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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Time magazine ignores 2017

Time magazine overlooked the most consequential and significant first year in office for a president since Reagan to name a hashtag as its Man of the Year.

Ah, the lightness of being mainstream.

The #MeToo movement as Man of the Year is a perfect metaphor for corporate media.

The movement is a bunch of accusations brought by largely well-educated liberal women against well-educated liberal men in the media -- that were swept under the rug by the well-educated liberal mainstream media.

The new age of enlightenment began when the New York Times outed Harvey Weinstein, calling his decades of proven abuse an open secret.

Everyone knew.

And yet no media outlet pursued the story until the Times broke the silence.

In fact, Comcast's NBC/MSNBC News covered the Weinstein scandal for him.

Just as Newsweek had spiked the Lewinsky story 19 years ago hoping it would go away, Comcast's NBC/MSNBC News spiked Ronan Farrow's well-documented story of sexual abuse, out-of-court settlements, and failure to prosecute involving Harvey Weinstein.

Ultimately, this was all gossip, insider stuff about the phony baloney media that has become public knowledge.

CBS knew Charlie Rose was a creep.

NBC knew Matt Lauer was a creep.

Reporters covering Congress knew John Conyers was a creep. Cokie Roberts of NPR said as much.

The departure of these creeps from the public life is welcome, and long overdue.

But not all accusations are as stated. There are two sides of the story. And many of these are she said/he said situations -- or he said/he said in the case of George Takei.

While all this is amusing as we watch the liberals run their trains into one another, the fact is these women in black cloaks and their star chamber are not all that significant.

Presenting them as the most important people on the planet this year shows how out-of-touch and insular Time is.

Meanwhile, President Trump is changing the courts, reversing the invasion by MS-13 and other illegal aliens, eliminating the Islamic State, rallying Wall Street, reining in regulation, confronting evil in Iran and North Korea, and making America great again.

Our allies cheer. Our enemies fear. Liberals pout.

But Time magazine thinks Harveywood is the most important story of the year. Everyone in Raqqa was worried about Ashley Judd.

I am not saying Trump should be Time's Man of the Year.

The magazine has the right to pick whomever it wants. I defend Time's right to gaze at its navel and ruminate about the producer's couch all it wants -- as the world passes it by.


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  1. The Clinton non-impeachment/non-resignation gave these guys cred!

  2. Look, Don.....real simple....we have a pig standing in front of us.....freshly rolled in the more....that's the nature of the pig. The Media are jealous marxists. So, what Time does is irrelevant.

  3. Which illustrates both the irrelevance of TIME, and why and how we'll GET MORE TRUMP.

  4. First of all, Time renamed it to Person of the Year years ago. Wake up Don.
    And second, from the Trumpster himself:
    "Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named “Man (Person) of the Year,” like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!"
    See Donnie, it would have been Trump had he not said no.

    1. I think Don is a hell of a lot more woke than you, cocksucker.

    2. Thanks for this post, my stock in Depends and Preparation H just went up some more. I'm in your head (other) Anon, and let me tell you, there is a lot of room in here.

    3. Was that the time it named the computer Person of the Year?

  5. The male feminists will refuse to defend themselves, even if innocent. They're prepared to sacrifice themselves to strike a blow against the patriarchy. But when they go after one of us, we do defend ourselves, and invariably expose the accusers as liars. The accusers see that, and will probably spend the rest of their time attacking the soft targets on their own side. This eliminates creeps like Al Franken from public discourse, while simultaneously red-pilling moderates who see this guilty-until-proven-innocent crap for what it is. So yeah- you go, grrls!

  6. If we're talking silence breakers, how 'bout all those people in PA, WI, MI, and OH who voted for Trump?