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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Media pays for its Fake News

Margaret Sullivan, media columnist for the Washington Post, is wondering where the outrage is from all the readers. Reporters are in "a new golden age of accountability journalism," and no one trusts them.

Gee, I wonder why.

Could it be the Fake News about koi fish?

Could it be the Fake News about Japanese car plants?

No, Sullivan blames the victim:
Trump drives the news, all day and every day, a human fire hose of hyperbolic tweets, insults, oversimplification and bragging.
Keeping track of it is hard enough. Making sense of it almost impossible.
Making sense of it is the media's job.

But today's media is not up to the task.

Viewers and readers are turned off by the constant feeding frenzy by reporters -- who are encouraged by Jeff Bezos (through his hirelings) and Jeff Zucker to attack Trump at every turn.

During the nomination process, the press was unfairest to him. After the nomination, it doubled down. Since his election, it doubled down again.

What she calls "accountability journalism," the world sees as harassment.

The press never gives the guy a break.

She wrote:
“I don’t think we’ve figured out how to deal with the Trump noise machine,” said Daniel Dale, a Canadian who covers Washington for the Toronto Star, which gives him both an insider’s and outsider’s perspective.
“It’s hard to prioritize,” Dale told me. “The balance may be out of whack.”
The press controls the volume on that machine. The Toronto Star need not give him Page One coverage. Canadians can truly say he's not our president.

But the newspaper covers him. Probably better than it does Clarington.

The press can succeed without depending solely on President Trump to fill its airtime and news pages.

Sullivan doesn't get it.
And then there’s the huge influence of Fox News, which early last week was discussing hamburger emoji as the rest of the national media was reporting the indictments of Trump associates.
She is being disingenuous -- and obviously so.

Of course, Fox News covered the story. It just did not obsess with it. Perhaps that is why it is the No. 1 channel on cable.

She ended her column:
Just after the election last year, I wrote a column urging journalists to scrutinize — not normalize — this new president.
As it turns out, we’ve done plenty of both.
There’s been great accountability journalism, but a very poor signal-to-noise ratio.
Citizens are left with a confusing, chaotic picture — one that many doubt is true, and many others have decided to block out.
That isn’t good enough.
As we enter Year Two of Trump’s presidency, it’s time to build on the successes and bear down, hard, on remedying the failures.
Sullivan is living in la-la-land.

She needs therapy.

She still does not accept Trump's election and believes that her mere words on paper can make him vanish.

But her words will not work because she and so much of the rest of the media have no credibility left. They were too busy misquoting him about Japanese car assembly lines, and doctoring video of him feeding fish, when they should have been protecting their most prized possession: the public's trust.

It's gone with the wind.
I have forgot much, Cynara! gone with the wind,
Flung roses, roses riotously with the throng,
Dancing, to put thy pale, lost lilies out of mind;
But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,
Yea, all the time, because the dance was long:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.
– Ernest Dowson, 1894.
I like to think of Trump as Tecumseh Sherman, driving out the confederacy of fools in the media as he marches to the sea.


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  1. Jeff Bozosx richest guy on the planet, owns a fake newspaper that shills for commies

  2. This is the poison (yes, poison) injected into journalism by Woodward/Bernstein and their wannabees. Everyone with a journalism degree thinks it is their job to bring down the powerful. No. It is the journalist's job to report the news fairly to allow the public to decide how to act.

    As has been observed, the press is not the 4th branch of government. Obviously, if the press had to run for office, it would not appreciate the results.

    1. to bring down the powerful Republicans. FIFY.

      Did they try to bring down Obungler? No. He's a Dimocrat. Did they report on Crooked Cankles dishonesty and corruption? No. She's a Dimocrat. - GOC

  3. Big D, pullin the Tecumseh card! Well, well played. Uncle Billy fought Total War. Combatants, civilians, property, land...the whole deal. I cannot imagine the additional lives lost had he not. As I cannot imagine a Hillary presidency today. Thank you Lord for giving us Donald John Trump.

  4. I think I'd prefer to call the enemedia a "Confederacy of Dunces" rather than a "Confederacy of Fools".

    1. A Confederation of Criminals. The modern dimicrats give the Old Guard, the Confederacy, a bad name.

  5. A great post. For some time I've had the impression the "press" was a factory group of robots, sometimes directed in person by various moguls like Bezos or their execs like Zucker, mindless tools selected for their programming modules, ivy league snarkist, for example, or feminist-gay shriller,or black mind melder, always wrong nasty Nobelist, among others. I never thought they were really clueless, as Don sometimes seems to imply, rather just going about their programming. I still think this but I see in this post I may not have considered the corrosive effects of AI on the bot hoard. Ms Sullivan seems to think she is really alive, has a purpose, and is now whining she is overworked, a dangerous turn for the "world's richest man this week". One of his new rapid store shelving robots would probably be a nice replacement. In a business where symmetrical monotony of expression and "thought" are so important, definitely better.

  6. Between the Hillary campaingn, the DNC, and Obama's OFA more than $10,000,000 was paid to Fusion GPS for "opposition research." Fusion GPS paid the former British spook Christopher Steele $168,000 for the so-called Trump dossier. Where do you think the rest of that money went? No doubt some of it lined the pockets of Perkins Coie, but I would wager that a large part of it went to pay the various MSM outlets to publish and promote the dossier. That may be the real reason that Fusion GPS is so dead set against having their bank records examined. The MSM would be caught with their fingers in the cookie jar and being paid to disseminate Fake News. - Elric

  7. I make it a daily chore to respond the the anti-Trump inanity on the Los Angeles Times. Likely, other Trump supporters are doing the same for other publications...and it appears we are not going way. Sullivan is going to have to pace herself on the hysteria, otherwise it is going to be a long 8 years for her.

  8. The MSM has always been biased. Now it's partisan, it's become the DemSM.

  9. The Toronto Star is just another commie rag.

  10. When I started reading this, I thought that "accountability journalism" meant journalists being held accountable.


    As Gandhi is reported to have said when asked his opinion of Western Civilization, that would be very nice indeed. He never said it, but a fellow can wish, can't he?