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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Its complaints about hate speech burn BuzzFeed

WARNING: The following post contains language used by a liberal. Reader discretion is advised.

Poor little Katie Notopoulos. A senior editor at BuzzFeed, she wrote:
"The Monday before Thanksgiving, I awoke to my personal nightmare: I had been reported for abuse on Twitter (my favorite thing to look at while I crap), and my account was frozen."
I am unsure why she felt compelled to share her bodily functions like that, but in a world of participant trophies, not being allowed to participate is a fate worse than death.

How constipated she must have been during the ordeal. She no longer could look at her favorite thing while on the commode. (I assume she uses a toilet).

She described how she wound up on the throne without a Twitter account to tweet in.

From Notopoulos:
A few days before, I got a flood of replies to an old tweet from 2011 that said “kill all white people.”
I’m sure in 2011 I thought this was a funny joke (look carefully, and you will notice the Ironic Capitalization), though it’s not so funny now when there are Literal Nazis running amok. The ironic thing about Literal Nazis is that they have weaponized taking things literally. And that’s what they did here.
The day before my tweet was reported, Twitter had de-verified Richard Spencer and a few other high-profile white nationalist accounts. In response, their supporters wanted to expose Twitter’s supposed hypocrisy for allowing verified users to tweet mean things about white people.
A few larger white nationalist or alt-right Twitter accounts shared my tweet as well as some similar ones from verified users. My guess is someone just searched a few phrases like “I hate white people” and picked out the verified accounts. 
So it is not her fault that she wrote “I hate white people” and Twitter shut her down. It is those Literal Nazis. You would think what with rounding people up and shipping them off to Literal Concentration Camps -- after all, these are Literal Nazis -- they would not have time to report Hate Speech to Twitter.

But who ever could have given them the idea that they can get Twitter to kick someone off Twitter for Hate Speech?

From BuzzFeed on August 11, 2016:
"A Honeypot For Assholes": Inside Twitter’s 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment
For nearly its entire existence, Twitter has not just tolerated abuse and hate speech, it’s virtually been optimized to accommodate it. With public backlash at an all-time high and growth stagnating, what is the platform that declared itself “the free speech wing of the free speech party” to do? BuzzFeed News talks to the people who’ve been trying to figure this out for a decade.
Her column ended:
I’m not mad that the system works slightly differently for the president than it does for me. He also gets to drive through red lights on his motorcade and I’m not bitching about that. But the way Twitter decides what stays and what goes seems to be pretty arbitrary.
Twitter has been trying to figure out how to deal with abuse and harassment for the better part of two years now, and it continues to be a real shitshow with no clear fix in sight. Maybe they should treat it like an old school messageboard where community managers act fast and loose with the banhammer, doling it out without question. Maybe!
But for now, Twitter is getting played. They’re trying to crack down on the worst of Twitter by applying the rules to everyone, seemingly without much context. But by doing that, they’re allowing those in bad faith to use Twitter’s reporting system and tools against those operating in good faith. Twitter’s current system relies on a level playing field. But as anyone who understands the Internet knows all too well, the trolls are always one step ahead.
BuzzFeed and the University of Sheffield later analyzed 840,000 tweets sent to British politicians.

It found hate speech targeted conservative males the most, the Green Party the least.

"Kill" was among the words BuzzFeed and the university considered hate speech. Well, that makes sense.

I say to her: this is the world BuzzFeed asked for.

Good luck living in it.

Wiser heads warned you, but you wrote us off as deplorable.

There is an old saying, don't defecate where you tweet.


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  1. As Kurt Schlichter wrote to liberals on Twitter, "You are really going to hate the new rules." - GOC

  2. Shit, she sounds like my daughter.

    1. Do you lay awake at night going WTF did I do wrong. I remember this, this, and this, but that can't be what caused her to turn out like she did....Yawn. Damn it.

      I've got a daughter who's only 13, so I'm not passing judgement, just wondering how it plays out.

    2. It's pretty easy to tell when you have encountered a member of the liberal left these days....the "potty mouth" is always a dead giveaway!

      Fortunately I was taught by my parents that cussing was the "language of the ignorant!

      These folks think it makes them more "grown up" and angry!

      That's why they are so unhinged!


  3. Alinsky BITES BACK! Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!111!!!

  4. I assume that there's a liberal arts college offering a course in Ironic Capitalisation?

    1. Possibly. Probably. One more reason why you parents shouldn't waste $100K on Higher Education. Three Major Masters and 5 years later, she's thrilled about her job in Dublin for $35K/yr. Ridiculous.

    2. Dublin, Ohio? Just a couple hours east of me and a couple down from Don's old stomping grounds.

    3. Hahaha! No, big guy, Dublin Eire. About to turn 31 and we still semi-support her. A major cause of my drinking problem! Thanks for asking tho...

  5. Wait until the right starts responding with violence and suppression of free speech like the left...they're really gonna hate when all the bullshit they've been doing gets rammed back in their face. And I can't wait...

  6. "(I assume she uses a toilet)."

    Given the epidemic of public defecation in Liberal run cities, that is absolutely NOT a safe assumption.

  7. I know it'll never happen- but there's a really easy solution to the problem of Twitter banning the wrong people: for Twitter to stop censoring anyone, whether left or right! For Twitter to say, not our problem: you don't want to hear that "hate" speech, just mute or unfollow.

    It's already absurdly easy to ban anyone you don't want to hear from. Why should it be up to Twitter?

    I'm mildly frustrated because a few people that I would like to hear from seem to have banned me; there's no way to find out why, so I just live with it. Imagine that- just putting up with what I can't change!