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Sunday, December 17, 2017

France takes over for U.S.A. in funding junk science

President Trump's rejection of the Paris climate accord just saved American taxpayers millions. France has decided to start paying for the junk science manufactured by climate change propagandists in America.

Merci beaucoup, suckahs.

From Science magazine:
French President Emmanuel Macron’s effort to lure disgruntled foreign climate scientists to France — especially from the United States — has produced its first harvest. France today announced that Macron’s Make Our Planet Great Again initiative has recruited its first class of 18 scientists. Of the new recruits, 13, including a few French nationals, now work in the United States, whereas others are based in Canada, India, and elsewhere in Europe.
One recruit is Louis Derry, a U.S. citizen who studies Earth’s critical zone — its life-supporting skin — at Cornell University. When he first heard about Macron's move to attract about 50 high-level foreign climate scientists for France, he thought it had to be another swipe at U.S. President Donald Trump by the satirical newspaper Le Canard enchaîné. But it was real. In June, just a few hours after Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate accord, Macron cheekily invited disgruntled U.S. scientists to relocate to France. A week later, the French government unveiled a website that soon spelled out the details: It was offering 3- to 5-year grants, worth up to €1.5 million each.
Derry, who says he liked both the scientific opportunity and the collateral benefits, was one of more than 1800 scientists to express initial interest in applying. “I think it’s hard to find too many downsides to living in Paris for a little while,” he says.
Grifters gotta grift.

But they should be careful. Muslims are invading France, which is the real existential threat in Europe.


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  1. Works for me. My High School Biology teacher told us in 1967 that by 2000 the sea would be dead. No fish. No food. No fishing industry. She's dead, but the seas live.

  2. When are they moving out? Is there any hope they will be replaced here by non-climate change (ie, normal) scientists?

  3. A requirement for getting one of those grants should be French citizenship. Otherwise, those in the American contingent will take a leave of absence from their US institution, spend three years abroad living in Muslimized Paris at France's expense, and then at the expiration of their grant return home to the US, emboldened to create more mischief. Let's play for keeps: go East climate cultists, and stay there.

    1. I was thinking this is a great way to get rid of liberals, but you make an excellent point.

    2. As Mr Surber said,'Grifters gotta grift.'

    3. These scientists should enjoy living in Paris.

      Unless they're Jewish.

  4. "they should be careful. Muslims are invading France, which is the real existential threat in Europe."
    Exactly right

    1. Because they threaten the personal existence of people living over there.

  5. Trump should offer to send the entire NCAR to France. On condition that traveling scientists surrender their US citizenship. Else, we'll shut it down, NCAR stopped doing real climate science decades ago. It's just another taxpayer-funded ripoff. Boulder CO snowflakes would whine but they always are whining about something.

  6. France should pay, since the money was used by Euro-Socialists to take their mistresses to the Riviera anyway.

  7. I used to follow the global warming/climate change scam more closely. I missed this one:

    It seems that warmist star Michael Mann wouldn't reveal his data in a Canadian court, so his SLAPP suit against skeptic Tim Bell was thrown out.

  8. If France is still getting 70% of their electricity from nukes, OF COURSE they want the the AGW agenda advanced. It gives them a huge economic advantage if others handcuff their energy production and usage.