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Thursday, December 28, 2017

I thought the left liked Hugo Chávez

Andrés Miguel Rondón is a Venezuelan economist who lives in Madrid. Despite his lack of any experience in Trump's America, the Post published a column by him, "To beat President Trump, you have to learn to think like his supporters."

I am not sure how someone five time zones away derives intimate knowledge of Trump supporters. But everyone in the world knows our business -- or thinks he does.

The Marxists at the Post brought in the Marxist economist to equate the Capitalist Donald Trump to the Marxist Hugo Chávez.

Well, the left does consider Israel a Nazi state, so why not?

But I doubt Andrés Miguel Rondón has talked to any Trump supporters -- Madrid is not our favorite hangout -- but a steady diet of the American press can turn Fake News into deeply held convictions for the small minded.

From Andrés Miguel Rondón:
Almost a year later, Donald Trump is still president. Powerful men in entertainment, media and even politics have seen their public lives implode under scandal almost instantly for months now, but Trump holds on.
If you’re among the majority of Americans who oppose Trump, you can’t understand why.
Well, he is "still president" because, despite the best efforts of Barack Obama, America is not a banana republic that sheds leaders at the whim of the army.

The Rondóns of the world are confused thanks to our third-rate American press.

We do not have a direct national vote. Hillary's plurality is meaningless. We are a federation of 50 states and Trump won the support of 30 of them. People really are Texans and Alabamians.

More from Andrés Miguel Rondón:
I saw the same thing happen in my native Venezuela with the late Hugo Chávez, who ruled as precisely the sort of faux-populist strongman that Trump now loves to praise. Chávez’s political career (which only ended with his untimely death) seemed not only immune to scandal, but indeed to profit directly from it. Why? Because scandal is no threat to populism. Scandal sustains populism.
Trump loves to praise Chávez?

Since when?

Trump has condemned Venezuela's government and has tried to ban travel between the nations, as Venezuela has devolved into the Western Hemisphere's North Korea where babies starve.

President Trump also has not shut down any newspapers, television channels or Web sites.

One more difference: Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, and other celebrities who condemn Trump loved Chávez.

Andrés Miguel Rondón, who has made a cottage industry of calling Trump Chávez, is under the misguided belief that Trump is under siege by scandal.

Says who?

President Trump asked Jim Comey three times if he was under investigation.

Comey said no each time.

Mueller also has not targeted Trump in Mueller's investigation of -- well, I am not really sure any more. No one is.

So Trump is a strongman, he just isn't doing anything a strongman does.

And Trump is embroiled in scandal, he just isn't under investigation.

Andrés Miguel Rondón ended his column:
Finally, there is indeed a place for your legitimate moral outrage: not the dining table, but the voting booth. Just ask Alabama Democrats.
So as the second year of Trump’s administration approaches, stop. Take a deep breath. Let all the hatred circle from afar. Don’t let it into your echo chamber. Try to hush it, pause it. Don’t let it close your eyes and tear your own society, your own family, apart. Because remember: There’s more to life than politics. And scandal does not end in conflagration. It ends in silence.
The hate of course is from the left.

The same place Chávez came from.


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  1. Leftist economist - oxymoron.
    Marxist economist - oxymoron.
    Andres Miguel rondon- moron.

    Rondon must be Venezuela’s Krugman.

  2. It's always surprising how much hot air can be contained in so little a misconception.
    "Let all the hatred circle from afar. Don’t let it into your echo chamber." The Left IS an echo chamber. And just PACKED with hatred.

  3. The only time a leftist isn't lying or just hating on someone is when they are asleep, and then they are dreaming about it.

  4. What do you mean by banned travel between the nations? I'm seeing plenty of nonstop direct flights between caracas and us cities.

    1. The courts have stopped implementation of his travel ban. I'll add "has tried to" to make this more clear.

  5. What do you mean by banned travel between the nations? I'm seeing plenty of nonstop direct flights between caracas and us cities.

