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Friday, December 08, 2017

Trump cleaned up a Clinton corruption from 1996

President Trump's decision to give the people of Utah 1.7 million acres of the the Grand Staircase Escalante is a step toward undoing one of the many pieces of corruption by President Clinton.

Clinton took time off from his re-election campaign on  September 18, 1996, to cut off any mining of  the world's largest deposit of low-sulfur coal -- which allowed a Malaysian company to dominate the international coal market.

Need I say that the company's principal official raised a lot of cash for Clinton?

From the Deseret News on March 2, 1997:
According to the Associated Press story, the ban on mining of Utah's coal would benefit the "multibillion-dollar Lippo Group, a Jakarta based Lippo Corporation with business interests related to coal."Utah and Indonesia coal are cost-competitive and the cleanest in the world. Due to Clinton's decision, Indonesian coal will have the lion's share of the international market. It is interesting to note that not only is Indonesia the home of Lippo but also Mochtar Riady, one of Clinton's richest and most powerful international backers.
The White House has denied any connection, but several articles in past weeks have pointed out that "with a stroke of his pen, President Clinton wiped out the only significant competition to Indonesian coal interests in the world market."
The coal was worth $1 trillion 20 years ago.

More from the Deseret News:
The fate of as much as $1.1 billion belonging to Utah's schools will be decided as the argument is made in the courts that the authority Clinton used to take such action was never conveyed by Congress.
Well, Clinton had the authority under the Antiquities Act of 1890.

And Trump has the authority to reverse Clinton's action.

From the Climate Change Dispatch:
Bill Clinton’s unilateral land grab in Utah declaring 1.7 million acres a national monument and placing off-limits to an energy-starved United States up to 62 billion tons of environmentally safe low sulfur coal worth $1.2 trillion that could have been mined with minimal surface impact was, in fact, a political payoff to the family of James Riady.
James Riady was the son of Lippo Group owner Mochtar Riady. Young James was found guilty of and paid a multi-million dollar fine for funneling more than $1 million in illegal political contributions through Lippo Bank into various American political campaigns, including Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential run. Connect the dots. Riady’s relationship between the Clintons would be long and corrupt, even extending to donations to the Clinton Foundation.
And you thought turning over 20% of the U.S. production of uranium to Russians was the worst thing the Clintons have ever done.

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  1. Nice to see he twists the knife in Willie, too. He was always very sensitive about legacy.

    Wonder if the Indonesians will want their money back.

  2. 1.7 million acres was one hell of a land grab. How many in Utah lost their jobs?

  3. Waiting for some liberal judge to declare that PDT doesn't have the authority to reverse what Clinton didn't have the authority to do in 3....2...1.

  4. I read that the ceremonial signing picture used above was taken at the rim of the Grand Canyon since the actual site wasn't as cool-looking.

    1. Yeah, that picture doesn't look like any of the Utah I've seen, and a whole lot like the Grand Canyon I saw last year.

  5. MANA-- Make America Normal Again.


  6. I just retired after almost 30 years in the mining industry. I worked for the largest private employer in Montana. Thankfully, Democrat-affiliated enviro- groups were unable to prevent our mine from opening up. Bill Clinton was personally responsible for stopping another mining operation near here years ago that would have also been a great job provider for the region. Now, our lefty Senator Jon Tester has come out against two proposed mines west of us. Democrats hate blue collar workers.