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Friday, December 29, 2017

Joe Manchin, Trumped

President Trump lit into West Virginia's senior Senator Joe Manchin.


Manchin is a two-faced liar who greased the skids for his daughter, who rips people off with her overpriced Epi-Pens.

I have for seven years tried to explain to out of state conservatives that Joe Manchin is a Democrat, not a Republican in Democratic clothing. That means he will tell you any lie he thinks you want to hear just to get elected.

Consider this, down in the polls a month before the 2010 Senate election, Manchin went on Fox News and swore up and down that he would vote to repeal Obamacare.

He never did.

He also posed as a Second Amendment Democrat.

In the Senate, he proposed more gun control.

He said he would work with President Trump.


He has not given Trump one significant vote. Not a single damned one. Even Jay Rockefeller voted with Bush one or two times.

Anyway, Trump gave an interview to the New York Times, and here is what he said about Epi-Pen Joe:
TRUMP: We started taxes. And we don’t hear from the Democrats. You know, we hear bullshit from the Democrats. Like Joe Manchin. Joe’s a nice guy.
THE TIMES: He is a very nice guy.
TRUMP: But he talks. But he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t do. “Hey, let’s get together, let’s do bipartisan.” I say, “Good, let’s go.” Then you don’t hear from him again. I like Joe. You know, it’s like he’s the great centrist. But he’s really not a centrist. And I think the people of West Virginia will see that. He not a centrist. … I’m the one that saved coal. I’m the one that created jobs. You know West Virginia is doing fantastically now.
One more thing. I wrote this on August 30, 2016:
The press is giving Heather Bresch holy heck for jacking up the price of the Epi-Pen, which is used by people with allergies, and other dangerous conditions that require the quick application of drugs.
To discover how this happened one need only look at her full name, Heather Manchin Bresch. She got her job because she is the daughter of Joe Manchin, the head of the Democratic Party in West Virginia, who is now serving as a senator after having been governor, and secretary of state.
Most news reports leave out the Manchin connection, even though that is her biggest asset as CEO of Mylan, a generic drug company based in Canonburg, Pennsylvania, just north of West Virginia. She graduated from West Virginia University in 1991, and at a WVU basketball game the next year, her father hit Milan Puskar, then CEO of Mylan, up for a job for his daughter. The people had just elected Joe Manchin to the state Senate, so Heather got a job as a clerk.
As her father rose in politics, she rose in the company. When her dad became secretary of state of West Virginia, she became Mylan's director of government relations. She did well, making sure the drug manufacturer was included in the Medicare Part D plan.
More promotions coincided as he rose to governor and then senator.
When she needed a master's degree, she was able to get one through Michael Garrison, a family friend Joe Manchin arranged to be appointed as president of WVU. Garison also was a lobbyist for WVU. After the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette exposed this lie, Garrison stepped down. Heather continued as a Mylan executive, rising to CEO in 2012.
The press is airbrushing her father from this story. Steve Tobak at Fox Business Network did a great job ripping her, but barely mentioned her father.
Everyone wants their kid to succeed, but fair play matters. Obviously Joe and Gayle Manchin failed to teach their daughter ethics.
Or maybe she forgot those lessons along the way.
In retrospect, I went too easy on them.


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  1. There must be a lot of former Democrats who voted for him and haven't developed an adequate distaste for corruption.

  2. My mom in law is conservative but a Manchin fan. I told her last week I would give her any amount of money if she doesn't vote for Status Quo Joe next November. She knows how passionate I am about politics and I felt the message got through. Vote rigging in West Virginia!

  3. Don't forget that with the right 'connections' a Masters' Degree is only a piece of paper, signifying nothing.

    And so with a good deal of the vaunted "Higher Education" academic BS - the "education" is of little use or value - it's the 'connections' that count.

    To see real education at work, watch the guy fix your car, he actually has to know what he's doing.

    "Hard Sciences" such as Engineering, Geology, or Medicine excepted.

  4. One more thing to rip on with West Virginia voters. Mylan has moved a lot of jobs out of state to Pittsburgh because the fancy fancy executives don't want to be in Morgantown anymore.

    So Joe M's connections aren't even netting jobs for West Virginia anymore.

    Seems like there is a lot of material here for some great campaign ads.

  5. I also believe that Joe Manchin’s wife had a major influence on getting epi-pens into every public school in the US through her position in the public education machine.
    A corrupt family.
    Our President has one of the best BS alter meters ever.

  6. Manchin (WV), Donnelly (IN), Heitkamp (ND) will all tell you how moderate and "centrist" they are while they vote the party line, every time, on meaningful legislation.

    And what a sweet deal, Mylan ripped off the taxpayers to the tune of $1.27 Billion and only had to give the DOJ back $465 Million, who says crime doesn't pay. Drain the effing swamp.

  7. "Everyone wants their kid to succeed, but fair play matters. Obviously Joe and Gayle Manchin failed to teach their daughter ethics." It appears that they don't HAVE ethics to teach her.