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Monday, November 13, 2017

Libs prepare for Thanksgiving

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is only 10 days away. You know what that means. Buying turkeys and trimmings. Cleaning up the house. Getting out the folding chairs.

Liberals are preparing by reading this year's rendition of "How to talk politics at your family holiday meal this year."

This is a recent addition to America's Thanksgiving traditions. Archaeologists last week found the seminal talking-politics-on-Turkey Day piece on CNN on November 21, 2008. It is to Thanksgiving political lectures what "Rocket 88" is to rock n roll.

Written as part of a piece by Madison Park ("How to survive Thanksgiving with family") it suggested:
The presidential election is over, but it doesn't mean political divisions have receded. How do you have a civilized conversation when guests are from opposite ends of the political spectrum?
Being too cautious makes conversations stale. People often get so bored they turn on TV and watch football games rather than talking to relatives they haven't seen in years, Rappaport said.
"If someone can take initiative and have a discussion, why not," he said. "It's a great time for people to get to know each other. You learn things you love about people and things you don't."
Take the opportunity to listen to different viewpoints, suggested Weinraub.
"You might want to hear about why they voted for them or their analysis," she said. "People have different perceptions than you do, rather than convince them our perception is better than their's, we might learn something if we listen to them."
Ah, the age of innocence -- sort of like Ike Turner before he met Tina.

The next year, Gawker ramped it up with "How to Talk to Your Conservative Relatives." It offered this advice:
First of all, this is not a list of "counter-arguments," or methods by which you can convince a conservative relative that their beliefs are wrong. Because these are not "political positions." These are mythology. Just as you would not try to convince a Viking that the sun will not be eaten by a wolf during Ragnarökr, or try to convince an ancient Mayan that a camper van could not drive up and down an erupting volcano during 2012, you cannot actually convince a conservative old white man that Barack Obama is not a socialist.
Interesting that people who believe carbon dioxide is a pollutant mock pagan beliefs.

By 2011, the insufferable liberal was pumped for Thanksgiving.

From Scott Stenholm at HuffPost:
The most stereotypical, called-out liberals in America, for generations, have been the most creative, the most educated and the most well informed members of our society. Who wouldn’t want to be grouped in with them?! Yet the holidays are upon us, and for many of us this does not just mean heading home for some quality time with our kin and stuffing ourselves with turkey and pumpkin pie. It also means that for liberals who grew up with conservative families, or even just that lone uncle who thinks “Obama is ruining this country with his socialism” or that “the gays shouldn’t be getting married” or that “scientists are pulling a fast one with all this climate change mumbo jumbo,” that we are on a collision course with the inevitable: the Thanksgiving dinner political argument.
The next year, Miss Manners at the Daily Beast was gloating:
Is your conservative dad still wearing his “clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose” Romney bracelet, licking his wounds over the election? And you’ve just decided it’s time to start showing that “Hope” tattoo off again? While President Obama’s victory seems further and further in the past, there are still those staunch conservatives who deny Obama won. To avoid having the sweet potatoes thrown as your father calls you a “pinko,” try bringing up the lighter aspects of the election, like Donald Trump’s insane, revolution-encouraging tweets, Nate Silver’s show-stealing mathematical genius, and Karl Rove’s election night denial attempts. Might be best to stay away from mentioning Chris Christie.
Not accepting the election results? Wow. Who does that?

I mean besides Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

Oh and the line "Nate Silver’s show-stealing mathematical genius" sure brings back memories, doesn't it?

By 2013, liberals felt they owned the holidays. It was Peak Preening. For Christmas they rolled out Pajama Boy.

For Thanksgiving, there was this from the Los Angeles Times:
Know how to deal with annoying peacekeepers. If you have an audience of more than two, someone will probably say, “Why don’t we just try to have a nice time on Thanksgiving?” That’s when you say, “For sure, in a minute, but these are serious times and I think it’s good for all of us, as Americans, to talk through what’s going on.” The “as Americans” line is especially difficult to argue with on Thanksgiving.
Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers. The Times said #$%^ the peacemakers.

In 2014, the Union of Concerned Scientists gave us, "How to Talk About Climate Change at Thanksgiving: Recipes for Good Conversations."

