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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why Biden thinks he can beat Trump

Because Biden is a jamoke.

Biden spent all his life from age 30 onward in Washington -- with lobbyists and bureaucrats blowing smoke up his ego. He thinks he is so smart. He looks down his nose at anyone who hasn't been in government all their adult life.

In Biden's world, running a business is easy. Becoming a billionaire is easy. Being an elected official is hard.

I suspect that, because Biden has had to kowtow for decades to anyone who waved a check for his next campaign, he resents businessmen. He's Judge Smails in a world of Al Czerviks.

And no one is more Al Czervik than Donald Trump, not even Rodney Dangerfield.

Biden knows Hilary and knows what a lush and a loser she is. She spent twice as much money and lost? Why if Biden had that money, Biden would have won. He's street smart, he tells himself.

So Biden has written a book and is hitting the talk show circuit to test-market himself. And I am guessing some slickster will show him a poll where he is 10 points ahead of Trump in a 2020 match.

His buddy, Al Hunt, laid out the thinking:
Most of my expert friends dismiss the viability of a Biden run, but Biden doesn't. He and his political advisers take the prospect seriously.
To see why they're not crazy, start with this fact of political life: When an incumbent runs for re-election, the contest is a referendum on him. A challenger, to be successful, must offer an appealing alternative that better addresses whatever's bothering people. Jimmy Carter, the outsider, beat President Gerald Ford in 1976 in the shadow of the Watergate scandals. Ronald Reagan defeated Carter four years later by showing resolve that resonated during the Iranian hostage crisis. Bill Clinton's domestic focus had broad appeal in 1992, the first presidential contest after the end of the Cold War, against the veteran cold warrior President George H.W. Bush.
After 3 1/2 years of Trump, what will swing voters be looking for? A grown-up who is committed to getting things done by trying to bridge the bitter partisan divide. A person with experience in governing, savvy about the ways of Washington and wary of national-security booby traps. A reputation for incorruptibility to drain the ethical swamp of the Trump years.
That's the thinking. And it isn't very deep. And it is pretty much what it was two years ago. These political experts never change because they don't have to. They pay no penalty. Four weeks before the 2016 election, Hunt wrote, "Let the Republican Blame Game Begin. Meet Trump's enablers as leaders run for the exits."

Thank goodness Hunt does not do something important in life like take orders at McDonald's because to run the drive-through means you have to get the order right. If a customer says hamburger, you don't give him a cheeseburger.

Judging by his columns, Hunt would give them an Egg McMuffin.

But Biden reads these guys and believes he can win.

Here is his pitch:
“I understand the Rust Belt. Donald Trump has no notion what those people are going through. They call me ‘Middle-class Joe.’ Well, it’s not meant as a compliment in Washington. It means I’m not sophisticated, but I understand. I understand what built this country, and the only thing I know I know is the middle class, their hopes, their aspirations, because it’s where I come from. It’s what I am.”
Wow. A rebel. Middle-class is a dirt hyphenated word in Washington, but you people in your rusty belts mean well, and 40 years ago, he was one of those losers, so you are forgiven.


Maybe in a pre-Donald world, Biden could win.

But we no longer are in that world.

Consider for a moment Biden's tale of when his son contracted a brain tumor and how he resigned as attorney general of Delaware, Obama offered to pay his son's bills.

The state of Delaware had those bills covered, post-employment. If not, Biden's son would have remained as attorney general.

What a crock.

But that's the kind of biographical horse pucky Clinton and Obama used to get in the White House. Why not Biden?

Because he will run against Donald Trump. Sob stories don't work any more.


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  1. Joe was always a legend in his own mind.

    As for his "rust belt" cred, Dad was a car dealer before they moved to DE, richest state in the country, in some ways.

  2. Joe ... Joe Biden ... didn't he steal a speech from a Brit politician? And spent 8 years sucking up to Pres Obama.

    A life filled with accomplishments.

