Tuesday, December 05, 2017

92% of the deported are criminals

Another liberal talking point -- Trump is deporting people indiscriminately -- just blew up like an Acme Rocket in the hands of Wile E. Coyote.

From Immigration and Customs Enforcement: "92% of all aliens arrested by ICE this year had criminal convictions, pending criminal charges, were an immigration fugitive, or were an illegal reentrant."
From the Guardian:
US immigration officials on Tuesday said arrests at the border have fallen in Donald Trump’s first eight months in office while rates of people arrested away from the border soared.
The Department of Homeland Security numbers provide the first detailed picture of the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement, which advocates said seems to be targeting people with deep ties to the US. Advocates are also concerned because the release showed the plight of people fleeing violence in Central America is still severe.
From Trump’s inauguration in January to the end of September, there was a 40% increase in arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Because ICE operates in the country’s interior while Customs and Border Patrol oversees the border, DHS supervises both agencies.
This talking point about ripping families apart is as bogus as the "Muslim ban" nonsense. The word Muslim never appeared in Trump's orders.

The Open Borders crowd consists of liars and their sycophants.

The only family being broken up is MS-13.

From the Washington Examiner:
The arrests of MS-13 gang members surged 83 percent and captures of illegals with criminal records surged 92 percent.
In fact, the numbers are so huge that the Department of Homeland Security report on overall year-end immigration numbers highlighted the achievements of ICE, under new management since Trump arrived in Washington.
“The most significant changes in immigration enforcement strategy can be found in the interior of the United States. The executive orders issued by President Trump in January 2017 strongly emphasized the role of interior enforcement in protecting national security and public safety, and upholding the rule of law,” said the report.
ICE has seen a radical change in direction since Trump named the agency’s former enforcement chief as acting director. Thomas D. Homan was also recently nominated to become the full time director.
Under Barack Obama, MS-13 flourished, as did the Islamic State.

Under President Trump both are bands on the run.


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  1. They broke up their families in Mexico and Central America to illegally enter the US. Why is that family breaking ok but not the reverse when they go BACK to them? Family Breaking is just another marketing phrase for open borders.

    1. Great comment. By definition all illegals are criminals.

      The real culprit in breaking up families and causing large scale child trafficking is Hussein Obama. He should be declared an outlaw and tracked down to his deserved fate.

  2. Not complaining about deportations. Just curious, though.
    How many were illegal crossers of our southern border, and how many were illegal visa overstays?

  3. All Hail and Praise President Trump for getting the Border Patrol and ICE busy again.

  4. He ought to be deporting "indiscriminately".

    Everyone that is here ILLEGALLY is a criminal.

    And, really, the "penalty" is being sent home. The Horror!!