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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Republicans cutting $23 billion gift to illegal aliens

I do not like tax credits. They are welfare. You get the money regardless if you pay taxes. It's a negative income tax that is flat-out Marxist.

And I sure as heck do not like tax credits going to criminals.

Looks like Republicans may rein in a reward to people who enter the United States illegally.
The new GOP tax overhaul would strip illegal immigrants of the ability to claim several major tax credits, saving the government $23.1 billion over the next decade, according to the bill’s authors.
For years Republicans have complained that despite a general ban on taxpayer benefits flowing to illegal immigrants, the IRS has allowed them to collect the child tax credit, the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit.
Many illegal immigrants pay taxes using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, which the IRS issues to those who aren’t authorized to work in the U.S., but whom the government still wants to pony up to Uncle Sam.
The IRS pays out billions of dollars a year in tax credits to people filing using ITINs each year, according to the agency’s inspector general.
The inspector general has repeatedly urged the IRS to stop making the payments, but the agency has refused, saying it interprets the law related to those tax credits to cover illegal immigrants as well as other taxpayers.
We shall see if they actually do this.

But stripping away this tax credit removes an incentive to come here -- or to stay.


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  1. Question: What? The IRS pays U.S. taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants? How could this happen in America?

    Answer: See reference to: "Obama - Fundamentally transforming America."

    - Elric

  2. It's not only an incentive for illegals, but it subsidizes the excrement that hire them.

  3. Two points against anything actually being done.

    1) The IRS has already said they will ignore Trump's orders to not charge the Obamacare penalty because they say it's the law (if I've understood the news stories on it correctly) -- so the IRS still works for OBama and will not obey anything Obama doesn't want.

    2) What's proposed in Congress requires Congress to actually pass something. Does anyone think Congress can do that???

  4. How can any tax payer be against this? Why was this even allowed?

  5. The gummint issues and ID # to illegals to collect taxes, but doesn't collect illegals to deport them... Can you say "Insanity", boys and girls?

  6. Those in the IRS who refuse to carry out their jobs as described, should be removed (fired) with no additional pay or benefits. They do not make policy, they only enforce it, and they need to be reminded of that after the years of Obama. If that takes losing their jobs, so be it.