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Monday, December 18, 2017

Standing up for Trump on Twitter

Why do conservatives give free content to Twitter? It hates conservatives and wants us to die.

So please enjoy the following.

I am on Twitter. Follow me. If that makes me a hypocrite, I have been called worse.

Please enjoy my two books about the press and how it missed the rise of Donald Trump.

The first was "Trump the Press," which covered his nomination.

The second was "Trump the Establishment," which covered his election.

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  1. With respect to thecommenter quoted above about caring about Trump and not other Republican elected officials: I am an elected county official in Nebraska. A few weeks ago, Senator Fischer's office called wanting an endorsement from me and the other elected officials who hold the office I hold in their home counties. I told her representative I hadn't decided I would even vote for her and wouldn't endorse. Why? Because she and the rest of the GOP senate couldn't/wouldn't ride herd on McCain, Collins, and Murkowski. Obamacare repeal had failed and tax reform looked bad, too. Our elected officials are going to have to suck it up and stick together to get something good even if imperfect instead of grandstanding. Trump is producing, so he has my support. As a then reluctant Trump voter, I am pleased with his performance. JPG

    1. These party people need to get it into their heads that it is Trump's party or it is no party. In three years he can decide not to run as a Republican and form his own party and guess what? All of his base will go with him. Hard to have a party with no people. Maybe they can wonk among themselves.

    2. Can you say "Whig"? I knew you could, boys and girls.

    3. Unfortunately I have no GOP representatives to vote for, but I'm not donating to the GOP. They ignored the Tea Party folks, and they don't appreciate their base. Their base appreciates Trump.

  2. Good for you, JPG.

    I tip my hat to you!

  3. Twitter has been a major help in getting the word out to many who would know nothing but liberal propaganda.

  4. Trump forces people to take sides. For those who seek safety by manning a tower of no strategic importance, or who sail with the "trending" wind to be among allies, it is an uncomfortable choice.

    1. Great observation!

      Yes, he is the master of the "Shit Or Get Off The Pot" thing. He is a businessperson that produces. He is still not a politician.

      Bless him.

  5. The orange one was again on the phone today with his best lil' buddy. "Compromised' would be a generous description of Trump. Russian "asset" is much more accurate.

  6. Yeah, this jumped out at me, too. "Are worried that @realDonald is the Obama of the GOP--he wins, but costs everyone else their seats?"
    If Repubs won't stand up for America they deserve to lose their seats. If we don't stand up for America, we deserve to lose our country.

  7. "BREAKING: United States vetoes UN resolution that would have required Trump to rescind declaration of Jerusalem as Israel capital."
    "Would have required"? What are they smokin'/drinkin'/swallowin'?

  8. Presidents never care too much about their party. Trump in a way cared more than usual,for which he paid dearly in Alabama. The fickleness of the mob is legendary which is why the founders didn't give it up and down control of the country. If they screw themselves in 18, so what.
    The comment about Vlad is egregious. He called Trump to thank him for the gift of life saving information. In Russia terrorist acts commonly result in mass casualties, unlike here.
    When you thank someone for help you are looking up at him not down. Of course Putin wanted something but it was to reinforce his reputation in Russia as it's caring protector and benevolent father figure. Another election is on the way there. It was Obama who promised "flexibility" with Russia after he lied himself into office. I always wondered what he meant by that.

  9. "Why do conservatives give free content to Twitter? It hates conservatives and wants us to die."

    Trump uses them to good effect.