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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Still paying for Bill Clinton

Sex is private.

Everybody lies about sex.

And the classic but far from classy quip from James Carville, "Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find."

Democrats were so clever that they thought they got away with it when they protected Bill Clinton in 1998. But they still pay today.

Margaret Carlson of the Daily Beast bravely tried to fashion the sow's ear of Al Franken into a silk purse.

She wrote:
For now, Democrats think zero tolerance and swift punishment gives them the high ground. But they already have that. They should know by now there is no shaming Republicans who are so far below sea level it’s a miracle they can be heard from down there.
Nice try, but it won't work because as long as Bill Clinton is alive, so is his scandal.

He survived but at a price others pay.

Al Gore would have won in 2000 if he were president. Democrats would have taken the high road, outing a president who sexually harassed a clerk, Paula Jones.

Instead, Clinton survived and parents had to explain what oral sex is to children far too young for such conversations, a discomfort many still resent.

Bill also cost Hillary her shot at the presidency. Twice.

But many Democrats still have not learned.

Carlson wrote:
Republicans are supporting a president whom 16 women have credibly accused of serious sexual misconduct and is on tape celebrating his culpable behavior. Then there’s the pedophile they have endorsed for a Senate seat in Alabama, complete with financial support, despite most Republicans, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, saying they believe Moore’s accusers. Where did those two Republicans get off joining Democrats in calling for Franken to resign?
Accused, not proven.

Bill Clinton was not simply accused of sexual harassment. He was sued and settled out of court for every dime Paula Jones sought.

And still, Democrats refused to vote to remove him from office.

There are only accusations against Trump and Moore -- accusations made in the heat of an election by women represented by Gloria Allred.

Carlson wrote:
And there are questions about the charge [against Franken] that got the ball rolling. Why did Trump adviser Roger Stone know well ahead of time that Playboy model and radio host Leeann Tweeden would be going public with her charges that Franken kissed her against her will in rehearsals for an X-rated USO tour skit (they are all X-rated) and that she had a 2006 photo of Franken groping, or pretending to grope, her chest over a flak jacket as she slept? Stone sent a heads up to conservative website The Daily Caller about it hours before a story in The Washington Post.
Playboy model.

Shades of James Carville's $100 bill.

She made a personal attack on a woman that Al Franken groped while she slept. We have the picture.

Carlson's whole argument is undercut by what she wrote on June 6, 1998:
It's not the adultery, it's the lying; so goes the argument of various keepers of the public morality, as another person is ruined because of sexual misconduct. Well, that's a lie, akin to saying it's not the winter, it's the cold that bothers me. No, it is sex, in and of itself, that occupies us, the lying being a collateral offense. A visitor from another planet reading the papers recently about First Lieut. Kelly Flinn, Marv Albert, Frank Gifford, Michael Kennedy and Paula Jones would think that our national pastime was not baseball but the Playboy channel. The day after the Supreme Court ruled that Paula Jones' lawsuit could go forward, the story led most major newspapers, above the announcement by Boris Yeltsin at the NATO summit that he would no longer target nuclear missiles at the Western alliance. Peace is at hand, but so what? We've got a woman here saying once again that Clinton came on to her in a hotel room six years ago.
This preoccupation wouldn't be so troublesome if sex, or lying about it wasn't such a growth sector, spawning lawsuits, dishonorable discharges, job losses, book contracts and political meltdowns. It's one thing to be amused by whether Marv Albert had to remove his hairpiece when being booked on charges he bit a woman in his hotel room and quite another matter to make sexual allegations grounds for court-martialing B-52 pilots, winnowing potential political candidates and crippling a President.
Sexual behavior as the measure of a man is a faulty gauge; otherwise Richard Nixon would be one of our best Presidents and Franklin Roosevelt one of our worst. One's sexual behavior as a component of character used to count for nothing (President Kennedy's assignations were not covered while he was alive), which was wrong; now it counts for far too much. Gary Hart was no prize, but should his 12 years as a Senator and 39-year marriage be blotted out by his dalliance with Donna Rice?
Eventually she got around to mentioning Bill Clinton by name in her defense of his sexual harassment of Paula Jones.

After not calling out Bill Clinton, every argument she makes about President Trump or Judge Roy Moore is partisan and amoral. Only Republicans must withstand moral judgment because, well, look there's a squirrel.

I said all along that if Judge Moore is guilty, I condemn him.

But that was a month ago and so far the accusers have not achieved the burden of proof, and in fact have discredited themselves.

Americans have standards for moral behavior.

Bill Clinton fell short of those standards not only in sexually harassing a woman, but in committing adultery and bearing false witness about the affair.

Democrats excused him.

Now Democrats continue to live with that decision 19 years later. Actions have consequences. So does inaction.


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  1. "...whom 16 women have credibly accused..." Is 'credibly' another one of those words that liberals are trying to change the definition of?

    1. Saying the accusations are "credible" is admitting there is no corroborating evidence; otherwise, one would simply point to the evidence.

    2. The conflation of all the women's stories--both the damaging and the benign--by the NeverMoore crowd is maddening, as well.

      What would be interesting would be to see how many NeverMoores that claim to be squicked out by a 30 year old dating an of-age teenager are willing to send their own teenage daughters through the "hump-and-dump" meat-grinder that is college.

