

    1. Keep that rally cap rockin, brothers and sisters. You know, the red one with the white letters that has been shortened to MAGA. We got this. WE GOT THIS!

  5. Trump is doing great but he will face a hard time with spending. While Obama was running up all that debt, the Fed protected him from folly by keeping interest rate artificially low. For much of Obama's presidency, the rate was 0.25%. It was raised to 0.5% in 12/15. It is now 1.5% and and is set to reach 3% in 2020. The Federal Interest expense in 2017 was about $460 billion and set to double by 2020.

    Interest rates should be determined by the market but the journey back to normal rates will be painful

    1. If the economy takes off like we think it will revenues should climb. Holding the line on INCREASES coupled with a little cutting should balance our budget. That will be a good start.

  6. Trump is turning out to be a much better president than Bush, that I cannot deny, but Bush did cut taxes, and confirmed judges, and had essentially won the war in Iraq (before Obama turned a winning hand into defeat). But the overall point of the post is correct, as Trump is doing a much better job as a conservative president than Bush did.

  7. Let me help you out. Hewitt is a vichy conservative.

  8. "Win the war".

    When the troops come home, the surrender terms have been signed, the concrete barriers are taken down from the White House fence, and I can take my Leatherman on an airline flight again.

    Not won until then.

  9. I only count two of five - judges and tax cuts. The border is still wide open, we still have troops in Afghanistan and spending definitely has not been cut (in fact, I just read about an upcoming $1 trillion infrastructure proposal).