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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fake News may cost Democrats the mid-term

The party that controls the White House usually loses many congressional seats in the next election.

But the leader of the Gingrich Revolution of 1994 -- which gave the House of Representatives to Republicans for the first time in 40 years -- believes Democrats may pay a big price in 2018 for all the Fake News against President Trump in 2017.

From Gingrich:
After members of the elite media have spent two years savaging President Trump, lying about Republican legislation, and reassuring themselves that Republican defeat was inevitable, the size of the GOP victory in 2018 will be an enormous shock.
Two very interesting columns (one by Barry Casselman and one by Scott Adams) illustrate how the media is deceiving itself.
Casselman contends that the Democratic victory in Alabama may have blocked a year-long embarrassment and actually strengthened Republican prospects in the Senate. He asserts there may be a new political wave coming, but no one knows whether it will be a red or blue wave.
Certainly passage of the tax cuts helps Republicans, as does the economic revitalization of the United States of America.

But Gingrich is correct in suspecting that there may be a big and noisy backfire to the media's oafish attempts to discredit the president, and its terrible war against the president and the American people who elected him.

We tire of being called deplorable.

So what did Casselman and Adams say?

From Gingrich:
Casselman contends that the Democratic victory in Alabama may have blocked a year-long embarrassment and actually strengthened Republican prospects in the Senate. He asserts there may be a new political wave coming, but no one knows whether it will be a red or blue wave.
Adams, the author of Dilbert, has a list of 20 political opinions and predictions made about President Trump and his Administration, which were just plain wrong. He suggests if you were wrong about 15 or more of these assertions, you might quit talking about politics while Trump is in the White House. By Adams’s standard, most elite "analysts" would have to be quiet, because they have been so consistently wrong about Trump.
Those are better summaries than I can write.

The tax cuts and the Alabama loss have brought Republicans together. The sniping at The Donald from Republicans has subsided.

An infrastructure bill next year would keep the Republican coalition together, and could be used to repair Obamacare. Hey, a Shelley Moore Capito Bridge and a Joe Manchin Highway will get them two votes, right?

The best way to Trump the Press is to prove the media wrong.

Gingrich ended his column, "If Republicans can learn to tell the truth better than the elite media and Democrats lie, the GOP will win an astonishing victory in 2018."

Just remember folks, the rules of physics do not apply to the Road Runner -- and the rules of politics do not apply to Trump.

Meep, meep.


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  1. summaries that i can wrote?

  2. Gonna be a long run until November.

  3. Dude, where is that Russian collusion ?

    1. It's in the Clinton Foundation financial records. Look under "Uranium One."

  4. Congress should pass a law requiring photo ID for national elections. The dems will lose all the dead, illegal and alien voters and their numbers will shrink by millions. Maybe even outlaw votes "found" in car trunks days after the election, too.

  5. A significant part of my DJT vote was a f*** you to the press. I doubt I'm alone.

  6. One of my favorite things about Trump is the way he makes the media make fools of themselves.

    "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad."

    1. I've been watching my Lib friends heads explode all night over Trump's Tweet today about wanting some of that Global Warming.


      They don't realize he's trolling them.

      They definitely don't get that he is MOCKING them.

      They actually think he's mistaking weather for climate, rather than MOCKING THEM for mistaking weather for climate the way they use every heat wave or major storm as "proof" of global warming.


      All you have to do is sit back, munch popcorn, and watch them devolve into self-parody.

  7. And hopefully there will be some yuuuuuge wins during the year to pile on with.

  8. It's a long way to November. The lefties could raise their prospects of success simply by taking a good dose of STFU.
    Their record suggests that that is rather less likely than a black lesbian becoming Pope.

    1. Jewish cardinal Jean-Marie (ne Aaron) Lustiger, d. 2007, was a potential contender in 2005 to replace Pope John Paul II. (He was a white male, though.)

    2. "black lesbian becoming Pope."

