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Monday, November 13, 2017

Revenge isn't journalism

New York Times photographer Doug Mills an unflattering picture of President Trump. I have no problem with that. But I do have a problem with the trade praising Mills for his motive.

The Washington Post made a full-fledged story out of this: "News photographer who protested White House restrictions on access gets revenge with revealing shot of Trump."

Revenge is not journalism.

It is childish.

It is abuse.

Less than half of the American people trust journalists.

Mills has a petty dispute with the White House.

From the Post news story (or is that post-news):
The fight over access between reporters and any White House can sometimes seem more like an exercise in First Amendment theory than practical reality: Is it really that important for the news media to get a glimpse of, say, a carefully choreographed photo op at an international summit before being led back out in a matter of minutes?
Actually, yes, it is, as New York Times photographer Doug Mills illustrated over three days on President Trump's trip to Asia.
On Friday, Mills was part of the small group of traveling “press pool” members shadowing Trump in Danang, Vietnam, when he tweeted a “photo” of a black box to protest the White House's decision to shut out the pool from any coverage of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum meetings.
“This is what our coverage ... looks like today,” he wrote in the tweet. “Blank. No coverage.”
After his stunt at the photo-op, I would ban the A-hole from the White House.

The job is to inform the public.

Not to embarrass the president. It's up to Trump to embarrass himself, not some cheap photog who is not mature enough to handle being told no.


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  1. Keep an eye on Mr. Mills, but at a safe distance. I believe Karma may have something in mind for him. - Elric

    1. Trump Kharma ain't anything like Arkincide.

    2. Isn't that the unspoken-of uncle? Karma Trump?

  2. Mills' beef over press access should be with the Vietnamese hosts, not the White House. From what I read, it was the hosts who limited the number of press passes they issued to each delegation, despite efforts by the White House (so they claim) to obtain passes for the entire US press pool. What Mills' did was not revenge; it was sabotage. That the media would praise Mills despite knowing the background facts means they are all saboteurs and collaborators. In war time, they would deserve to be shot, and from where I stand it is war time.

  3. This is perfect - just the right nice little fight to get all of the attention off of the Alabama senate race.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Even as Moore was just the right news item to take people's attention away from Trump's diplomatic successes in Asia.

  4. There is a leper colony just south of Danang he could take up residence in until he sees people with real problems.

  5. Just one more (unnecessary) reason to distrust the enemedia!

  6. Not the most flattering pic of Pres. Trump...but as an aside it is what cameras do when catching a subject between emotions. The interim time it takes for the face muscles to reconfigure from one expressive thought to the next.
    Its happened to all of us so no bigie except to agree that doug mills is an ass who has no qualms about showing the world just how big an ass he really is.

    Say goodnight Doug.


  7. Who cares? Leftists gonna leftist. Doesn't bother me. Because I understand who and what is involved.

  8. Forget whether "photogs" captured President Snowlfakes best side, or got the best pic of next Saudi sword boogie. The press corp story was Trump feeling the sads for Putin (whom he believes in the whole matter of election interference)--nevermind that he since walked back the comments. Way to MAGA there, chief.

    1. You are one deluded individual. I feel sorry for you. Do you still live with your parent(s)?

    2. Trump will just have to wait until after he wins the next election and he'll have more flexibility to help Russia.

      Oh, sorry, that was Obama. My bad. And his.