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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Manufacturers: We're hiring and giving raises

From CNBC: "Manufacturing CEO survey shows record high optimism on prospect of tax reform."

American manufacturers trust President Trump because he is a capitalist. He is not a selfie-taking adolescent.

From CNBC:
Government is focused on reducing cost of doing business in the US: National Association of Manufacturers Government is focused on reducing cost of doing business in the US: National Association of Manufacturers  
The National Association of Manufacturers said Monday its latest quarterly CEO survey reflects historically high optimism on expectations for the passage of tax reform in Washington.
The trade group said CEO optimism — hitting a high mark in 20 years of the survey — should send a message to legislators that failure to enact the bill would be a blow to American business.
"These incredible numbers demonstrate the absolute urgency of getting tax reform signed into law because manufacturers are saying loudly and clearly that more jobs, better pay and manufacturing growth are on the horizon," said Jay Timmons, president and CEO of NAM. "This also serves as a warning to lawmakers: Fail to get this done, and American manufacturing workers will suffer the consequences of inaction."
Each quarter, the NAM surveys 14,000 large and small manufacturers to gain insight into their economic and hiring outlook. Of those who participated in the fourth quarter study, 94.6 percent said they were positive about their own company's outlook.
Nearly 63 percent said comprehensive business tax reform would encourage their company to increase capital spending, and more than half said they would expand their businesses (57.9 percent).
Those jobs are coming back.

Obama in 2016:
"Those jobs of the past are just not going to come back."
Trump in 2017:
4.1% unemployment and 33,000 manufacturing jobs added last month alone.
It's called winning.

It's what Americans are good at.

From that CNBC story:
Almost 54 percent of CEOs in the survey said they would hire more workers, and nearly half (48.8 percent) said they would increase employee wages and benefits.
If you liked the economy in 2017, you ain't seen nothing yet.


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  1. Obama was one of those "Americans" who thought that the US's prosperity wasn't "fair." The only way we ever lose is when we have a liberal president who throws the game.

  2. Obama enjoyed soft media coverage from shallow minded syncophants. He had this reputation as this sunny happy guy; I guess it's that 10,000 dollar smile of his. But I always found him profoundly depressing. When you listened to him, he was always a downer about America and the economy. He seemed to think we could create prosperity with government benes, food stamps and solar panels.

  3. Watch drug use go down. The state-lovers will say it's policy. The rest of us will know it's economics.

    1. +1

      Sociologists studies for over 60 years have shown that drug use and unrest in the US always goes up during times of economic stress. It's why the left and Obama (following Alinsky's rules) wanted to keep the economy down. That divided Americans as so many were blaming others for their lives going nowhere. In turn that led to political unrest, crime, and drug abuse. Notice that the Dems not only encouraged the unrest, but they were soft on enforcing laws against criminals, and only gave lip service to the drug problems in this country.

      I remember the press conference after Charlottesville when the MSM got into a shouting match with President Trump. When asked if "racial relations" had gotten worse under him, he responded that he believed in jobs and that in time jobs would cure that.

      President Trump is far more educated and far, far smarter then the MSM and Dems that got no education at all in college. Just listen to them talk.

    2. Yes, and there is more than one reason. If the southern border tightens up both imported heroin and illegally distributed prescription opioids will become more expensive.

  4. MAGA. it’s up to Congress. Let’s hope they don’t do another face plant.

    1. Fist pump, Schlongy. Get this shit DONE. I'm actually surprised the bill isn't on Mr. T's desk yet. But, as Prof Glenn likes to say, this is the worst political class in American history. Get this shit DONE.

  5. "It's called winning.

    It's what Americans are good at."

    Are you saying Obama isn't American? Or just really, really, REALLY bad at it?

    Either way works for me.

    1. Both, Sam. Yes and yes. Ask me something harder, like what is the capital of the Turks and Caicos? Hahaha!

    2. Whether Obama has a real US birth certificate or not, it his clear from his own words he did not grow up much in America or even with American culture.

  6. We ain't seen nothin' yet! If the tax bills lowers our insane corporate tax rate and Trump continues to insist on a more level international trade field, new and repatriated manufacturing is going to explode!

  7. Obama was right that there is no "Magic wand" -- but there IS a ... MAGA hat, plus Tax Cuts, plus reduced regulation.

    More reliable for growth than magic or luck.