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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Republicans need to quit bashing their candidates

In 2010, Republicans abandoned Christine O'Donnell, and lost the Senate race in Delaware.

In 2012, Republicans abandoned Todd Akin, and lost the Senate race in Missouri.

In 2017, Republicans abandoned Roy Moore, and lost the Senate race in Delaware.

Now name one candidate for the Senate that Democrats abandoned.




That's right, even as he stood with his pants around his ankles paying Paula Jones $850,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit, Democrats stood by their man -- and showed the world they loved him.

Sex is private.

Everybody lies about sex.

But a month before last year's election, Hillary released an 11-year-old tape that had Trump boasting if you are a star, there are beautiful women who will let you get away with a lot.

And that had House Speaker Paul Ryan and other party officials abandoning him.

And remember how Republicans told people to "vote for the crook, it's that important" -- the Democratic candidate for governor in Louisiana over the Republican candidate, David Duke, because he had been in the Ku Klux Klan?

Democrats stand by their klansmen -- even in the 21st century.

Democrats not only made Exalted Cyclops Bob Byrd their Senate Majority Leader but they put up a statue for him in his home state's Capitol.

And Democrats even stood by their crook in that Louisiana race.

Screw the high road. Get down and dirty on the low road the Democrats travel and clobber them.

Just win, baby.

One last thing, no charges or civil lawsuits have been filed against Judge Roy Moore. It was a set-up orchestrated by a Jeb Bush campaign staffer.


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  1. GOP = Good Ole Pedophiles.

    I think Moore lost in Alabama, not Delaware.

    1. Was there a race in Delaware? Not that I'm aware of.

  2. Of course, left out of this is that the Government's Other Party have abandoned their voters.

    If the Republicans in Congress had legislated like there was no next session, they might not be in this quagmire.

    1. If the GOP won every office in the land they wouldn't pass anything their base really wanted. They're just more pious Democrats without any courage or conviction.

    2. Absolutely correct

  3. DEM= Put It Where The Sun Does Not Shine.

  4. As Pogo observed: "We have met the enemy and he is us".

  5. It's like Groundhog Day all over again.

  6. What's necessary imo is the realization the the Republican Party isn't what you think it is. Put plainly, they're socialists. True, the Democratic party are marxists, but, really, they're not denying it anymore. Socialism always ends up as Marxism.

    You see, the Republicans aren't trying to win. Disgusting, isn't it....but take a hard look. So, Moore was a nasty old man....that's just the way it is. He was certainly sabotaged. Oh well.....I don't expect the Republicans to be around much longer. There's a real whiff of the Whigs.

  7. In 2014, the GOP was lucky that Mississippi went for the Republican Senator That Cochran.

    Cochran was looking to retire. A Tea Party candidate running as a Republican, Chris McDaniel, was looking to replace.

    Problem was McDaniel, as a state senator, took on Republican Gov Haley Barbour on eminent domain. McDaniel was against, Barbour was for. McDaniel then went against the GOPe grain fought against amnesty.

    So, the GOPe ran racist ads against McDaniel and tried to get Democrats to vote for Haley.

    When the GOPe doesn't want you, they will try to ruin you.

  8. Don't forget Senator Ted Stevens in 2008 after the Justice Department issued a false indictment on trumped-up corruption charges. And George Allen in the 2006 Senate race.

  9. Did Mourdock (IN) just lose or was he abandoned? Forgetting ..

  10. And after they sabotage their candidates, they blame others like the Tea Party for O'Donnell and Bannon for Moore. Didn't they also not support a Senate candidate in Nevada? I remember in 2010 the cucks blamed the Tea Party for them not winning the Senate after the cucks refused to support the Tea Party candidates. The Tea Party gave them the House but got no credit. Because of the GOPe, the Republicans will lose the Senate and blame it on Trump. - GOC

    1. They can blame Trump all they want.

      I want their heads on pikes. For real.

    2. From your mouth to GOD's ear; yesterday.

    3. I'm with Teapartydoc.

      Heads. On. Pikes!

  11. They're not Republicans.

    They're Whigs.

  12. Don, it may not matter what the legal system says.

    And now, the rest of the story on that Kentucky Rep who committed suicide:

    What's especially horrible is that the police investigated and found there was no basis for charges. That wasn't enough for the lynch mob.

    "The woman said she reported the incident but Louisville police closed the case without charges.

    Johnson told reporters on Tuesday that the accusations were “totally false.” But leaders of the state Republican and Democratic parties had called for the representative to resign."

  13. man, Don, could not agree more. This just pisses me off. We expect the Dems and the media to throw the Repubs over, but when we do it to ourselves, it drives me crazy.

    If you don't like the guy, don't vote for him! But if I'm Scott Brown or Mitt Romney, when the Akin thing came up, simply say, it's up to the people of Missouri to decide. Why, for the love of God, would you say he should "step aside"???

    just keep your damn mouth shut and let things shake out!

    But it's this stokholm syndrome thing, man. There is this HUGE need to be loved by our enemies, even if the love is only for a second.

    The weirdest thing ever. I will never undrstand it.