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Friday, November 17, 2017

Remember when they touted Franken as the "Trump Slayer"?

Ryan Cooper, national correspondent at, had a brilliant idea in May 2016. Why not have Hillary pick Al Franken as her running mate?

Franken would destroy Trump. Bwa ha ha ha.

Cooper called Franken the "Trump Slayer."

From Ryan Cooper:
Al Franken is, so far as I can tell, the only former comedian in Congress from either party. He was on Saturday Night Live for many years, and wrote several comedy books, including Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right — both genuinely funny and full of quite nasty insults. He knows this stuff backwards and forwards.
One thing Franken could do, aside from baiting Trump himself, is teach Democratic politicos how not to sound like the bloodless technocrats who have long since had the personality crushed out of them. He could knock together a few slideshows, hold a conference or two, and teach at least a few how to perform a reasonable approximation of "witty." Because it's probably best if people like Warren and Franken et al take point in mocking Trump, allowing Clinton to stay above the fray.
Yes, making fun of The Donald night after painful night has done so well for Democrats and their humorless, late-night, talk show hosts.

But Cooper was neither the first nor only one to push for another Clinton/Some Guy Named Al ticket.

Bill Scher of Politico wrote on March 27, 2016:
Before Donald Trump, Franken wouldn’t possibly have merited serious consideration. Even though his seven-year record as a senator from Minnesota suggests he’s a genuinely committed legislator, the first rule of V.P. picks is “do no harm” — and pre-Trump, the trove of politically incorrect barbs from Franken’s past would have been far too much baggage for a presidential nominee to want to carry. The spotlight would have been on him instead of Clinton.
Candidate Trump erases the old standards. Nothing that Franken said decades ago would be remotely as incendiary as the insults Trump spews as a matter of campaign strategy. And Trump’s presence demands new rhetorical weaponry. As Trump himself might say, Franken’s “classy” and “elegant” wit is just what the ticket needs to avoid the kind of brawl that drags everyone down to Trump’s level. Clinton will want to stay above the fray, and Franken can provide the buffer.
Apparently, there was some baggage that would have doomed Franken.

Did Hillary know?

Did her opposition research on Al Franken reveal he fondled a woman while she slept?

For whatever reason, she chose Kaine the Insane as her running mate.


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  1. Other than his looks, I've never found him funny.

  2. Well judging from that picture above Don, Franken certainly has caught the essence of the Democratic Party.

    Y'know diapers, stuffys and all.


  3. I grant that no person, myself included, has the authority to deem a joke as not funny. However, I do hold that what a person believes to funny is an insight into his character.

    That said how does Senator Little deem a skit about raping Lesley Stahl funny. What part of this skit did Senator Little deem to ring true?

  4. Is DC no longer a sanctuary city for perverts? I remember when sharing a mistress with a Mafia don, leaving a woman to drown in your car and having a "waitress sandwich" got high fives.

  5. Franken is an ignoramus. He is on committees in which the most fundamental explanations have to be given to him, while hearings are in process, by other members. He has ZERO special skills. He is a jerk, obnoxious and completely expendable as he was just a seat warmer until his shelf life expired. As the Democrats try to swing the pendulum from the Anything Goes Party to the New Victorian Prude Hypocrites, say goodbye to Al whom no one will miss.

  6. And now Trump's calling him Frankenstien.

    The worm turns.


  7. Franken wasn't even a good comedian, IMHO. He stole the Senate seat, and is nothing but a far left liberal.

    1. I was just remembering that. It seems that a judge had to invalidate a bunch of legal votes to allow Franken to win. I think he won by 7 votes or something.

  8. Hit it, John...

    Instant Karma's gonna get you
    Gonna knock you right in the head
    Ya better get yourself together
    Pretty soon ya gonna be dead

    Great apology, Al. Liberal Classic. Signifying Nothing.

  9. Oh my, where to start?

    "Al Franken... wrote several comedy books... both genuinely funny and full of quite nasty insults."

    "Genuinely funny?" I'm not brain-damaged enough to have ever found Al Franken in the least bit funny, except in the "peculiar" sense.

    And then we're told that Franken should teach the Dems how to be "witty?" Well, they're half-way there already! (Ta dum!)

    The bit that really takes the cake is, "As Trump himself might say, Franken’s “classy” and “elegant” wit..." Oh come on, this is way out in la-la land, no one in their right mind could believe this for an instant!

    President Trump has never been so delusional that he would ever, ever refer to the groping diaper boy as "classy" or "elegant." Well, unless he was being sarcastic!

    Hmm. Looks to me like Ryan Cooper & Bill Scher are each funnier than Franken, they both wrote some hilarious stuff there!

  10. I knew Al when he was just some guy from St. Louis Park way back in the early 1970's. Without going into details I can say that he was the consummate douchebag back then and his behavior has not changed since that time.


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