  6. "Untimely death"? Hell, it was long overdue. I boycotted the Citgo in Hedgesville after he went off his rocker. Now it's a Sunoco. Hahaha.

  7. The mayor of Madrid is a Communist who has done her best to screw rebuilding Capitalism in the city so I'm sure this dude feels at home there. Like home,unemployment is still huge in Spain as it has been for years, stubbornly resistant to handouts and make work. The country's more adventurous youth dream of a job in Germany or Canada, perhaps now in the US with DT in charge, anywhere the socialist poison of equal misery hasn't dried the spirit or congealed the will.
    This V clown hates Trump for the same reason the Post, and it egomaniac owner,hates him. They were wrong. Indeed, For the egomaniac he remains a threat. Under his previous chosen ruler, and the one he wanted to follow, help expanding success at world internet domination would have been a phone call away, merely to determine the asking price for side stepping some further resistance to monopoly. Now not so easily done.
    Yes it is sad such a monster was loosed upon those so comfortable in the power of their delightfully pliant boy king. There every command to his mob fulfilled a wish of their own, no squeal from the trough went unattended,and it was always Spring at the dacha.
    Dark days at the Post, now.

  8. Regarding Hugo, Commies will diss a Commie if it makes their phony point.

  9. Hilarious.
    What Rondón doesn't grasp (and never will) what it means to "think like [Trump's] supporters." He's trapped in a Marxist dialectical worldview that stipulates a "good" (poor worker) vs. "evil" (wealthy businessman) class struggle that can only result in socialism if given enough time. He cannot recognize that Trump lies entirely outside of this false dichotomy.

    Trump, a billionaire businessman, is far more a "man of the people" than any political figure in recent memory, winning the election largely on the basis of working Americans' votes. The Left is incapable of understanding this and the cognitive dissonance has been nothing short of delicious. (Witness their many ridiculous explanations for Trump's victory, from "America is racist" to "Russia stole the election.") Trump's support has been organic, decentralized and "bottom up," while the Left has clung to its typical, failed "top down" style. These are not meaningless distinctions; they are entirely different, incompatible epistemologies.

    Once one begins to "think like a Trump supporter" one becomes a Trump supporter, like it or not. This is where the Left fails broadly and deeply, to our enduring delight.

  10. "To beat President Trump, you have to learn to think like his supporters." If you do that, you'll accidently realize how right we are.

  11. Hello, I also would like to comment over all the points mentioned in this blog. I agree with essence of few point but somewhere I found myself on other place. I hope, there might little opinion of others as well.

  12. "whim of the army."

    You've misspelled "mob".

  13. Marxists like Hugo Chavez are NOT Populists.

    They are, ideologically, diametrically opposed.

    Populism is all about championing the common man - helping him to become prosperous AND increasing his political power. Marxism is all about empowering the Central Government, which always comes at the expense of the common man's political power and economic well-being and freedom.

    Oh, and the actual variant of Marxism practiced by Hugo Chavez and his successor is, in fact, FASCISM. Marxist control of the entire economy through an all-powerful central government, but ruling indirectly through endless regulation rather than directly (the Communist version) by nationalizing all industries.

  14. "So Trump is a strongman, he just isn't doing anything a strongman does."

    Its really quite far in the opposite direction: Trump is in fact actively DESTROYING much of his own power as POTUS. Every regulation that he has abolished or prevented, every cutback to a federal bureaucracy, is a weakening of his own power.

    How do Fascist Dictators rule? Through their bureaucracy. Trump has decimated his. And is going to decimate it again next year, and probably the year after as well.

    If he is a "strongman", some kind of wannabe Dictator, then he is unique in all of human history: The first Dictator to eagerly set about reducing his own power, and transferring power from himself to the Legislature, the States, and the People.

    I've pointed this out many, many times now to people trying to claim Trump is the new Hitler - no one has yet been able to form any kind of response to it at all.