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Thursday, December 14, 2017

The lessons of Alabama

Republicans made huge mistakes in Alabama on Tuesday. Here is what they should learn from those mistakes.
1. Either hang together, or hang separately.

The Republican National Committee's decision to divorce itself from the Republican candidate was foolish.

The media mocks Republicans.

Democrats mock Republicans.

Look, if the party is not going to respect the will of the people, then why bother having primaries? Just let the big donors and political insiders select the candidates.

When was the last time Democrats abandoned and shamed their nominee?

2. Do some opposition research.

Why did we have to wait more than 10 years to find out Al Franken groped Leeann Tweeden? Had Republicans done their job, he would have lost the 2008 election which he won by 312 votes.

3. Don't let the media frame the election.

The mistake in Alabama was no one changed the subject from the false accusations. No one discussed the Democrat's support for abortion or illegal immigration.

Republicans win on issues.

That's the darned shame in all this.


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  1. Trump made a big mistake in Alabama not by listening to Republicans - all of whom said stay away - but by listening to Steve Bannon - which I find really strange after Bannon openly insulted Trump's daughter on a national stage.

  2. Now I voted for the Vulgarian Trump, and I heartily approve of the substantive things he is accomplishing in DC, but another way to look at #1 is that when a political party nominates a complete outsider for president who is owed no favors by the party bigwigs, the nominee will lack the leverage to force the party big shots into line. LBJ, for example, knew all the dark secrets of the Congress and had his party's members by the short hairs. Trump has nothing with which squeeze the crazies like John McCain to force them to support his programs. The McCains are not indebted to Trump, they do not fear him, they do not like him, and yet they are not smart enough to imagine the great advantage they could gain with voters by cooperating with him.

    1. The last Republican who was able to "force" people in line was probably William McKinley aided by boss Mark Hanna. Nixon and Reagan had to built coalitions with conservative southern Democrats (back when such creatures walked the earth) to offset Rockefeller Republicans who might not get along with the plan. The Bushies played roll-over-and-surrender like a bichon puppy. So this isn't about Trump not being able to channel his inner LBJ. This is a systemic problem that has plagued the GOP since Leon Czolgosz pulled the trigger at the Pan-American exposition in 1901.

    2. McCain is about to leave the scene,
      His replacement is not going to be quite so "Wet Start"..

    3. The incident on the USS Forrestal was documented by onboard CCTV.

      It was a traning video that I and many other US Navy sailors watched as an intro to shipboard fire fighting school.

      John McCain did not cause the fire. I do not like him much, but stop the lies.

  3. I have a different take. The day before the election I watched Moore say on TV to his supporters that whatever happened was "God's will". He looked tired, weak and dejected. That he had given up was obvious to me. Trump never gives up. And If Trump can get this new guy to flip on even one issue he will have won in the end. If not in 3 yrs the R will have another shot. Pick better stronger candidates is the lesson. That there are so few of them is the sad thing.

  4. The Republicans don't want to govern. They prefer to line up at the trough without the responsibility of doing anything but objecting; they're the party of "back-seat drivers."

    The GOPe didn't help Judge Moore. Many of those establishment swine actually financially supported his opponent, and "backstage," i.e. out of sight, they undermined Moore every way they could, with the willing help of the #LyingMedia, who love smear campaigns against righteous people and who knowingly peddled Gloria Allred's lies.

    The Left did do well in getting out the vote; the Right, as usual, was too busy sticking its collective nose in the air while waiting for Jesus Christ to appear as the candidate they could get behind (except they wouldn't, if He did appear.)

    Sick of the GOPe, I am!

  5. These are good points -- the lessons -- and I do hope the DC GOP takes them to heart. I'm sure that not every Democrat is equally enthused about every other Democrat running for office but, partly because the media doesn't harass Democrats to condemn each other, they do manage not to openly condemn the candidates of their own party.

    I will say that few Democrat extremists (like Jerry Browne of California) even seek public office as the fruits join AntiFa or BLM or wear pink hats and hate Republican women -- so Democrats seldom ever have to defend them (again that's partly because the media is partisan and doesn't ask Democrats anything that might hurt a Democrat). And, although I will say that it doesn't help the GOP when people like David Duke do campaign and run for office as Republicans, the GOP is more often hurt by the traps the media sets for social conservatives who run for office. They always get tricked into saying something that gets an eye-roll from moderates and allows the media to go into a frenzy of criticism (and forget Akin, look at all the traps set for Santorum).

    1. There is only one political party in DC; I'll wait while you figure that out.

      "Watch what we do, not what we say." John N. Mitchell.

  6. Doug Jones is a three and out if he does not respect the citizens of Alabama. He could pull a Shelby and switch party. Most likely he won't.

  7. I don't call the GOP the Stupid Party for nothing. They don't hang together and constantly lose winnable elections. Why do they vortual signal for the Fake News Media and the Dimocrats? Neither will ever like them. - GOC

  8. The Dems stole the election. That is the lesson to learn.

  9. Never trust moderates. They always and only shoot right.


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