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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Real Americans protest higher taxes

Suppose they gave a protest and not many people showed up?

The Washington Post would still play it up as the death of the Republican Party.

From the Post:
Protesters storm Congress to fight tax bill, as cameras point elsewhere
The mission on Monday afternoon was the same as it had been since June: Show up in the halls of Congress, and get arrested. More than a hundred protesters crowded into the meeting and dining rooms of the Capitol Skyline Hotel to get trained before the final burst of civil disobedience against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. They chanted “When we fight, we win,” but the meaning of “winning” was slightly tweaked.
Cameras point elsewhere?


Reporter David Weigel wants America to believe that the television networks are in cahoots with Republicans after a yearlong parade of Fake News about a ROOSHAN Dossier?

Um, OK.

Weigel wrote:
The protest movement, unlike the Women’s March or other 2017 rebellions against the GOP, had been stoked by progressive groups that operate in plain sight but have low national profiles. The Center for Popular Democracy, the key organizer behind the Capitol Hill protests, had trained hundreds of activists around the country in effective techniques, including “bird-dogging,” the art of getting in a politician’s face and pressing a question over and over.
He really wants readers to believe that millions of Americans across the country were protesting against cutting their taxes?

For real news, do not turn to a newspaper.

Turn to a blog.

From American Mirror:
A handful of folks are really steamed that Republican lawmakers are planning to lower taxes, and they gathered in tiny conference room on Capitol Hill where House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi was slated to speak Monday.
But the demonstration was so weak, MSNBC reports, Pelosi didn’t even bother to show up.
“These protests have never been like what we saw with the healthcare law,” an MSNBC reporter said as a camera man panned the crowd of a couple dozen mulled about in self-scheduling conference room 2456.
“This particular protest was supposed to start at three, it was supposed to feature Nancy Pelosi, and it’s supposed to have hundreds of people, and none of those things are going to end up being true,” the reporter said.
This nation was founded on a protest against paying higher taxes.

The colonists protested against the Stamp Act and forced England to rescind it.

When England taxed the tea, we threw the tea in the harbor.

But Weigel would have you believe that suddenly Americans want to pay higher taxes and oppose tax cuts.

Well, guess what? Weigel can keep paying taxes -- and pay as much taxes as he wants.

Uncle Sam accepts donations, and Weigel should donate all his money to this charity. All of it. He seems to think the rich should -- and that a whole bunch of other Americans do too.


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  1. There's nothing stopping those wealthy DemCong from voluntarily paying additional taxes at every level of Government.

  2. I would venture a guess that thebliba are the biggest fudgers on their taxes because ... the rich

  3. The only real thing about Weigel was the thing he tried to keep secret: journolist.

  4. Is Dave Weigel related to Teri Weigel? She was a hottie back in the day and then got her boobs done and went full extreme porno. DPs, TPs, ain't NUTHIN she wouldn't do. Dave, ya oughta be ashamed. But you aren't.

  5. They just need to wear pussy hats to get taken seriously.

  6. It's obvious what the media is trying to do -- but polls say it's somehow working, that Americans overwhelmingly believe that Republicans are jacking up the taxes on the poor and especially the middle class in order to give billionaires a tax break. It's insane that the lying Democrats and media can accomplish that.

    What seems hopeful, however, is that, even believing the media rhetoric and lies, the general populace seems to sort of accept that tax cuts are good for stimulating the economy so they may have bought into how nasty the GOP is to everyone but the rich, but they aren't motivated like the Democrats had hoped ... and if less is withheld from enough paychecks, the whole Dem/media fabrications will be exposed and that could hurt the Democrats in 2018 more than they ever expected!

  7. We are not required to pay more than the minimum we have to pay, so why are the Dems so unhappy about that? Bummer for them.

  8. For real news, do not turn to a newspaper.

    Turn to a blog.

    The mainstream media has not covered the Obama administration revelations over allowing Hezbollah to traffic cocaine and heroin in America to get the Iran deal thru; Uranium One; the roaring economy (the other day Reuters called Germany an economic powerhouse for having 2.6% GDP, while ignoring President Trump's constant growth over 3% and the NY Fed now predicting 4th quarter in their region will be 4%); the texts coming out of the Trump haters while working in the FBI; and other stories. Yet they will willingly devote their newscasts to whatever smear David Brock and his cohorts make up. This past weekend their big coordinated story was that President Trump was on the verge of firing Mr. Muller - something President Trump never had any intention of doing.

    It is difficult to explain to Americans that get their news from the MSM - some over 5 minute radio newscasts as they're driving - that what they believe to be the news is simply leftist propaganda.

    If 'Net Neutrality' had remained, communication via the Internet (i.e. Radio Free USA) would subsequently have been shut down.