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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Is North Korea collapsing?

A North Korean soldier walked away from North Korea through the DMZ on Thursday morning (Wednesday night in the United States).

No shots were fired.

No one tried to stop him.

Is this the moment we have waited for?

Is North Korea about to collapse?

I ask this because it seems like Kim Jong Un's most elite troops -- the ones he places along the border with South Korea -- no longer protect that border.

If people figure that out, they will start walking south by the dozen, then hundreds, then thousands.

We saw that happen in 1989 when East Germans began crossing the Austro-Hungarian border to freedom unmolested.

Two years later, the Soviet Union -- which had survived World War II -- was no more.

From the Daily Mail:
A North Korean soldier defected to South Korea early on Thursday, a South Korean defence ministry official said. 
The low-ranking North Korean soldier defected across the heavily militarized border between North and South Korea at around 8:04 am and no shots were fired, the official said.
Yonhap reports the man's intentions are being investigated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 
This is the second known defection from the North in about five weeks. 
Another North Korean soldier, Oh Chong Song, 24, suffered critical gunshot wounds during a defection dash across the border on November 13.
He was shot in his knee, arm, back, chest and through his shoulder and surgeons also found that his body was riddled with parasites and Hepatitis B. 
But despite his serious injuries, surgeons saved his life and when he woke up at the Ajou University Hospital in South Korea, he told doctors he was craving a Choco Pie.
A Choco Pie is like a MoonPie.

I hope North Korea ends not with a bang, but with a whimper.

By the way, in negotiating with China over trade, I believe I know what Trump's goal is: the collapse of North Korea. I think that because that is what is happening, and we have not put the screws on China. Getting rid of Kim Jong Un would make the world a much brighter place.

Two other North Koreans aboard a "non-powered" fishing boat defected to South Korea on Wednesday, a Unification Ministry official reportedly said.
The pair, according to Yonhap, was discovered in the East Sea by a naval patrol plane and the men expressed their desire to defect from the North.
Hmm. This may be an interesting Christmas.


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  1. Would be awesome to see. Gird your loins South Korea!

  2. After the Russians were no longer supporting Cuba in the manner to which Cuba had been accustomed, so to speak, Castro began allowing defections to the USA hand over fist. Lightening of border controls may merely be an indication of a need to release economic tensions.

    OTOH, it could be Soviet-style economic tensions, like in the socialist paradise of Venezuela.

    1. Then there's this

    2. This isn't like Cuba. We're talking about elite North Korean soldiers not shooting at one of their own while crossing over to South Korea.

    3. If by elite you mean they get an extra ration of rice for making sure no one crosses, then it sounds like the rice isn't cutting it anymore.. many NORKS watch as tourists munch on snacks and sodas while visiting the DMZ.

  3. Hopefully the start of good news.
    Wait until he tries a banana Moon Pie. Chovolate’s got Nothing on it.

  4. Be Careful in those Minefields.


  5. Crap, Big D, I'm trying to remember the last President who won a major international conflict without firing a shot. Umm...umm...oh yeah!! Ronaldus Maximus.

  6. Don,

    Regards the collapse of the DPRK -- from your mouth to G-d's ear!

  7. First, a drip; second, a trickle; eventually, the dam breaks.

  8. I posted this on

  9. Fatty's been pretending to stand up to the world all alone. Now we see he wasn't alone at all. He had help from a big neighbor. Without that help, Fatty doesn't know what to do. It would be comical were he not such a vicious bustard responsible for thousands of deaths.

  10. We have awesome wall technology that we could sell to South Korea.

  11. In these dark days the collapse of North Korea would be a reason to celebrate!


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