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Monday, November 13, 2017

Trump triumphs, media changes subjects

President Trump returned from one of the longest and most successful overseas trips by a president since President Reagan returned from Reykjavik without giving Gorbachev a treaty in 1986.

So what dominated the Sunday morning talk shows on "national news" outlets?

Judge Roy Moore.

ABC News had Martha Raddatz interview Kellyanne Conway.
RADDATZ: These accusations coming at a watershed moment as more and more individuals come forward to share their stories of sexual harassment or abuse, implicating Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., and Kevin Spacey, among others.
Now the question for Republicans in Washington, Alabama, and all across America, how will they respond? Unless the election is delayed, Roy Moore will be on the ballot next month. Will Republicans choose to support a candidate accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with a minor? Will they denounce him and risk losing a key Senate seat? And if he wins, will they count him among their ranks?
It's a defining choice. Forty-two Republican senators have responded to the allegations against Moore, most of them saying, if, if the allegations are true, he should step aside. And the White House has echoed that same line as the president travels overseas this week. But Trump is promising further comments after he returns to the U.S.
So, will we see a more decisive response from the president? For more, let's bring in counselor to the president and one of his top advisers, Kellyanne Conway. Her voice among those advising Donald Trump as he decides whether to reject Roy Moore.
And good morning, Kellyanne. The Washington Post story is now three days old. You have had time to digest it, time to look through it. Do you have any doubt about the veracity of those accusations?
CONWAY: I said very early in this process that the conduct as described should disqualify anyone from serving in public office. And I'll stand by that. The president and others in the Republican Party have made clear that if the allegations are true, this man should step aside. But I've gone farther than that, and I've reflected something the vice president said as well which is everybody should know that conduct is disqualifying. And Mr. Moore has denied that conduct. I think you've got other people are out there talking about what did or did not happen many years ago.
RADDATZ: But that goes back to that if, if. If we prove this conduct, then he should leave. What is it that has to happen now for you to go into he should step aside?
CONWAY: Well, the one thing I will say is that the president also is not as focused on this as he is his major 13-day trip abroad. And so he made a statement. He's sticking by that statement. But he's not being briefed on this bit by bit because he is very focused new trade agreements. He is very focused on global cooperation against a nuclearized North Korea. He is very focused on combating terrorism.
RADDATZ: And we'll get to that.
And we'll get to that.

President Trump just averted nuclear war with North Korea -- which oddly didn't fire so much as a cap pistol while he was in the region.

President Trump just oversaw China agree to a quarter-trillion in investments in the United States.

President Trump just helped South Korea warm up a little more to Japan.

President Trump just landed (at that time) in the Philippines -- a place where Barack Obama was persona non grata last year.

And all Raddatz could say was "and we'll get to that."

She never did.

Instead Disney's ABC went on and on about an unsubstantiated allegation about a senatorial candidate in Alabama.

When Raddatz finally talked about the trip it was not about North Korean nukes, or China's investment, or Japanese-Korean relations, or even about the Philippines.

Instead Raddatz --who almost burst into tears on live TV when she realized Hillary lost -- dragged out the long discredited Democratic talking point about Putin rigging the lection.

Raddatz did that because we have not had an independent news media in 30 years. All we have had is Democratic Talking Points since Reagan left Washington.

Democrats get away with it because the people these channels hire are not very bright.

And even when Reagan was president, the news media parroted the Democratic Party line.

They said Reagan failed at Reykjavik.

Five years later, Gorbachev was gone -- and the people of Eastern Europe had swept the Soviet Union into the dustbin of history.


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  1. He said, she said.... Proof? Zilch. This and smearing military service are the only plays the liberals have, yet when they are the truth about their candidate, not important.

  2. Democrats and their captive media? No, I don't trust them.

  3. The media definitely still controls the narrative (to where no one who doesn't get their news online from sites that do not despise all things Republican hasn't a clue that Trump has accomplished anything at all). It's even possible that they didn't control the election too because their echo chamber didn't let them see Hillary wasn't liked or that Trump's agenda was liked.

    I don't know if they'll have better luck (meaning America then having bad luck) with the 2018 midterms, although they have made it very scary to be a Trump supporter with definite threats of violence if anyone should find out you are but they have the do-nothing GOP Congress working with them against Trump and the GOP base.

    And isn't it sad that the best president America has had since Reagan, one who has already accomplished so much (and definitely more than either Obama or Bush on the war on terror -- in only one year), has such unrelenting enemies so totally devoted to undermining him (and America) with lies and propaganda and one sided accusations and investigations?

  4. The presstitutes are just out there to score points, they certainly don't want to report the news.