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Thursday, November 16, 2017

No Democrats, you don't get your virginity back


Now that Bill Clinton and his trashy wife are politically impotent, Democrats want a do over on Paula Jones -- you know the state employee Governor Bill Clinton tried to force to fellate him.

She sued. His lawyers deposed him. He perjured himself (and tried to suborn perjury from others) about his consensual affair with That Woman, Miss Lewinsky.

Perjury and suborning perjury can be felonies, and certainly are impeachable offenses. Democrats played it as everyone lies about sex, and he beat the rap.

Sex is private, right?

Now, all of Washington wants to strip Alabama of the right to elect Roy Moore, and Democrats find  themselves on the outside looking in.

So now there are a bunch of articles about how, oh, I believe Juanita Broaddrick (who claims Clinton raped her).

That's nice.

It is irrelevant.

Clinton is irrelevant, and Broaddrick's story is hearsay. Sorry. Absent a conviction or admission of guilt, it is just gossip.

But things may have been better had people believed her when we still could have had a police investigation, indictment, and trial. You know, all the things that make us civilized instead of the boys in "Lord of the Flies."

Besides, it wasn't just Clinton.

It was Ted Kennedy and Clarence Thomas.

Democrats -- and frankly, most Republicans -- were cool with keeping Kennedy in the Senate after he got drunk, ditched his car in the water, and left a woman to die.

And 22 years later, Democrats wanted to deny Thomas a seat on the Supreme Court because a woman said he put a hair on a can of Coca-Cola.

I say to heck with them.

I advise my friends and relatives in Alabama to vote for Roy Moore. He can always be expelled if he's guilty. We cannot expel Doug Jones if Moore is cleared.


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  1. Dems always want it their way.

    1. LOL. Like the Dems are driving this. Laughable. All those calling for Moore to resign from D.C. are GOPers. In fact Dems are noticeably silent cause the GOP is imploding before their very eyes. They don't need to say anything.
      As for Moore, you should quit while you are way behind and looking more foolish everyday. Consider, still no defense from President Defiant, or Jeff Sessions or Sean Hannity.
      "There's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. I've yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts." - Ivanka Trump.

    2. Yes, guilty until proven innocent, but we will not allow any proof of innocence.

  2. This is already backfiring on the accusers. The Gloria Allred client apparently had no problem with the Judge when he handled her divorce case in 1999. Hmm… shouldn't she have said something then? And then there's the forged signatures in the Christmas yearbook in two different inks, the name of the restaurant misspelled and the date written twice - and the DA after the signature is Debra Adams (the assistant to the Judge in 1999 from which the signature was apparently derived) not district attorney - because Moore was a deputy district attorney in 1977.

    A clumsy hit. But this stuff worked against Herman Cain pre-Trump. The voters need to stop the success of these late hits by ignoring them. And the right needs to learn lawfare to stop it. Sue them - and that ethics challenged Allred who is already under two ethics investigations currently.

  3. Right - the lying Democrats, who supported Pres. Clinton in keeping his job AFTER committing perjury in a genuine trial with evidence, these liars want to treat Moore as if he's guilty without a trial.

    Moore should continue deny the false charges, and the many false lies now being supported by perjury supporting Democrats.

    And Reps should be pointing out how all the Democrats supported perjury when they voted to not impeach. Plus remember the liar in the Fake Duke Lacrosse Rape hysteria? Or the liar in Rolling Stone about the Fake Gang Rape.

    America needs to be the land of the free, where people are considered innocent until proven guilty (like Clinton was proven).

  4. All of Roy Moore's cruising the malls for beaver was when he was a Democrat. I guess it was okay bc he was acting just like Ted and Jack and Bill. Now that he is a Republican, that conduct is deemed to be irreparable. The Democrats can't have it both ways.

    1. That's assuming he actually did that.

    2. "The Democrats can't have it both ways." Why not? They've been doing it for years with the spineless Republicans letting them get away with it.- GOC

  5. I never accept any allegation that comes out within 90 days of an election unless there is solid proof such as a police report.
    In the court house in Lincoln Nebraska is a script. It reads Eyes and ears are poor witnesses when the soul is barbarous. Well, we know all about Gloria AllRed. She worships the ground HiLlARy and worthless Willie pollute.

  6. Absolutely right. None of this is valid without a trial.

    We also used to have something called presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    At least before the Lefty lynch mob took over.

  7. I hope enough people in Alabama see this for what it is. When you consider how many republicans have been taken out by this tactic it is no wonder the democrats and media keep repeating it.

  8. Don"t forget the fact that this push comes not only from the Dems but the gopE too. The Dems do not own the rights to push Moore out

  9. Ted Stevens couldn't be reached for comment.

  10. Women are being encouraged to be the new Red Guards.
    Ladies, if you don't like a man - especially for political reasons, and want to ruin him - just accuse him of sexual harassment.
    Women are the Vestal Virgins of the modern age and their purity and reputations CAN NOT be disputed.

  11. I stand by it...Moore by 8. The drip drip drip of backstories about his accusers has already begun (8:13 Anon). And if the Demmies want to push this through Thanksgiving, they're even dumber than I give them no credit for. This is a "woke" electorate now...surprise! We've had enough of your Skinner Box bullshit.

  12. Isn't it amazing that Bitch McConnell sez that Moore must drop out over allegations but when a picture of Al Franken groping LeeAnn Tweeden emerges, Bitch sez, "Let's investigate"? Also he has been silent over Sen. Menendez (Corrupt Dim, NJ) with his corruption trial. This is just more proof that this is a hit job on Roy Moore possibly orchestrated by Bitch himself. The last thing he wants is another conservative in the Senate. It will make it harder for him to collaborate with Schumer to stop repeal of Obummercare and to stop the building of the wall. Bitch is part of the swamp that Trump needs to drain. - GOC