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Monday, December 18, 2017

Child refugees in Britain "had a beard and were balding"

Suffer the little children.

Those racist, xenophobic deplorables want to turn children away from living in England.

Why some of these children have beards and are balding from the stress of being little kids escaping their homeland for the relief checks and free rent of England.

From the Express:
After the Jungle refugee camp in Calais closed last year, 750 “vulnerable minors” were granted sanctuary in the UK as part of a deal struck with France. Concern was raised at the time that a number of them appeared to be over 18. 
Tony Smith, former director-general of the UK Border Force, said: “I am not confident all the vulnerable minors brought over from Calais were children. In fact, I am confident some of them were not and were actually adult economic migrants posing as children. 
“Some would have sworn on their mothers’ lives they were only 16 even though they had a beard and were balding. 
“If they can get away with an age they will because minors are treated much more favourably than adults. If they can get away with claiming they are a nationality which is more favourable to getting asylum, like a Somali or Syrian, then why not claim that? There is a huge amount of deception in immigration.”
Seriously, I hope some day charges of treason are brought against Merkel, May, and the others who have opened the gates of their cities to these invaders.

There is nothing wrong with protecting your heritage, your history, and your culture.

In fact, that is the job of government.

The failure of Western governments to secure their lands will lead to a backlash that will have liberals longing for Nigel Farage and Donald Trump.


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  1. That last sentence says it all. Trump took advantage of working class discontent to win the last election. He will be in a good position to repeat based on economic performance and the sense of those same people that no one else in the political world has their back.

    The party people are lucky Trump came along. What would have come later would have been much worse for them. And I mean in a physical way, not just opinions or voting.

  2. Fuck em, Big D. They made their beds and shall now lie in them. And once more I say:: WE ARE NOT GOING TO SAVE YOUR ASSES AGAIN.

    1. How, HOW???, could WE tell them apart? Realistically? This would be getting into a "civil" war "over there".

  3. Maybe They look older than they are because so many of them had to be the man of the damily at such an early age as their fathers died martyrs while suicide bombing.

  4. If they are not children, then the sex with the young White girls is probably child molestation, statutory rape, etc.

  5. Both France and UK have multiple, nuclear-tipped weapon systems -- land, sea and air. As jihadists gain demographically, they may well gain control of same. These are dire, first-world threats.

    One day we may see "Normandy D-Day -- the Sequel"

    Though "Fuck em" is sure satisfying emotionally, it's strategically foolish in the extreme.

    1. That is a tremendous worry; but what do you recommend we do about it?

      In reality, about all we can do is to say, "Fuck em." Those countries won't listen to reason any more than our homegrown leftist idiots do here!

  6. We've seen this here in The Great South Land too. Of course, it's just plain RAAACIST! to say suggest these 'children' might be anything other than what they claim to be.