  2. Carlson- I doubt very much that any, let alone all, USO tour skits are x-rated. Maybe R.
    And I believe Tweeden was on the cover of playboy, not nude inside of it. Liberals must embellish to try to justify their hippocracy.

    1. I think they tried that already with "could". Trump said as famous billionaire he "could". Could is not credibly did so. It is the left's old game like "Is is" or attempting to erase old history. They continue to forget the internet has archives and they aren't the only ones with access.

    2. Great point. Could is not can. Would is not did.

    3. Actually she did pose topless inside the magazine. She was not a Playmate as many liberals have claimed. However, that does not justify Franken ramming his tongue down her throat or groping her boobs. - GOC

  3. "I said all along that if Judge Moore is guilty, I condemn him."

    I think that most of us who are defending Moore have the same attitude, whereas the NeverMoore group will likely continue to call him a "pedophile", even if Corfman and Nelson called a press conference and said their accusations were false.

    Some things I would like to know:
    * Do we have samples of Moore's signature from those days to compare with the one in the yearbook? The signatures I have seen that are verifiable his have the "y" in "Roy" sloop up into an "s", while the yearbook and "attic note" have the "y" swoop down. The latter two signatures are just "Roy", while the actual signatures are of his full name.

    * There is a claim that the difference in ink color in the yearbook signature is proof of two different pens used, but I have read argumenta that the apparent color difference is due to the way cameras capture images (my paraphrase of the argument). Is this argument about cameras true?

    * Some have pointed out that the name in the yearbook could possibly be "Ray" instead of "Roy", and that Nelson had classmates named "Ray" and others named "Roy". Is it possible to obtain samples of the signatures of these classmates (say, other people's yearbooks), to compare with Nelson's?

    * the "attic note" is signed simply, "Roy/Ray", then has a note written beneath that claims "Roy Moore is an inspiration..." Etc. When was the explanatory note written?

    *For that matter, when was Nelson's addendum--the one she admitted writing--written? The day he supposedly signed her yearbook? The day after she alleges he attacked her? The day after she hired Allred?

    1. Nelson SAID "Ray" when she read the inscription on the initial TV appearance w/Allred! Allred quietly corrected her. Watch it!

      EVERYTHING after the signature "Ray" is written in different ink. It is so clearly a rhyme:
      ...To a sweeter, more beautiful girl
      ...I could not say,
      ...Merry Christmas 1977
      ...Love, Ray

      But the real killer is the "DA" after the signature! Moore was never a DA. Those are the initials of Delbra Adams, Moore's aide/clerk when he became a judge years later! (That's embarrassing, grin)

      Sloppiest job of character assassination in recorded history.

    2. I doubt Allred was "Hired" - what happened, she smelled blood in the water and showed up uninvited offering the chance to make BIG BUCKS.

      If Gloria Allred is in the picture, criminality cannot be far behind.

  4. This is one reason why I will not vote for a Democrat. (There are many others.)

  5. I recommend getting Game Of Thorns by historian Doug Wead from yr local library. People forget the viciousness of the Clinton machine towards women. The Clintons are truly evil and were steadfastly supported by the Dem Party.

    1. And people forget the viciousness of the Democrat women in power. Hillary, Nancy, Debbie, the senators from California and New York...

  6. Bill Clinton and partial birth abortion. Which lead to the open sale of baby parts. You know what....this is pure evil. And those who support such evil are just as bad. Honestly, the Pedophilia shown in the whole Epstein Express mess is , in reality, small change to the open murder going on every day in this society.

    The Bible is very the fruitage they Express shall they be known. So, I expect wickedness to go from bad to worse.

    Perhaps some of the older men reading this can remember a day back when folks wouldn't even talk about what is openly practiced today. That's why Gods judgment is coming.

  7. Bill Clinton lied UNDER OATH to a grand jury, yet suffered no consequence except surrendering his law license AFTER he had left the presidency. So many others, to include Gen. Flynn, have suffered career ending consequences for lying under oath. It is all about the politics now, and the Republicans need to start realizing that instead of rolling over whenever the Democrats make unfounded accusations.

    1. See also the recent report released about the WI "John Doe" scandal. No punishment for the Dems.

    2. As I understand it, Gen. Flynn may NOT have "lied under oath" - he was lured into an interview he did not realize the seriousness of (an old police trick). Did he actually, knowingly - swear himself in??

    3. I seem to recall that you don't have to be sworn in to be prosecuted for lying to a federal agency. Not sure though. But the term 'entrapment' comes to mind.

  8. Margaret Carlson has been a partisan hack for Democrats for a very long time.

    1. And clearly hates other women, since she doesn't support them.

    2. And, I dare say, quite PO'd with Don for his effrontery. How dare he quote her words from 1998!
      She'd probably forgotten the article by the end of the week. We should all have done the same.

  9. To paraphrase Gloria Steinem, I would go down on my knee pads to ensure a Republican victory in Alabama.

  10. The political fault line that every Dem faces standing alone in front of a mirror, did Bill Clinton rape Juanita? If Hillary knew, does it matter? With and yes and then a no, they are now paying for their Faustian bargain twice. They lost the election and they still have to pay.

  11. Most people in a trailer park have way more integrity and honety in them than Carville ever had.

  12. Democrats always attempt to hold us to standards they violate with abandon. And we keep falling for it.


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