And Joel Silberman at the Los Angeles Times said it was a patriotic duty to talk politics at Thanksgiving:
No, I’m not saying that discussing politics at Thanksgiving is a service on the level of, say, troops returning from Afghanistan. But just as voting is understood by the politically informed  to be a civic responsibility, so is talking about the issues on which we vote. After all, these issues are combustible because they’re important, so it matters when we discuss them with people who are important to us.
Whew. I am glad he clarified that for us, because I was thinking the military might have to add an MOS for Obnoxious Boor.

In 2015, the Washington Post gave us, "A guide to talking politics with your family this Thanksgiving." Apparently everyone in Washington is related to conservatives. Must be where we dump our bad children.

But Market Watch backed off:
As a basic rule, don’t talk about politics. But, even more important, don’t talk about Donald Trump. The “Celebrity Apprentice” host cum billionaire presidential candidate is anathema to polite conversation. The Donald’s stance on everything from religion to immigration is a Pandora’s box at the dinner table. Don’t try to evaluate the legitimacy of his candidacy for president or envision the state of the U.S. should he land himself in the White House. Just enjoy the honey-glazed, oven-roasted cauliflower with a sage garnish and a dusting of Hawaiian sea salt.
This foreshadowed last year's sudden return of the Never Talk Politics or Religion Rule of family functions. Or maybe it just reflected homes where families don't eat right.

Ah yes, Thanksgiving 2016. Peace at last.

Jessica Roy of the Los Angeles Times wrote: "Dreading post-election Thanksgiving? 4 tips for survival."

From Fortune came "What to Do When Turkey Talk Turns to Trump." The advice included, "Keep your eye on the time." Suddenly dinner-table arguments no longer were patriotic.

This year, liberals are creepy crawling back, with Salon posting, "How to survive Thanksgiving if you have to spend it with diehard Trump supporters."

If you will notice, there are no conservatives writing how-to-lecture-a-captive-audience story.

That's because the conservatives are too busy buying turkeys and trimmings. Cleaning up the house. Getting out the folding chairs.

These family dinners tend to be hosted by conservatives because we took out mortgages, not student loans.


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  1. There's a film I very much enjoyed called "What's Cooking" (2000).

    It's a multicultural drama/comedy about this exact topic, set in Los Angeles. Some segments include the lesbian couple home from college, whose parents are not on board; the young black activist confronting his father who's running for office; the Latino woman who found her husband was cheating, and the steps she took- it's quite a ride! Many stereotypes are revealed to be true! And all the separate families have something to hide, and are connected somehow....

    I'm trying to find it now, as it would be perfect viewing for this Thanksgiving!

    And I did find it- on Amazon, for viewing or buying!

    1. Not our family. We start with the Thanksgiving show of WKRP in Cincinnati (Who knew turkeys couldn't fly!?") and top it off with Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

    2. It ain't Turkey Day without Les Nessman.

    3. As the Big Guy said, "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

  2. Lefties! They just GOTTA lecture everyone!

  3. Politics at Thanksgiving? Shouldn't there be a documentary about what to do about a sucking chest wound? LOL!

  4. My family members are 225, 1299 and 1500 miles away respectively. I've never understood this fetish Americans have for visiting with family at the holidays. My wife and I will be enjoying a nice meal on both seasonal holidays. Together. With just each other. No dissent. No rancor. Just blessed peace and quiet.

  5. Who still invites their infantile leftard relatives over for the holidays? My family got sick and tired of our turd in the punchbowl leftard relatives BS about 5 years ago and haven't invited them over since.

    We've been much happier since then. As for our leftard relatinves...well, nobody really cares.

  6. Conservatives also tend to be more polite than liberals. GOC

  7. I'm just praying somebody is dumb enough to ask the, "What are we all thankful for this year?", question just so I can say, "Donald John Trump".

    Let the games begin. Clear the decks for action. The only good one is a weeping one.

  8. Turning on a football game.

    Yeah, THAT'S a sure-fire way to steer clear of politics.

    1. Dave's on a roll, y'all!

      My NFFL boycott shall continue. Happily, there are always a plethora of great movies on Thanksgiving Day also, plus yer DVDs! Nothing brings our side and theirs together like a good ol' Harry Potter marathon!

  9. Politics were never on at our house. Nor the "big game". After stuffing ourselves, we all turned in to our "big game" Pokeno for pennies. Everyone played including the kids. No fights either.

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