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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Franken takes one for the team

Groping for a way to move Democrats a seat closer to taking the Senate, Al Franken may be taking one for the team by resigning for being an ass.

As I outlined last month, Franken would resign to try to hurt Republican Judge Roy Moore's chances in next week's Senate election in Alabama. A Democratic governor will appoint Franken's successor for a net gain of one seat for Democrats if Doug Jones wins Alabama.

At 66, Franken has only 8 years seniority and has no prospects to be in Senate leadership.

It is either run for president -- ha! -- or play the string out. Trump came close enough in Minnesota in 2016 to give Democrats concerns about Franken's re-election in 2020.

So it looks like Franken has felt up to to quitting the Senate in light of his groping scandal.

Every woman Democrat in the Senate grabbed attention and called for him to resign this morning. This is orchestration worthy of the West Virginia Symphony.

Virtue signalers all. Three weeks ago they called for a mere ethics investigation.
What does this mean in Alabama?

Well, internal polls by Democrats must show Moore is up.

The accusations against him are not credible. And, given his many other races over the decades, the accusations would have come out sooner. Besides, the discredited Gloria Allred is behind many of the accusations.

If I believed the allegations, I would oppose Moore's election.

Will the Franken ploy work?

I will answer that question after the votes are counted.


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  1. Prediction: Moore wins and bigly.
    Allred isn't done with her Acme rocket skates.. TG

  2. Threw Conyers under the bus, now Franken. Why? To hopefully get Moore, but even if that fails, they'll keep things moving to go after Trump for his alleged misdeeds with females. Mueller is flailing, so this is the next biggie. JPG

  3. Clever of Team Trump to schedule a rally just a few miles from AL in the Florida Panhandle. The election might be close-ish, not a blowout but GOP money, the flimsiness of the claims and Trump support will hopefully be enough.
    Judge Moore is a pretty extreme guy ... but I'd vote for him just out of disdain for Dems.

    1. Moore isn't extreme. The folks coming behind him will be. Pendulum swinging, and all that. You see, Theresa's invasion going on....and there's no humane way of stopping it.

    2. Lone star is right. The left should thank their lucky stars Hillary isn't president. Having her in office would be like tightening a pressure cooker when some steam needed to be let off.

  4. I don't think this affects Moore's prospects at all. Man in the street sees this as a Democrat problem.

    1. LUPO.....lying until proven otherwise. Testosterone doesn't trust manginas.

    2. Yeah, I'm not an Alabamian, so how Franken getting kicked out of office affects Moore I really can't see.

      It would seem to me that Franken having to step down because he's a pervert would help Roy Moore, who is on the other side; but then I don't ever accept whatever the MSM is spinning, as it's never the truth.

      This is a really hard election to try to guess, it's like watching somebody throwing knives at a spinning target. Where they're going to stick isn't easy to predict!

  5. Dems...taking the dung off themselves to throw at Moore.

  6. If Moore wins watch Franken back water.

    1. If Moore loses, he will walk it back as well. Sad to say, we will never know if I am right.