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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Washington Post inadvertently unmasks climate change scam

Johannes Urpelainen -- the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies -- is alarmed. He wrote a piece for the Washington Post:
Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement means other countries will spend less to fight climate change

Wait a second.

If carbon dioxide really were a threat to the planet, other countries would dig deeper in their pockets to pay for this.

But according to Urpelainen, they will reduce their spending.

From the Washington Post:
If the United States refuses to finance climate mitigation and adaptation in developing countries, then industrialized countries will have a hard time keeping their promise to offer $100 billion in climate finance every year from 2020.
These funds would support renewable energy, energy efficiency, forest conservation and other projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The money would also help poorer countries adapt to the consequences of climate change. For example, climate finance could fund levees to protect cities from flooding.
In 2014, the United States offered about $2.7 billion in climate finance, a sum comparable with contributions from Germany and France. With the Trump administration refusing to contribute, other industrialized countries will face great difficulties in putting together enough funds.
There’s a real risk that developing countries will no longer trust the governments of the industrialized world on climate issues. The broken promise could poison climate negotiations in the future.
Besides spurring disagreement and bad faith in negotiations, a failure of climate finance would also threaten future pledges under the Paris agreement. The governments of many developing countries, such as the Philippines, have promised to adopt ambitious measures conditional on financial assistance.
So basically this is another foreign aid scam, which usually becomes a welfare program for dictators.

The piece is pretty typical of a climate change screed. You take half-baked research and add a little high-pressure sales tactics ("A more climate-friendly U.S. president could bring climate finance back on track, but the delay in climate action in the interim could be costly") to try to persuade people to act in crisis.

The bottom line is this:
Trump’s hostility to climate policy poses a threat to future climate cooperation because it threatens to break a promise that industrialized countries made together in the 2015 Paris talks. Other industrialized countries would reap lots of goodwill and long-term benefits from filling the gap, but it remains to be seen whether they are willing and able to put together the funds required.
We're the Sugar Daddy.

No one else wants to take our place.

Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz is dead. The global warming scam may be dead too.


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  1. I sure hope it is dying. But I have not seen the next liberal scam to replace this on the radar yet. Once it appears, global warming/climate change will be like last weeks underwear.

  2. Cue Big Dan the Bible salesman: "It's all about the money, boys!" - Elric

  3. When I was a kid there was a guy from the government who came to our school and talked about how they planned to build a series of reservoirs all across Rhodesia in the coming years. Kyle and Kariba were only the start. There would be a lot of smaller ones. He even had a map of where they would be placed. I should note that it was experiments done by a man named McDougall who proved that the lowveldt would be cultivatable if irrigated. The amount of other such land was expanded greatly with the rich volcanic soil all around.

    Of course all this never happened. Jimmy Carter and Andrew Young blessed the world with Robert Mugabe.

    Now this "professor" wants us to pay for the reservoirs that would have been there already.

    Hang him.

  4. There is an endless list of things that "could" be done to improve countries around the world. The problem is, the money doesn't go to those beneficial projects, but into the pockets of the kleptocrats like Mugabe.

    A huge amount of what the USA pays out as foreign aid, and even food shipments to starving people, doesn't ever get to those extremely poor and desperate people. It also goes into the pockets of the dictators, the strongmen.

    Recently we had a natural disaster in Puerto Rico. Lots of aid went there, to sit on the docks until it spoiled. It may still be sitting there, because no one paid the strongmen who run the unions their cumshaw.

    Climate Change/Global Warming is a scam. It was revealed to be a criminal enterprise when "hide the decline" came out, which showed that "adjustments" were made to enhance the "warming."

  5. Investors Business Daily has been on this for years. They've gotten it straight from the horses (plural) mouth numerous times. Here's an article from March, 2016. They have gotten quotes from others for 8-10 years. No one else in the US publishes these quotes.

    1. Can't have a global welfare state if there's no money for it. There won't BE money for it if there's no capitalism to generate the money. Or if the USA doesn't provide it.

  6. Not to mention, of course, that Obama signed on to it, but a) he didn't get Congress to sign on to it, and b) Obama's goooooooooooooooooone with the wind. Sooooo, the USofA is not agonna be Uncle Sugar this time.

  7. The UN's 'Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change' (IPCC) was initially headed up by a gentlemen named Strong. It was started as some sort of committee and slowly phased in as a permanent entity. Mr. Strong was an extremely successful Canadian oilman. He was mentored and supported by David Rockefeller, who in turn was instrumental in both the formation of the department and the appointment of Mr. Strong.

    Everything having to do with Climate Change goes directly back to 'The Trilateral Commission', Rockefeller's baby.

    Remember that HW Bush was running for the Republican nomination in 1980 and was neck-and-neck with Ronald Reagan. When Reagan's people revealed that HW - a former CIA Director - was a strong supporter of the Trilateral Commission, Reagan cruised to the nomination. The demise of the USA's middle class - beginning with the negotiations of one-sided trade deals unfavorable to the USA - started during the George Bush administration. It continued right up until January 20, 2017.

  8. "So basically this is another foreign aid scam, which usually becomes a welfare program for dictators."

    Yes. The $100B is an annual tribute, I mean transfer of wealth, from First World countries to Third World countries. That's what the IPCC has demanded from the very beginning, as outlined in the first report it issued way back in the 90s. If the USA is going to devote any money to climate issues, it should be invested right here at home. If the rest of the world thinks the US is a (or the) major global climate polluter, any money spent domestically would end up benefitting everyone, even developing countries, wouldn't it?

  9. The "developed" countries are just pissed because the guy they usually stick with the check just walked out of the room.

    There's a phenomenal book (it may be a little dated at this point, but that should be irrelevant) on foreign aid called "The Trouble With Africa: Why Foreign Aid Isn't Working" (R. Calderisi). It hits it all, and no, Calderisi is not part of the right-wing, so it's not some dude just preaching to the choir - which obviously makes his indictment even more damning. Strongly recommend.

  10. Same redistribution scam here at home. 70% of welfare dough goes to administration.

  11. Awwwww, They're angry because somebody slammed the vault door closed in their faces. Hilarious doublespeak from them. Any person that is in control of their own faculties knows that any money given to a 'third world' country is going in the pockets of those managing the money. That's why humans REMEMBER things. So they don't stupidly do the same thing over and over again expecting a DIFFERENT result. Rational, reasonable people know from past experience that THAT isn't going to happen, (getting a different result). It will be JUST THE SAME as it's always been.

  12. The whole thing is and always was simply a wealth redistribution scheme - to transfer US wealth to poor developing countries AND, notably, China.