      Considering that we have a Communist Islamist Pope right now, I'd be hard pressed to peg the odds of a black lesbian Pope in the near future at less than 25%.

  9. "If Republicans can learn to tell the truth better than the elite media and Democrats lie, the GOP will win an astonishing victory in 2018."

    That's one of the most profound, succinct statements ever.

  10. Telling the truth will do the GOP little good as long as the media lie to cover for the Democrats. Without control of the media, Republicans need to pass legislation and adopt policies that directly affect the voters with tangible effects that no amount of lying by the media and Democrats can hide or negate.

  11. The Demos (and the Left, in general (I distinguish without difference)) have acted like such lunatics, it's hard to see, with 23 of their Senators up for re-election, how they come through unscathed.

    1. Yes. And the House is hard to swing. So ... 2018 NOT shaping up well for the bad guys.
      Maybe they can pick up some dog catchers or a few city council seats?

  12. 1) NO. Don't try to "fix" Obamacare. Make sure the Insurance companies don't get a bailout. Terminate all advertising for Obamacare, and let it continue dying. Then, REPEAL every last word of it. Just abolish it completely. Let those few million still on a subsidized Exchange policy get on Medicaid so long as their income stays below the Obamacare subsidy cap so D's can't claim we threw grandma off a cliff, and then celebrate in the streets.

    Turning Obamacare into Trumpcare will NOT unify Republicans. It will transfer the albatross of Obamacare from D's necks to our own. And for what? So we can lose those 1000+ legislative seats we've won since 2010?

    2) Infrastructure bill - again, NO. Let the D's be the Party of "Stimulus" bills that do nothing but transfer a Trillion dollars to Democrat interest groups. The STATES should lead the way on infrastructure. Trump should do the same thing with Transportation that he's been doing with the EPA - push the power, and money, out to the STATES while eviscerating the federal Dept of Transportation.

    You won't "unify" Republicans by passing the Democrats' agenda.

  13. If Trump and Congressional R's really want to do some good next year that will unite the Party, they should split the 9th Circus in two. Send half the existing "judges" to each, and fill the remaining seats with Originalists, giving us a majority on each.

    They could start abolishing entire federal departments. Start with Education - that's a State responsibility. Get rid of the Dept of Energy too (transfer the nuclear responsibilities to Interior).

    Really want to unite the country behind R's? Pass legislation that gives all 640 Million acres of land held by the federal govt, excepting only active military bases, back to the States - to do with as they please. Call it the "Restore Our Lands Act" and DARE every Congresscritter of both Parties to vote against it.

    Then, abolish the BLM. And 99% of the Park Service. Let the States manage their land how they like.

    Abolish all subsidies and mandates for "green energy". No more requirements that we have to put ethanol in our gas, or purchase vastly overpriced (despite the massive subsidies) solar/wind energy. Stop forcing car companies to pay >$530 Million per year to Tesla for mythical "carbon credits".

    Get EVERY federal Dept to do absolutely everything in its power to punish illegal aliens of all varieties for being here, including punishing anyone that hires them or rents housing to them. Particularly, stop giving them welfare. And, DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT.

    Build the "dang wall", as McCain ludicrously claimed he wanted to do when he had to pretend for the sake of his re-election.

    In short: Advance OUR agenda.

    What are R's going to do instead? Advance Chuck Schumer's agenda. Will that "unite Republicans" in advance of the midterms? No.

  14. Our orange one wandered away from handlers yesterday at golf resort for sit down with NYT. "No collusion" he desperately claims over and over. He possesses such a fragile little ego so desperate for press approval. Hilariously, he claims the press will come around to singing his praises because he sells papers. This is your "conservative" warrior against the press.

    1. If collusion is a fact, then Mueller is incompetent. That's the bottom line. You're simply libtard troll.

    2. Oh, Anon! Shouldn't your have written
      "Your orange one..." Surely you aren't claiming him as yours.