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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Cut, Cut, Cut Act

UPDATE: The lame brains opted to call it "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." Lame. Republicans should listen to their president.

THE ORIGINAL POST: Move over Low Energy Jeb. Out of the way Little Marco. Make room Crooked Clinton for President Trump's latest invention. Congress is not working on a tax bill.

It's the Cut, Cut, Cut Act.

Pretty groovy.

I like it. The name conveys cutting spending, cutting taxes, and cutting the act.

None of that stuff actually has to be in the proposal now.

Trump's a master of branding. Everyone says that. That's how good he is at branding. He branded himself as the best brander.

But he actually delivers on that.

One cut is a call for a Band-Aid. Two cuts like cucka. Three -- ah, that's what the actor playing the director yells in a scene about filming a scene.

We've all seen that.

Something goes terribly wrong, and the director yells, cut, cut, cut.

One "cut" means you got it right, and can go home now. Three means you got it wrong.

The Cut, Cut, Cut Act is an admission that Washington got it wrong, and we're going to start all over again.

Another way of hearing it is they aren't just going to cut spending and taxes, they are going to cut and cut again and cut a third time -- that's how serious they are.

Of course, all this is salesmanship. I have no idea what is in the bill.

But I think calling it the Cut, Cut, Cut Act will succeed.

From ABC News:
Behind closed doors, there has been back-and-forth between House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady about the name of the bill, including multiple phone calls in the past week.
Ryan's office initially asked the White House for input because of the president's knack for branding, according to a senior Hill aide.
Trump has been insistent that the bill be called the "Cut Cut Cut Act", according to the administration officials.
Ryan and Brady have pushed back on the name of the bill. However, Trump has held firm.
Internal White House polling showed that Americans respond more favorably to language that highlights tax cuts over tax reform, according to a senior White House official.
“At the end of the day, this will be known as the Trump tax cuts,” the senior Hill aide said.
Brady’s office declined to comment.
After the White House did not respond to ABC News' request for comment earlier in the day, press secretary Sarah Sanders joked about the potential name of the bill at Wednesday's press briefing.
"If it's called 'cut cut cut' and it includes massive tax cuts like this president is proposing, I think we would be perfectly fine with that name," Sanders said.
The president eschewed corny acronyms. The CUT Act sounds like something a goth teenager does.

The Cut, Cut, Cut Act sounds like everyone gets a tax cut. Whee.

This story shows why Ryan is the speaker and will never be president. While Ryan is wonking the bill off with Brady, Trump rolls in, slaps a name on the bill, and goes home.

Who will get credit if it passes?

Meanwhile, if it fails, it's on Paul Ryan.

It's good to be president.


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  1. Cut, cut, cut spending. Too much treasure is bleeding from the treasury for unConstitutional purposes. Get back on track with the Constitution and taxes and everything else will right itself. And balance the damn budget - without borrowing even a dime. - Elric

  2. i wonder if the Texas Chainsaw director was wary of yelling "Cut"...?

  3. Sort of weird to be watching a tax cut happening and for the first time in my life have no skin in the game. If it were property taxes that would be another story. Having seen how things have worked in the past I see no reason to worry. One piece of advice I would have for folks in the upper brackets: don't buy a boat.

    1. Hahaha Doc! Feel ya on that post. Yeah, back in my early saw-the-light-of-conservatism days, I would've said leave the rich alone! They're the producers, the job creators, the real engine of the economy. At this point, it's like, fuck em. Small business is what whips and drives this stagecoach. No reach-outs from the rich to Mr. T equals no soup for you!

  4. The best part is, the Dems will go CRAZY crazier because of the name!

  5. And if Ryan and Brady screen this up (like other initiatives), they WILL be cut.

  6. I think we should name it after Hillary and call it Cut Unecessary Nasty Taxes.

  7. Still Sucks for me, but it's better than Trump's April and September proposals. April was a ~300% tax increase, and April was better at ~225%. This latest is only ~160% more than I'll pay this year... JPerry

    1. Correction "September was better at ~225%"

    2. But at least it's trending in the right direction... JPerry