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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Guatemala will move embassy to Jerusalem

That Guatemala has an embassy in Israel impresses me. It's a small, poor nation about the size of Tennessee or Virginia.

Now President Jimmy Morales will follow President Trump's lead and move Guatemala's embassy back to Jerusalem.

From BBC:
Guatemala, along with 12 other countries, had their embassies in Jerusalem until 1980, when they moved them to Tel Aviv after Israel annexed East Jerusalem, in a move not recognized internationally. All other countries still have their embassies in Tel Aviv.
Guatemala and Israel have a long history of political, economic and military ties. The Central American country is also a major recipient of US aid -- something which Donald Trump threatened to cut to states that voted in favour of the UN resolution.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked President Morales, saying more countries would follow suit.
"It is only the beginning and it is important," he wrote on Facebook.
On Twitter, the US embassy in Guatemala said (in Spanish) it "applauded the historic decision" by Mr Morales.
The United Nations can vote all it wants, but God made Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and anti-Semites can stuff it.

Trump is laying the groundwork here for something bigger: Saudi Arabia recognizing Israel's right to exist and establishing an embassy in Jerusalem.

In the meantime, hail Jimmy Morales. He will not be intimidated by politically correct anti-Semites.


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  1. Guatemala really needs to stay on Trump's good side. Latin America understands a strong masculine leader. With functional Testosterone.

    Trump has plainly said that there was going to be a cost to crossing him. Personally, I believe that he is going to hamstring the UN. Insofar as Fairweather friends....well, they're going to be rudely treated. BTW, Don, you ought to give some serious thought to Trump's new Executive Order. I believe it will prove to be the biggest thing he does as President. Seizing money from ANYONE, ANYWHERE, without notice. As a matter of National Security. If you think about it, it's designed for HRC and Obama, et Al. Interesting thing is can't pay for fancy lawyers if all your assets are tied up. And, here's another big point....if you give any aid or support, your assets will be seized as well. That's how the wall is going to be paid for, imo.

    1. I haven't heard of that EO. Got a link?


    3. This EO isn't getting hardly any play. That tells us something. Interesting thing that Politico talks about it. Read it over carefully. You'll see that it is a real game changer. Read the part about no warning given.

    4. go to the Treehouse and scroll down the EO article.
      "The Big Ugly" is beginning.
      I love the smell of butane and
      cordite in the morning. TG

    5. Just suppose Trump had the Haitians lined up to sing? How about the Epstein Express? That, right there, meets the clear definitions of that EO. Yeppers, what if the Clinton Foundation had an asset forfeiture? All traceable to those Flights of Pedophilia?

  2. Israel has one big friend and many big enemies. They make up for this by having many small silent friends. They were one of the few countries that broke sanctions and traded with Rhodesia after UDI. I remember watching newsreels of the six day and Yom Kippur wars and seeing Rhodesian farmers full throatedly cheering them. I imagine there are economic ties to Guatemala that we have no knowledge of.

    1. Israel, by virtue of their expertise in making their arid country agriculturally viable, has become a world leader in agricultural science. Israel has teams teaching agricultural technology in countries many people have never heard of. - Elric

  3. Israel, a country that punches waaaay above its weight.

    1. Kinda like this guy we have in the oval Office now.

  4. Antigua, Guatemala, is a beautiful colonial era. Northern Guatemala has some amazing, lightly-visited Mayan historical sites. And the country has some beautiful natural wonders. Time to invest in one of the best and effective "foreign aid" programs out there: It is time to visit Guatemala and spend like a rich tourist (which you will be in a place such as that). Share the love!

  5. The smartass in me wants to tell you all that it is only so the Guatemalan diplomates can more easily sneak into the U.S. Embassy.
    That said, I have met quite a few folks from Guatamala, and am married to a fine lady from Honduras. I am quite honored that they chose to stand with us in spite of the maneuvering here at home regarding people from there coming here illegally.
    Same for the other nations who stood with us, or at the very least chose not to stand with Israels enemies.