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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Accuser explains why she tried to join Trump's campaign 19 years later

Jill Harth wants America to believe that Donald Trump tried to rape her in 1997 -- and then begged him to hire her for his 2016 campaign.

The Hill broke the story, "Trump accuser lobbied to be his makeup artist months before her allegations roiled campaign."

Her response did her in because it showed that she either was willing to work for an attempted rapist, or she falsely accused an innocent man of rape.

Her statement:
“The Hill's malicious attempt to malign me because I came out in support of Lisa Bloom is reprehensible.
“The Hill has insisted I explain how I could accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, sexual harassment and attempted rape in a 1997 federal lawsuit, then send him an email volunteering to do his makeup during the 2016 election campaign. Well, a couple years of therapy helped me deal with Trump's sexual attacks and the mind games he had played on me for more than a year and move on with my life. In 2015 I was very excited about a new men’s cosmetic product line that I had developed and needed a prominent spokesperson. And after discussions with my business associate she thought Donald Trump would be ideal. I called Trump's executive assistant who asked me to put everything in writing by email with a formal proposal for Trump. 
“The email was the first such contact with Trump in a long while and our relationship was still cordial even though I realized that I would be dealing with someone who acted like a ‘dog in heat’ then, who had ruined my marriage and had continued pursuing me through the years. Yes, I had moved on but had not forgotten the pain he brought into my life. I was older, wiser. Trump was married to Melania and I had hoped he was a changed man.   
“I got no response so I abandoned the effort until I saw him on TV at a rally looking worse than ever. He looked like a clown with an orange face and white circles around his eyes. So, I sent another email volunteering to do his makeup for free. Still no response. 
“It was all academic after Trump announced his run for President. Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen tried to get me to disavow the 1997 complaint when it resurfaced during the campaign. When I refused the threats and disparagement began with Trump calling me a liar. My last contact with Donald Trump was at a rally and the tickets were obtained by a friend. Trump's defense against the complaint's allegations was to send the media copies of my emails asking Trump to be the spokesperson for my new cosmetic line. The flattering nature of the emails were necessary to satisfy Trump's ‘huge’ ego. 
“Moreover, there are other women casualties of Trump's sexually aggressive behavior that I knew about, including a then 20-something young contestant in the American Dream Calendar Girl competition mentioned in my 1997 complaint, who had just had a cosmetic surgery procedure and was sleeping in a bedroom at Mar-a-Lago when she was accosted by Trump in her bed, after Trump gained entry to her room through the club's secret passageways. She was terrified and brought it to my attention then. 
“I firmly believe Trump should resign or be investigated and impeached. Leopards don’t change their spots.  
“The Hill's blatant attempt at Fake News fails miserably and exposes it as an apologist for Trump and a rag for right-wing hit jobs."
President Trump should resign -- but she wanted to work to get him elected?


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  1. It took her therapy to get past what he did to her, so she wants to have close contact with him again? Sounds like the crazy-talk right there.

    -Mikey NTH

  2. This is pretty desperate. It is also another instance of dems playing on the convictions of people on the right. The reasoning goes that if we don't want to be hypocrites like them we should believe every bingo that comes along and demand the head of our own guys.

    This denies one significant thing: Bill Clinton was given the benefit of due process. He went through a formal impeachment and a formal lawsuit over the most reliable allegations against himself.

    The left is trying to turn this into the kind of kangaroo court system they have installed in the colleges and universities where any man that is accused has to prove himself innocent, rather than the burden of proof being on the accuser and the state.

    I don't think Trump is in any danger, but if these tactics ever seem to be taking hold the first people who should consider themselves in jeopardy are the Republicans. The first ones to get taken out will be the traitors.

  3. There isn't any contradiction in this world, blatant or insidious, that can't be reasoned away to the satisfaction of the person making it.

  4. The left cannot win elections with ideas so they resort to innuendo, libel and slander. We WILL see more of that in 2018 and beyond. It worked in Alabama in 2017. They will try it again and again and again.

  5. She's broke. For the love, need, desperation for money any rationalization can be conjured up. She was broke in 1997 and saw a deep pocket who might "settle" rather than deal with her. Wrong. In 2016 she did it again with a slightly different twist, a make up line, again to make a buck. She probably didn't even remember, or remember fully, her 1997 fraud. Between '97 and '16 there are probably many more threats or extortion schemes to others. Anything for a buck except work.

  6. Quel surprise, golddiggers dig gold. This is what a paid accuser looks like.

  7. What do women want? I don't know. And neither do they.

  8. PDJT wins again. This gold digger, Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred, etc. are making our Presidents case for him.

  9. Pathetic excuses made by her. Summer Zervos also begged for business before making her claims

  10. To borrow from a quote The Donald once uttered on tape to Billy Bush, when you are a male star, women try to grab you by your nether region.