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Friday, December 22, 2017

Jorge Ramos: Trump broke me

In the summer of 2015, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was on top of the world, ma. He had taken on that deplorable Donald John Trump, who was running for president.

From the Washington Post:
In contrast to Romney and Obama, Trump has refused multiple interview requests from Ramos, including one extended by Univision on Tuesday night. So, Ramos showed up at that Tuesday news conference determined to do what he thought necessary to get Trump to answer key questions about immigration for Univision's audience.
In practical terms: Ramos stood up and began asking questions at the start. He didn't wait to be called on by Trump. And, in the now-well-documented moments that followed, Trump told Ramos to "sit down" and "go back to Univision."
Trump quickly had a change of heart, let Ramos back in, and answered his questions.

The Post called Ramos a pit bull and tough interviewer.

In many ways, Ramos is a role model for Jim Acosta of CNN.

Ramos is an advocate for Marxism with its globalism and desire to erase borders.

Now that Trump is president, the big tough anchorman is whingeing.

From News Busters:
“With Donald Trump there, I have never been treated so badly. I have never been insulted so much. We’ve never been attacked so much. They have never tried to run us out as much as now,” Ramos vented in an interview with the Spanish radio network Cadena SER.
Ramos, who proclaimed himself “if not an enemy, an opponent” of Trump in the interview, complained about the massive blowback he has received since deciding to use his media platforms to openly oppose the choice of over 62 million American voters in last year’s U.S. presidential election.
“Now the social media networks are terrible,” Ramos told his Spanish radio interviewer, Javier del Pino. “Before if someone wanted to insult you, they had to do it in person or by sending you an anonymous letter. Now they do it through the social media networks and the daily insults – you can enter my Facebook or Twitter – and they are there all the time,” lamented Ramos.
I can just hear the maitre d' when he goes to a restaurant saying: "Jorge Ramos, pity party of one."

Some tough guy. He cannot stand a few bad tweets.

Maybe he should try a new line of work. Onion peeler because he already knows how to cry.

Ramos is so pathetic that he does not qualify for the List of Fools Who Feuded with Trump. If Univision fires him, maybe Ramos gets on the list.


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  1. is ramos here legally?
    if not send his butt back to mexico
    and don't let him back in
    case closed

  2. His daughter worked for the Hillary campaign?

  3. Mr. Ramos, I heard you're writing a book. Might want to search "Bill Clinton's 1995 speech on immigration"
    before you make even more of a fool of yourself. Get the 1 minute 28 second version.

  4. "I can just hear the maitre d' when he goes to a restaurant saying: "Jorge Ramos, pity party of one." "
    THAT is one GREAT line!

  5. Ramos lied on his visa application when he first came to the US. He said he was attending college in CA but instead went to work (illegally) for a Mexican American radio station. He has been a fraud ever since. He also brags about being a dual US/Mexican citizen and voting in BOTH places. He is a moocher.

  6. Even if he IS fired, don't put him on your list. Make him beg. I want more crying, more tears.

  7. Good call. Putting him on the list would elevate the onion peeler’s status.

  8. 'Ramos is so pathetic that he does not qualify for the List of Fools Who Feuded with Trump. If Univision fires him, maybe Ramos gets on the list.' LOL! Nice one don.

  9. Ramos complaints could easily be solved by getting some talent as a journalist, but that would require work and intelligence both of which is a obscene idea to him.

  10. The artifice of clowns like Ramos when complaining about being insulted should be readily apparent. When it is Hispanics doing the insulting or being rude, he will attribute it to an "aggressive culture". Coming from anyone else, it is, of course, a matter of racism. Boo effing hoo.

  11. Marxist troll Jorge Ramos doesn't believe he needs to wait in line or respect boundaries just like his constituents.

  12. whore Hey rrrRRRRRemos.. Go pound sand........back to you old country.

  13. Ramos is either ONE OF the lying, cheating, thieving, child abusing, child molesting, child abandoning, child raping, child MURDERING, violent, diseased illegal alien invaders OR one of their TRAITOROUS, (should the miscreant exhibit a two bit citizenship that he didn't earn, based on his ANTI Americanism), advocates and proponents. No matter. "IT" ought to LEAVE because "We, The People" DO despise his ilk..........

  14. You must then have a spine of linguini. Go back to Mexico and stop bothering us.

  15. Jorge, Trump did not break you. All he did was hold a mirror up for you to see yourself. Painful, eh?

  16. he can always go back to Mexico and y his shtick there. The dug thugs have a bad habit of killing journalists who offend him.
    Great news for Whore Hay, he aint got enough spine to make it onto their radar.