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Monday, December 04, 2017

Mansplaining Trump to National Review

Rich Lowry awakened Sunday morning to an epiphany: President Trump is pushing through the conservative agenda by using the powers of the president in a manner that is effective, constitutional, and most rewarding.

This does not please Lowry.

He is trapped inside the DC-Manhattan corridor unable to reconcile how every prediction he and his colleagues have made for the past two years have been wrong.

Maybe it is because they spend too much time on Twitter ready to pounce on anything and everything Trump says -- rather than look at what he has done.

Lowry did look at the actions.

He is gobsmacked:
But Gorsuch ... and Other Excellent Judicial Picks ... and a Tax Cut ... and Major Deregulatory Actions ... and Immigration Enforcement ... and the End of the Individual Mandate ... and a Roll Back of the HHS Mandate ... and the reversal of the insane Title IX policy on campus ... and an exit from the Paris Accords ... and the avoidance of whatever Hillary would have wrought.
And the disappearance of the Islamic State, the soaring economy, the pipeline approvals, the coming destruction of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, the end of the War on Coal, and a host of other accomplishments that should embarrass anyone who failed to vote for the most conservative presidential candidate since Reagan.

Lowry is staggering as he tries to make sense of all of it:
There is a meme used by anti-Trump conservatives on Twitter. Whenever Trump steps in it, they tweet the words “But Gorsuch.” It is meant to mock Trump loyalists who hold out Gorsuch’s nomination as a Trump accomplishment that overshadows any of his failings. The meme can be quite amusing — one version has a road sign emblazoned with the words “But Gorsuch” close to disappearing in a flood.
You know what they call people who mock Gorsuch?


And baby, there ain't no such thing as an "anti-Trump conservative" now. Not after 13 months of winning. And I consider Trump's presidency as starting on November 9, 2016.

You are either with us or against us.

Lowry is still hung up on style, even though he acknowledges the substance is there.

So let me mansplain Trump's behavior: 1. acting presidential gets him nowhere in Washington.

The people in that city hate him, hate the people who elected, and hate the fact that they are not in power.

That's the one thing Lowry shares with Obama. Two years ago, Obama was president and Lowry headed the most influential conservative magazine in America.

Trump broke Lowry. That Against Trump issue showed them for who they are.

End of part one.

2. Trump is Joshua leading the band around Jericho every day to distract attention from the defenders inside. While they boo the trumpet music, things get done. Lowry listed the bigger accomplishments.

3. Trump drives his critics crazy, and greatly entertains the troops. We the riff-raff love seeing the snobs get theirs. Why do you think "The Beverly Hillbillies" was so popular?

Republicans tried presidential. Mitt Romney lost. Bigly.

Then we went with Trump. His win was yuuuuuuuge.

We need a new meme: "But he's not acting presidential..."


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  1. Trump is Joshua leading the band around Jericho every day to distract attention from the defenders inside.

    He is also Chuck Heston leading the faithful to the Promised Land while the Left rains down the Plagues of Egypt on itself.

  2. rich lowry doesn't know squat
    don't read his crap

    love trump
    i pray for trump and his team to have wisdom and courage to continue the fight for our country's sovereignty
    please join me

  3. Adding $1 trillion to the national debt is conservative? Interesting.

    1. Last I heard, spending bills come out of Congress.... which is one of the things we voted AGAINST by voting Trump.

      Basic civics --- you know none.

      They could have stopped it, and you didn't say squat when they didn't.


    2. So Trump will be vetoing the spending bill being worked out in Congress right now because it adds $1 trillion to the deficit? That is what you are saying, correct?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Adds $1 trillion to the deficit? in what time period?

    5. $1 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years. That is stated fact. So please answer my question: Is adding $1 trillion to the deficit - by the current proposed tax cuts - make Trump a "conservative"? It's a simple question. Yes or No.

    6. You quote the CBO which hasn't gotten a single prediction right in well over a decade.

    7. I quote the CBO AND THE Joint Committee on Taxation - the latter being the oft-quoted source by many Republicans to prop up their agenda, only this time, the JCT cannot dispel the obvious $1 trillion figure.
      Never mind you cannot prove that the "CBO hasn't gotten a single prediction right ..." You refuse to answer my question. Coward.

    8. As long as you got your obama phone and your EBT card,what do care.

    9. Here's a definition of conservative EVEN YOU might believe: Deficits are caused by SPENDING.

      Not tax cuts.

      If you don't have it don't spend it. Every person in America with a checkbook knows this. How this escapes the critics of the tax cuts we all know - disingenuousness - that's how.

      Complain about spending instead of tax cuts if you sincerely are worried about deficits. Americans keeping their hard earned money is not the issue. Bureaucrats spending money they don't have is the issue.

      Conservatives know that - fake conservatives do not.


    10. One trillion over ten years... But that assumes fairly conservative GDP growth. If the economy responds to the corporate tax cut as many expect, there wont be any shortfall.

    11. I dont care. No one cared about Obama raising the debt 10 Trillion in 8 years. Let Trump be Trump. My 401 K is better than it has been since the fall of 2008. Unemployment is lower than 17 years. LET THAT SOAK IN. Obama and his albatross Obamacare damn near ruined the country. Grow a brain!

  4. "...that overshadows any of his failings." What failings?

  5. I like your meme Don, but Trump already memed it as "Modern Day Presidential."

  6. Now why would anyone pay attention to anti trumper Low Life Lowry?

  7. "Anti-Trump Conservatives", are, by definition, not conservative and are sore losers.

  8. The trillion to the deficit is over 10 years, which is bupkes compared to the last 8.

    1. So you are indeed saying adding $1 trillion to the deficit is 1. fact; and 2. being a "conservative"

  9. Lowry’s problem is that he is trying to win a chess match, while being constantly distracted by Whack-a-Mole.

  10. Obama added 1 trillion per year to the deficit, however believing now what the liberals and some Republicans are saying is to believe in a zero sum game. Reagan proved that cutting taxes actually increased revenue, even though he too was accused of doing what Trump is now doing. Reagan did not increase the deficit and neither will Trump. As business increases so do incoming tax amounts. The secret is increasing the volume of business. Why is that so hard to understand?

  11. Reduced tax rates =/= reduced tax revenue.

    Faster economic growth with lower tax rates results in higher tax revenue.

    Economic growth rates of 4(+)% over the next few years will lower the deficit, if spending is kept in line.

    FYI, please note VP Pence is out there party building to get MAGA Senate and House candidates who will owe more to Trump than Ryan or McConnell.

    This is why McConnell folded on Moore.

    In three years McConnell will face a GOP Senate caucus where 1/2 either hates him or owes more to Trump than to McConnell, when he is up for reelection.