  3. I'd better stock up a serious supply of popcorn before Biden runs for president. Once he gets started the shelves will be empty. - Elric

  4. In 2016 Biden would have defeated Trump, but by 2020 the wild tweeting buffoon will be long gone and, with some solid accomplishments to his credit, Trump will have "grown" in office, as they say about incumbents. People will have become accustomed to The Donald's brash way of doing things. And also by 2020 the trial of Hillary Clinton should be well underway, making it difficult for someone like Biden who was near the center of her and Obama's criminality to win. Her trial will suck the oxygen out of the Democrats' election efforts. But in 2018 if the Rethuglicans lose control of Congess, and the Democrats can obstruct Trump moving forward, Biden's chances two years later will improve greatly even as the party base lurches strongly leftward.

    1. Three words, Anon: Seek. Professional. Help.

    2. How snappy of you! Too lazy to post a comment that would add to the discussion? Alright then, I'm admonished. I'll go sit in the corner for the rest of the thread.

    3. Sam L: These people are too far down the rabbit hole of insanity. They need to be institutionalized for our, and their, safety. People like this "Anonymous" end up becoming mass murderers. They all are leftists, angry, delusional, homicidal maniacs.

    4. Listen to Anon. The Repubs have a 2 seat majority. By throwing Moore under the bus, it will be one. If the Dems win the Senate in '18, all judicial appointments stop for the last two years of Trump's admin. If half the Supreme Court drops dead, the Dem senate will confirm no one.

  5. Blahblahblahblahbablahblahblahblahblahleftyblahspeaknythuffypostycisgenderybinaryleftoidushnessspeaksaidsomethingincoherent

  6. It doesn't matter who runs for the Democrats in 2020. Trump had the highest Q-rating in the game before he was elected, and it's only getting higher. Meanwhile, Hillary is still the Dems' most recognizable face, and they've got no one on the bench. Biden suffers from being a white male, Warren is as crazy as Bernie, and nobody knows who Kamala Harris is. Any of these candidates would have an uphill climb in a conventional race; none of them have the slightest chance against Trump.

  7. biden the serial groping plagiarist cannot win an election on his own. The ONLY reason obama selected him for vp was he is dumber than obama. obama did not want an intellectually superior vp showing him up. Now, if you are dumber than obama, you have no chance at president.

    1. Disagree. He chose Biden because Joe was supposed to have the foreign policy experience that Barry was perceived to lack and because he was a "safe" white person needed to racially balance the ticket. To pick a white woman as his running mate would have been a bridge too far, especially after he had so badly bruised HRC in securing the nomination.

    2. You beat me to it, Jim!

      I was thinking, Sleazy Uncle Joe Biden, the perverted plagairist and terror of young girls... and I have to say you're also right that Biden is even dumber than Obama. Even with a teleprompter, no one ever knows what will come out of Biden's mouth!

  8. Joe Biden: A Legend, in his own mind.

  9. Shakespeare: A million monkeys typing for a million years.

    Biden's book: Four monkeys, twenty minutes.

  10. Y'all know he literally exposes himself to the Female SS agents when he swims, right?

    1. Are the agents looking through telescopes?

      If not, there wouldn't be much to see.

  11. It’s clear Slow Joe never recovered completely from his stroke. Let the democrats think he’s a viable candidate. If the press couldn’t pull Hiilary’s Car is across the finish line with all her advantages in money what makes them think Slow Joe will do any better?

  12. A man who wipes his nose on every female in front of him over the age of ...born? A man who will put his hands on a woman's shoulders as she stands next to her husband? A man whose family life has relationships that would strain the credulity of soap opera audiences? A man whose accomplishments could fill a matchbook with all the matches still in it? A man who said Obama would pay for his son's care? vs a man who has actually stepped up and helped others out of difficult financial straits? A man whose children are in what appear to be (and we certainly hope they are and remain so) solid marriages with what appear to be pretty well adjusted children (hey Joe, can your granddaughter speak Chinese or Hebrew?) A man who has actually held jobs outside of politics (or just, A man who has held an actual job)? A man with better dentures and EVEN A BETTER HAIRCUT & DYE JOB?
    I think not.

  13. So the best bet for a Democratic president is someone that only got 1% in the Democratic primaries 9 years ago?