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Friday, November 17, 2017

Tailhook should have solved the problem

The 35th annual convention of the Tailhook Association in Las Vegas was a rowdy good time for the 1,500 or so former and present Navy pilots who attended in 1991. The commander-in-chief was a Navy pilot in World War II.

They had a great time.

The 83 women and seven men sexually assaulted, not so much.

One victim -- Navy Lieutenant Paula Coughlin -- went public with her story. And the walls came tumbling down.

As well they should.

From the New York Times on June 14, 1992:
On a warm Saturday night last September, Navy Secretary H. Lawrence Garrett 3d chatted with Navy pilots on a patio outside the Las Vegas Hilton, where military aviators, flush from their victory in the Persian Gulf, were celebrating at a three-day convention.
Just inside, hundreds of officers -- lured by the prospect of free drinks, free food and a chance to share war stories with old buddies -- roamed the third-floor "hospitality suites" rented by aircraft squadrons. Strippers and scantily clad bartenders worked the 20 suites, where Navy and Marine Corps pilots watched pornographic movies. Male streakers dashed about, and in one suite, officers goaded female guests to drink from a dispenser shaped like a rhinoceros penis. The alcohol bill per suite was as much as $7,000 during the three days.
The details were sickening:
On each of the three nights of last September's convention, investigators found, groups of officers in civilian dress suddenly turned violent, organizing with military precision into drunken gangs that shoved terrified women down the gantlet, grabbing at their breasts and buttocks and stripping off their clothes.
Unsuspecting women were ambushed when they walked out of the elevator and turned right down the hallway into an ocean of unrelenting arms.
Among them was a 30-year-old Navy lieutenant, a helicopter pilot who was an admiral's aide at the time. As she approached a group of officers in the hallway looking for some dinner companions, one officer shouted, "Admiral's aide! Admiral's aide," while another "grabbed me by the buttocks with such force that it lifted me off the ground and ahead a step," she later told naval investigators.
Others grabbed her, too, and one man put his hands down her bra. "I then turned my head to the left and sank my teeth into the fleshy part of the man's left forearm, biting hard," she said.
The lieutenant kicked and punched her assailants but was overpowered. After being pawed for about 20 feet of the hallway, she managed to escape through an open door into a hotel room. 
The Navy dropped support for the association after Coughlin and others went public.

But the code of silence initially protected the men.

From PBS Frontline:
As time went on, however, the fallout from Tailhook '91 continued. Ultimately  the careers of fourteen admirals and almost 300 naval aviators were scuttled or damaged by Tailhook. For example Secretary of the Navy  H. Lawrence Garrett III and CNO Admiral Frank Kelso were both at Tailhook '91. Garrett ultimately resigned and Kelso retired early two years after the convention.
That should have warned men to keep their hands to themselves.

And don't forget, that as this convention went on, liberals engaged in an attempted electronic lynching of Clarence Thomas who was falsely accused by Anita Hill of such "sexual harassment" as putting a pubic hair on a can of Coca Cola.

But then along came Bill Clinton. He sexually harassed Paula Jones (and maybe others) then lied in deposition about having a consensual affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Liberals trashed Jones.

The message was clear.

If a conservative molests you, complain. And complain even if he doesn't just for spite.

But if a liberal molests you, suck it up. Ain't no one going to help you now, kiddo.

Now we have Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and a host of other liberals finally having to face up to their boorish behavior. (I cite only the people who admitted sexual abuse.)

A quarter-century ago, we could have set the bar higher. We didn't.


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  1. The libs didn't want it higher.


  3. The rules are different for Dimocrats. Even the Republicans support those rules as McConnell is telling Roy Moore to drop out because of 40 year old allegations but is only calling for an ethics investigation into Al Franken when there is pictorial proof of his misdeed. This is further proof that McConnell is behind this smear of Moore. And the professional feminists are only interested in one thing: abortion. - GOC

  4. Tailhook take: Boys will be boys. I would much rather have those cockstrong flyboys defending me than a bunch of touchy-feely, gender-sensitive pussies. Yes, sometimes it can get out of hand, but I want hard-driving, work hard/play hard men in the military defending the good ol' U.S. of A. - Elric

  5. Don, for the first time I must respectfully disagree with you. Both New York Times and PBS Frontline are not known as pro-military either now or back in 90s. There is another side of this story, can be found here
    Would really appreciate if you share your opinion about it.

  6. Tough subject. Alls I can say is:

    Little Cowboy Billy
    Had a ten foot willie
    And he showed it to the girl next door
    She thought it was a snake
    So she hit it with a rake
    And now it's only two foot four

  7. Smalley is just the beginning.

    Congress paid 16 mil of the taxpayers' money to settle harassment suits out of court