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Friday, November 10, 2017

Trump's trip vs. Obama's trip to China

President Trump visited China and walked away with a promise of a quarter-trillion dollars of Chinese investments in the United States, including $83.7 billion to rebuild the chemical industry in West Virginia.

It's the Art of the Deal. Invest in the USA, or peddle your ware elsewhere.

Compare that to amateur hour 14 months ago.

From the Guardian on September 4, 2016:
China’s leaders have been accused of delivering a calculated diplomatic snub to Barack Obama after the US president was not provided with a staircase to leave his plane during his chaotic arrival in Hangzhou before the start of the G20.
Chinese authorities have rolled out the red carpet for leaders including India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, and the British prime minister, Theresa May, who touched down on Sunday morning. 
But the leader of the world’s largest economy, who is on his final tour of Asia, was forced to disembark from Air Force One through a little-used exit in the plane’s belly after no rolling staircase was provided when he landed in the eastern Chinese city on Saturday afternoon.
When Obama did find his way on to a red carpet on the tarmac below there were heated altercations between US and Chinese officials, with one Chinese official caught on video shouting: “This is our country! This is our airport!”
“The reception that President Obama and his staff got when they arrived here Saturday afternoon was bruising, even by Chinese standards,” the New York Times reported.
The Chinese rolled out the red carpet for its biggest rival -- India -- but treated Obama like a boy, forcing him to use the servant's entrance to leave Air Force One. That is the door used to load and unload cargo.

President Trump not only got a stairway but treatment better than any world leader in China -- ever.

From CNN:
Trump to become first foreign leader to dine in Forbidden City since founding of modern China
Donald Trump will receive an honor in Beijing not granted to any US President since the founding of the People's Republic of China: official dinner inside the Forbidden City.
When Trump and his wife Melania land in the Chinese capital Wednesday, they will join President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, for a tour of the Forbidden City, the historic palace that housed Chinese emperors and their families for almost 500 years.
Trump is expected to dine with Xi inside the Jianfu Palace, although the exact location of the dinner hasn't been confirmed. The building dates back to the eighteenth century and was fully restored in 2005, making it one of the most well-preserved parts of the palace complex.
Wherever he dines in the Forbidden City, Trump will be the first foreign leader to have an official dinner in the palace since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949.
Chairman Xi knows testosterone when he sees it.

That $250 billion is a stimulus that will bring in taxes -- and will create jobs in places that are now pockets of poverty.

Compare that to Obama's disastrous $837 billion stimulus. He left office having overseen 1.5% annual growth in the GDP -- the worst since Hoover.

Trump's first full quarters as president doubled that.

This China deal was not made in a few days in Beijing. The deal was made by underlings. It began with Xi's trip to Mar-a-Lago in April. The press went on and on about how Trump said he would just give Xi a Big Mac instead of a state dinner. It was a joke. Well, so is the press.

From Politico:
President Donald Trump came under fire from reporters and former U.S. officials on Thursday, after his administration agreed that he would not take questions from the press at the joint statement he gave with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters in Beijing that “It was at the Chinese insistence there were no questions today.”
In response, former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice tweeted, “They always insist, Sarah. The trick is to use diplomacy to extract that concession as a matter of principle, despite their resistance.”
Obama, too, took no questions at his joint press conference in China in 2014.

And he bowed.

Trump didn't.

President is an American -- and unapologetic about it. Just as Xi makes no apology about being Chinese. That's how you earn respect.

Obama got the servant's entrance. Not because of the color of his skin, but because of the content of his character.


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  1. Under Obungler our allies didn't trust us and our enemies laughed at us. Trump is changing that and making America great again in the eyes of the world. Obumbler didn't believe in American exceptionalism. Trump does. - GOC

  2. The adults are in charge in this country once again, and Chairman Xi knows it.

    1. They also know that PDJT isn't going away anytime soon..

  3. Perhaps when the door of Obama's plane was opened a cloud of choom smoke bellowed out and the Chinese were afraid of another round of unpleasantness similar to the Opium Wars. - Elric

    1. Well played, Elric, and by no means out of the realm of possibility. I've heard that jet lag is a bitch! The Black Jesus, trying to mellow that harsh. Works for Ich.

  4. They know Trump stands up for himself and his country. They knew Obama did neither.

  5. The Manhattan dwellers of means began asking for both Arabic and Chinese to be taught to their privately educated children about 5 years ago. Trump's granddaughter has apparently taken China by storm with her abilities in Mandarin. Her acclaim was a response to showing respect, as well as an understanding of the realities of world power on her mother's part.
    Obama, perhaps tutored by mega liar Susan Rice, thought bowing was respectful but apparently this was not enough for the Chinese. They saw he could be bullied, no respect. Trump will do better than he with them but although he himself is no sucker for flattery, how it all shakes out cannot be known. The Chinese steal virtually every scientific idea and technology they can. I'm sure much of their friendly action towards DT is to improve their position to do even more " cultural appropriation". Still respect is better than no respect

    1. The Chinese know a eunuch when they see one and they treated Obama like one.

  6. I would say they were being sexist, but they treated Theresa May like a Queen.

  7. Susan Rice talking about "principles"? OMG.

  8. "For the Chinese .... this is the ultimate showing of respect to a foreign leader, and unprecedented in modern Chinese history. I have been given a tour of the Forbidden City .... words cannot describe how beautiful the architecture, the art, and the crafts that exist in these palaces. This is sacred ground to the Chinese, and while I did expect them to go out of their way to impress President Trump, I did not expect this. The symbolism .... and for the Chinese the optics .... this is big." from

    1. It's not big. It's YUGE! OUR President Trump is creating a New World Order (TM) like no other President before him. And this is despite and in defiance of the the guttersnipes of the Left, the Deep State (TM), and the Never Trumpers. The election of 2016 will not be reversed. - Elric

  9. Obama developed that bowing reflex during many hours spent in Chicago's bath houses.

  10. We elected O president. China made him use the service door. But we're the racist ones.