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Friday, December 15, 2017

770 leave EPA

The EPA is melting,

Nearly 5% of the staff of the bloated Environmental Protection Agency have left the department through retirements and plain quitting.

They will not be missed.

The agency is responsible for the worst industrial pollution of a river.

The agency ironically sued a chicken farmer in West Virginia saying runoff from her land was polluting the Chesapeake Bay.

The agency is in cahoots with socialist groups who sue to have restrictions placed on commerce that have nothing to do with the environment. The agency then settles with the groups in a sue-and-settle plan.

The agency is a revolving door between "environmental" groups that lobby it. The agency hires from those lobbyists, and agency officials often leave to take jobs with those groups.

In short, it is incompetent, hypocritical, and corrupt enough to be mistaken at times for Congress.

The EPA had 15,376 employees last year.

Since Donald Trump became the 45th president, 770 have left.

From Think Progress:
“There has been a drop of employees of 770 between April and December. While several hundred of those are buyouts, the rest of those are either people that are retiring or quitting in disgust,” Kyla Bennett, director of New England Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), told Think Progress. “Is that number higher than it would normally be? I think it is.”
According to the Washington Post, the agency set aside $12 million in 2017 for buyouts as part of an effort to reshape the agency under the Trump administration. Unlike in 2014, when the agency saw some 456 buyouts, the most recent buyouts were not a result of Congressional pressure or enacted cuts — rather, the buyouts were in an apparent attempt to bring the agency more in line with operations detailed in the Trump administration’s proposed budget, which suggested a 31 percent cut to the agency, including the complete elimination of several agency programs.
The EPA did not respond to Think Progress’ request for comment.
Here's my comment:

Thank God and Greyhound, they're gone.

But that is just the beginning.

The goal is to get rid of 25% of them.

Power corrupts. The EPA has had four decades of uncritical press. That explains why it needs to be reined in. Hard.


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  1. 770 is a good start. 14,606 to go.

  2. When the EPA ge to 770 on staff, I will celebrate. At that point, they will be only 769 over staffed.

  3. Must. Not. Smirk.

  4. “That explains why it needs to be reined in.”

    Yosemite Sam style.

    “When I say “Whoa” ... BIFF! ... I means “WHOA!”

  5. They can blame global warming for the melt!

  6. Transfer 50% of EPA employees into newly-formed "clean-up" pllatoons, hand each of them a shovel, and send them out to clean up toxic waste sites by hand. Then assign one person to accept all of their resignations as they come pouring in. - Elric

  7. This is one of the ways Winning looks!

  8. I am gleeful the EPA swamp is draining itself!

  9. The EPA has very much come to resemble the Royal Forests that led to Magna Carta

    "John comes to power in 1199 and England is more or less bankrupt. In order to raise money for the crown he has to get creative. At the time, as a result of William the Conqueror a century earlier, there’s a concept called the Royal Forest. A Royal Forest doesn’t necessarily have trees. It’s just a parcel of land. It could be heath or swamp or hills or forest. You’re not allowed to cause any damage to the animals or greenery of the Royal Forest unless you pay for the privilege.

    "That’s a nice little moneymaker, so what do you do if you’re John? That’s right. You expand the Royal Forest. By the time of the Magna Carta the Royal Forest is up to something like 20% of the land in England. What this means, essentially, is that if you own land that has been afforested by the crown, you now have to pay for the privilege to use your own land. If you own a bit of fenland that’s no good for anything but pigs, you have to pay pannage even though there’s no other use for it. If you want to heat your hovel in the winter, you’re paying estover for firewood and turbary for turf. If you want to keep a cow and that cow is going to eat grass, that’s agistment. That’s on land you theoretically own, mind.

    "There are instances of entire villages being burned out in advance of afforestation amounting essentially to seizure of land. The law of the forest was enforced somewhat arbitrarily and without due process. You could be blinded or mutilated or killed for poaching a deer. You could be severely fined for just about anything."

    1. And that's how we got Robin Hood. And President Trump. - Elric

  10. Trust the EPA? ask a Navajo...

  11. "Quitting in disgust." Good luck finding a job in the REAL world, dooshbags.

    1. Me (hiring manager): It says on your resume you were a "Federal Government Employee." Which agency were you with?
      Applicant: Uh...uh...uh...the EPA.
      Me: Thanks for your time.

  12. As a retired USEPA inspector, I can only applaud the PDT approach. It was needed 20 years ago but the hierarchy never listened to the folks who actually did the work.
    The states' agencies do the vast majority of enforcement, with "oversight" from DC. Since "environmental protection" is not listed as a federal responsibility in the Constitution, why does the USEPA exist? (Thanks, Tricky Dick...)


  13. And he EPA was given to us by a Republican president, Richard Nixon. - GOC