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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Let's play $100,000 Pyramid

Dick Clark had a game show called The $10,000 Pyramid. It was so successful that eventually it became The $100,000 Pyramid.

Contestants guessed at the category by hearing examples of things in the category.

For example, "bats, baseballs, gloves" were clues for Things You Would Use In A Ballgame.

Easy as pi.

Using tweets on Twitter, can you guess the Hashtag?

"Joe Biden at a Girl Scout event."

No? How about:

"Lawrence O'Donnell's psychiatrist."

Nope, that's not it. Try:

"Bottled water from Chernobyl."


This should be the last clue you need:

"2016 Presidential Polls."

Still don't have it?

OK, the category -- hashtag -- was Things I Trust More Than CNN.

Other things people trust more than they do CNN according to the #ThingsITrustMoreThanCNN hashtag.

"Nigerian emails."

"Harvey Weinstein's casting couch."

"Casey Anthony babysitting my kids."

"Meeting Matt Lauer in his office, alone."

"Steve Harvey announcing the beauty contest winner."

"Breastmilk from Caitlyn Jenner."

"Bernie Sanders with my tax money."

"Bill Clinton with my intern."

"Bill Cosby with my drink."

"Bowe Bergdahl to have my back."

"Helen Keller behind the wheel of a car."

"Michelle Obama's school lunches."

"Parenting advice from Alec Baldwin."

"Colin Kaepernick on 3rd & 1."

"Barack Obama's birth certificate."

"Rides home from Ted Kennedy."

"Legal advice from Ana Navarro."

"The Onion."

"Brian Williams."


Please enjoy my two books about the press and how it missed the rise of Donald Trump.

The first was "Trump the Press," which covered his nomination.

The second was "Trump the Establishment," which covered his election.

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  1. That legal advice on is turning out to be Gloria AllRed.

  2. "Promises to pull out early"

  3. Replies
    1. I pronounce you "winner" :) :)

  4. Another contest: the meaning of acronym CNN.
    Entries so far (I think Michelle Malkin):
    CNN = Collusion Narrative Network.
    CNN = Corrections, Not News.

  5. Thou hast pegged my FUNNY meter, Don!

  6. Barack "You can keep your Doctor" Obama.


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