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Friday, December 15, 2017

Call off your witch hunt, Washington

Washington had no problem with a secretary of state receiving millions of dollars in "donations" to her fake charity, but believes some foreigner renting a room at Trump International violates the "emoluments clause" and invalidates the last election.

The whole town is targeting Trump, his children (so much for a president's children being off-limits) and anyone who has ever done business with him.

This continual harassment of the president is punishment -- and a warning to any decent businessman to stay the hell out of politics.


You're soaking in it.

The head of the FBI ignored a subpoena issued by Congress. He said it was a scheduling error. The only error was that the Capitol Police didn't go to the J. Edgar Hoover Building and arrest him.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. spent another seven hours being grilled by a congressional committee.

Then there is the son-in law.

Steve Bannon's Breitbart News reported:
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) issued an angry statement Thursday after White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner failed to answer questions about a potential conflict of interest regarding a real estate purchase by Kushner’s company.
“These are straightforward questions but we still haven’t received an answer. What is Mr. Kushner hiding?” Lieu said in a statement.
Lieu and 12 other Democrats sent a letter to Kushner this month expressing concerns about reports that 666 Fifth Avenue — a purchase made by Kushner Companies at the height of the real-estate bubble — is in need of “massive cash bailouts” from foreign nationals.
So what?

This is none of Ted Lieu's business.

Private citizens do not answer to Congress. The relationship is the other way around.

Or should be.

If 33,000 emails about official business can be "lost" by the secretary of state without penalty, Jared Kusgner does not have to answer any questions.

Speaking of emails, Robert Mueller wants to read all the campaign emails Trump's campaign had with his pollster.

I hope the campaign takes this to court.

Washington -- through campaign donations and now tax money -- has blown millions on oppo research of Trump.

They found nothing.


He's the cleanest candidate since George Washington.

I have changed my mind about this continual attack on our constitutional government by a central government led by rogues, thieves, and perverts.

The Mueller investigation is costing Trump officials milions in attorney fees to protect themselves from the ghouls running this investigation.

The time has come to call off the shindig. President Trump should tell Mueller to file his final report by December 31.

No more fishing without a license.

If that makes Mueller a martyr, so be it. The president will never get good press. Theyhate him and want him to die.


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  1. Draining the swamp means there's going to be lots of alligator stew. This is only the beginning.

  2. They will never stop, Don. They are fighting for their lives. What they've done over the past eight years is treason and they're desperate to avoid the hangman's noose.

    Hillary wasn't being hysterical when she said on election night “If that f'ing bastard [Donald Trump] wins, we all hang from nooses.” Everyone on the globalist totalitarian left, the Repubocrat unipartei, their Enemedia allies all know they will hang (or worse) if the truth comes out which is why they're behaving the way they are. They also know there is nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide for them. Nowhere.

    We're fighting in a steel cage death match with them and they are cornered rabid dogs. That's the truth of the situation and people better start grasping that.

  3. In a way Trump is saving them and they are in denial of this. The improving economy will dampen the revolutionary upswell that was/is affecting us. If they get what they appear to want, they will only make things worse for themselves. In many ways our establishment is acting like the Girondins during the French Revolution. They went from running things to being guillotined and on the run in a matter of months.

  4. MAGA. Mueller Ain't Going Away. Merry Christmas!

    1. MAGA: Mueller Ain't Got Anything. Happy New Year.

    2. Anonymous: The panic running through your globalist totalitarian Repubocrat unipartei and their Enemedia accomplices is a sight to behold. It looks like the last week in Saigon.

  5. Investigations are like a license to suck taxpayer money. Need to cut off the hands reaching in for the money.

    1. Lawyer Full Employment Programs.
      Your tax dollars at work.

  6. They want someone to kill DT. That someone is being imlplicitly promised immediate hero status,Bowie B like punishment, if any, followed by donated wealth,cult worship , book deal, exculpatory movie, statue, public holiday. This seems obvious, to me anyway.

  7. So many laughable sentences but I like this one best: "so much for a president's children being off-limits"

    You mean the ones with high level security clearance; the ones who get Secret Service protection when they travel to foreign lands to negotiate private deals; the ones who get free shop-there plugs from high ranking officials.

    As predicted less than a week ago, the more Trump is exposed, the more butt hurt the tweets and blogs posts will be. My stock in Depends and Preparation H continues to soar. Thanks guys.

    1. We have great recipes for crow, and we'll serve you up real soon.

      Go long on Priestap.

  8. I dunno, Don, the deeper they dig the more likely a hole collapse becomes.

  9. Flynn sings for his supper. You'd better bet he's got something worth buying. The more the little Trumpsters convince themselves that Mueller's tight ship means he hasn't found anything, the sweeter the payoff.

  10. You know, I used to think the Mueller Syndicate was all about putting Trump in jail.

    I now think it was all about keeping themselves out.

    Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan really put it to Rod Rosenstein the other day. The trouble is, he's in it up to his eyeballs himself.

    Discussing Mueller's crimes with Rosenstein is like talking over Lucky Luciano's immigration problems with Bugsy Siegel.

    1. The vultures, er, lawyers in D.C. are going to be feasting soon on all of the FBI and DOJ critters in dire need of legal representation. - Elric


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