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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Mueller has nothing

Robert Mueller has nothing. We know this because his illegal leaks contain nothing that is in the Russian dossier that he was assigned to investigate.

Thus far, the only person punished by this investigation is Brian Ross of ABC News. Taxpayers have paid $7 million ob ab investigation that so far has only led to getting rid of one lousy journalist for four weeks.

Mueller is insane with power. He is of the school of prosecution that if you search hard enough, you will find a crime.

Instead of interviewing urinating hookers, he investigated Paul Manafort's rug collection. Mueller indicted him for the rugs saying it was money laundering.

Now Mueller wants Trump's bank records from Deutsche Bank. [UPDATE: White House denies this.]

Trump has done business with international bankers for at least 30 years.

Mueller is doing what Hillary Clinton would have done to Trump had America drank the cyanide and elected her president.

Those in the Clintonian crowd do not want him merely dead. They want him ruined. They want to destroy everything he has built in the last half-century. They want his children imprisoned.

They want his head on a pike as a warning to any other businessman in the nation: Don't mess with the Establishment.

A year ago, they had nothing on Trump. Today, they still have nothing. A year from now, they will still have nothing.

It's time to investigate Mueller. The leaks alone should land him in prison.


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  1. Those in the Clintonian crowd do not want him merely dead. They want him ruined. They want to destroy everything he has built in the last half-century.

    They want his head on a pike as a warning to any other businessman in the nation: Don't mess with the Establishment.

    This is what puts the lie to the idea Willie was ever a "moderate" anything.

    The Politics of Personal Destruction were his, not the Beast's, back in the 90s. It's been the Lefties' MO for 50 years.

  2. Mueller and everyone even remotely connected with covering up the stench surrounding the Uranium One deal should be prosecuted - for conspiracy at a minimum, possibly treason. - Elric

  3. He is going to have less than nothing if Deutsche Bank takes him to court and asks where is the probable cause? There isn't any. He is now into a$$ covering territory.

  4. ONLY 20 mill? I think you're lowballing, Big D. EACH of the Mueller henchmen charge at least $300 an hour. So, a team of, what, 30, at that rate with an 8 hour day for, what, 9 months at 30 days a month (because we know they're billing for weekends) is...$25,440,000. And that don't even include the admin/support staff. I'm gonna guess 50 so far. For what? I'm goddamned sick of this secretive bullshit. Come clean with a bill so far, Mr. Mueller, or shut this shit down. But hey, in the Swamp, 50 is a drop in the bucket, right? Hell, somebody else is payin...

  5. With the Left, the process is the punishment. Flynn has run out of money and apparently has had to sell his home. He copped to a "crime" because his son was threatened. This is disgraceful. Mark Stein has been held up for over 5 years by a swamp judge because he made a correct comment about Michael Mann and climate change. What has America become! Truly we must fight.

  6. Reading "Game of Thorns" by historian Doug Wead now, an account of the Hillary vs Donald campaign. First part includes a summary of the Clinton scandals. It's shocking to see it all in one place. To see how much and how nasty.
    Worth checking out from yr local library, imo.

  7. Oh boo hoo. Trump is in bed with Russia and it's only a matter of time. If the investigation is such a waste then:
    Why doesn't Trump just fire Mueller for wasting taxpayer money?
    Why no outrage for the GOP led investigation?
    Why doesn't Trump hire a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary "on my first day in office" like he promised daily while campaigning?
    Maybe this is some sort of payback for the $100 million the GOP has spent trying to take down Hillary since the 1990s with ZERO to show for it. But then again, all this is going forward with the blessing of the GOP. But oh those evil Dems ....

    1. Mueller is hanging himself and his pal Comey. He is going to take down the entire management of the FBI and DOJ with him. Hillary is a psychopathic criminal. She is worse than Bill. I know you think you are entitled and superior but cause and effect elude you. Needing to spread **** your bile on a blog shows how needy and insecure you are.

    2. "If the investigation is such a waste then:
      Why doesn't Trump just fire Mueller for wasting taxpayer money?"

      Simple: he knows you Leftists and your NeverTrump allies would LOVE a "Saturday Night Massacre" excuse for an impeachment.

      Instead, he's making it more and more clear to us that we can't expect a civil society with you Leftists in it.

    3. Oh boo hoo hoo (other) Anon. I'm actually spreading my thanks on this blog to you and you Surbots. Thanks to you my stocks in Depends and Preparation H are soaring but my stock in aluminum and tin foil hats are down.

  8. Poor Flynn. This is Scooter Libby all over again. - GOC

  9. But how do we in America get anyone to investigate Mueller (plus Rosenstein, McCabe, Comey, Strzok just to start with)? Sessions is in charge of the DOJ and they still won't release information to Congress (and a contempt citation will probably be handed to Rosenstein to throw in the trash while he laughs).

    The GOPe hates Trump. Sessions must have recused himself on investigating any Democrat forever. The Media only tells lies out of hatred for all "deplorables," not just Trump, but even Schumer stooges, Flake and McCain.

    So how do we get anyone in Washington to do anything?

    1. I still think Sessions is roping them all in so everyone is nabbed at once. He is a good man. An Alabaman in the know thinks this may be a good theory.

    2. Well, if you read the Founders, they were pretty emphatic that there's a "recall provision" in the penumbra of the Second Amendment. All we have to do is be angry enough to reach for it.

    3. Essentially it boils down to you trust Trump or not? I reckon he's gamed this out way in advance....this whole thing reminds me of, Trump has the skill to confuse his enemies. Insofar as a coup de etat....the marxists will certainly try.

      I believe that Trump will prevail. Might be some real stormy seas, but he's got a good head on his shoulders, and has high functioning testosterone. The manginas ain't.

  10. There's a small typo in the 3rd paragraph, Don-
    "Mueller... is of the school of prosecution..."

    It's the school of persecution. He's following in the steps of Torquemada!

    1. Umm... OK then!

      Enigma, I dub thee "Anonymous!"

  11. Trump's relationship with the Duetsche Bank is strained and strange to say the least. According to RollingStone:

    Trump's attempts in 2008 to default on some $330 million he owed Deutsche Bank for its help financing the construction of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. The bank sued to force Trump to pay a portion of the debt: $40 million plus legal fees and interest. This was the middle of the financial crisis, a fact Trump tried to leverage in court, arguing he should not have to repay money he owed Deutsche Bank because it was "one of the banks primarily responsible for the economic dysfunction we are currently facing." In fact, Trump went on, because of the bank's role in creating this "once-in-a-century credit tsunami," Deutsche Bank owed him money, to the tune of $3 billion in damages.

    Trump's case, of course, was thrown out. But that's where this story gets interesting: After a judge ordered Trump to repay the money he owed Deutsche Bank, Trump did it using money he borrowed from... Deutsche Bank. He paid the bank's real estate division back with money borrowed from its personal wealth division.

    1. And when did that happen? 2008 or 8 years(since 2016) before he became POTUS. If this is what Mueller has on the Donald, it might be evidence that he is on some sort of a political witch hunt just to get him (Donald Trump)

  12. To be fair, we aren't "rid" of Ross.

    He got a paid vacation. Over the holidays.

    Some "punishment".