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Saturday, November 11, 2017

The world loves Trump

When President Trump made his first sojourn outside America, the Saudis embraced him. They loved his wife and his Jewish daughter.

The same thing is happening this week in China.

From the New York Times:
BEIJING — They call him “Donald the Strong.” They heap praise on his family. They fawn over his rapid-fire tweets. They have even created an online fan club.
In America, President Trump faces a feisty press corps, damaging investigations into associates and sagging approval ratings.
But in China, where Mr. Trump arrived Wednesday, he has acquired a legion of admirers who hail him as a straight-talking politician and business mogul with a knack for deal-making.
“He’s true to himself,” said Dai Xiang, a resident of the eastern province of Jiangsu who belongs to an online group of more than 23,000 people that exchanges news and commentary about Mr. Trump. “He’s real, unlike other politicians.”
Feisty press corps?

Try fascist.

And clueless. And reckless. And jealous.

But Trump remains fearless, peerless, and successful.

People have little use for slump-shouldered losers. People gravitate toward winners. His leadership began in high school more than 50 years ago.

The press is blind to what the rest of us see.

From the story:
They say Mr. Trump has changed the tone of America’s conversation with China.
“People are sort of tired of listening to that criticism,” said Xu Qinduo, a political commentator for China Radio International in Beijing. “Now we can talk to each other.”
And there is this.
Even some of those who disagree with Mr. Trump’s policies see him as a refreshing iconoclast, willing to discard the tone of moral superiority that some previous American leaders had held toward China, especially on human rights.
Many Chinese “have a strong revulsion and hostility toward ‘political correctness’ in Western society,” Chen Jibing, a political commentator in Shanghai, wrote in a blog post this week. “They see themselves in Trump.”
That's leadership.

He learned it at the New York Military, Class of 1964. Class captain (president) all four years.

He practiced it as CEO of the Trump Organization for 45 years.

But the press cannot see this because it is too busy looking for some fault -- any fault.

Grown-ups understand people are flawed. And when the press reports they have none (Obama) or they have nothing but faults (Trump), grown-ups stop believing the press.


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  1. Surprising admissions, coming from the Times.

  2. The world saw Obama as a vain lightweight, and that observation was proven correct with his administration's humiliating "We're leading from behind" admission.

    From that day forward, our enemies had his number.

  3. Sean Hannity 11/10/17 | Exclusive Interview with JUDGE ROY MOORE

  4. The NYT sometimes will give out a fantasy about how it's slaves should see themselves. The publisher himself once called himself "a rude scribe" as if he were a 1940s reporter from the " Front Page" era instead of a Scion who was handed a fortune to dissipate. The word feisty was chosen to cheer up his band of losers who are depressed at their failure to dent DT.
    I think the Chinese and the Japanese like Trump because they too are hard working and see the world the way it is not as some liberal airhead says it should be. They still have the attitude of our own post war generation who inherited. nothing and had to make their own way in life. They appreciate a man who could have lived on a golf course but chose to work hard like them. The deplorables in PA actually have more in common with the Chinese than the liberal coastals who have no respect for tradition and think work should be optional.It is a character issue.

  5. “People are sort of tired of listening to that criticism,” said Xu Qinduo

    Americans and Chinese agree on the DEMS

  6. Yet the Dimocrats and their propaganda arm the Fake News Media insist that Trump has lowered America in the opinion of the world. Bah! Unlike under Obungler, our allies will now trust us and our enemies will now fear us again. - GOC

  7. Foreigners can sometimes see things more clearly than locals. They always see better that locals who wear blinders and distorting glasses.

  8. Gee, where was that "feisty" media when Obama was sending pallets of cash to Iran and drawing imaginary red lines in the desert?

    1. They were behind him all the way...but you knew that.

  9. I have seen a small straw poll of foreigners. First I was teaching a class of mostly Libyan and Kuwaiti student pilots the day after the election. I was happy, not just at the Crook losing but at winning £9,000 on a bet. No-one in the class was upset about Trump. No-one seemed to think the result was negative.

    Soon after I moved to Turkey. Taking Turkish lessons with people from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Argentina, Palestine, Syria, Taiwan, PRC etc. at one point our teacher asked us who we preferred out of Obama and Trump. Discarding the anti-politician "neither" answers, it was pretty even. If anything Trump was more popular.

  10. Interesting when your leader doesn't bow and scrape in front of foreign leaders how their people respect him.

  11. Imagine the face of the NYT intern who had to type the phrase "Donald the Strong." I wouldn't be surprised if there were tears.

  12. "Sagging approval ratings"? Really? Based on what?

    Oh, yeah, I know--more of them thare fake polls!