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Saturday, November 04, 2017

Justice Department is not independent -- nor should it be

The Democratic Party through its loathsome house organ, Politico, unleashed its latest talking point: "Trump's push for inquiries challenges Justice Dept. independence."

The Justice Department is not independent -- nor should it be.

Just as the military is headed by an elected commander-in-chief, so the Justice department falls under the president.
Every law enforcement agency in the land falls under civilian authority. Mayors oversee the police departments. Governors oversee state troopers. Sheriffs oversee the deputies.

Civilian review is the key to assuring we do not live in a police state.

Politico is upset that President Trump tweets:
Trump hasn’t been specific in his tweets about whether he’s looking for another special counsel investigation along the lines of what Mueller has launched on Russia, or whether he’d prefer individual inquiries in each case. Some of his allies, however, have pushed for the appointment of a special counsel.
Too bad.

The president has the right to free speech.

And the FBI director serves at the will and pleasure of the president.

As does the attorney general.

That's how the Constitution works.


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  1. I never thought a turd could squeal until I saw the Politico editor on Brett's usual all Trump hate panel last night. He was slathering on and on about the nobody Mueller indicted for lying recently saying he would be the Shahid to take out DT. Even Bret looked ready to knife him in the larynx. The left has a corner on simpering snot now. It won't help them.
    It is true the president can hire and fire the AG. But it is also not politic to look like a prosecutor himself. Holder did Obamas bidding but he took orders behind closed doors giving at least a gauzy appearance of impartiality as did RFK. DT should either fire Sessions or stay quiet. Cruz would have been the right guy I think.

  2. Trump should have accepted Sessions' resignation when Jeff Beauregard needlessly recused himself from doing what AGs are supposed to do, namely, run the DoJ. He should order the DoJ to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the U1 criminal conspiracy plus another to reopen the criminal investigation of Hillary over her private email server and her mishandling of classified documents. Those moves would neutralize Mueller, Rosenstein, and McCabe, forcing them to step aside. And it would put Comey on notice as an FBI person of interest just as his tell all book is released.

    1. I think there's method in the madness. Letting these things run wild seems to be doing the Left more harm than the usual procedures.

    2. Me too. It's more fun watching them destroy themselves. As an added bonus the GOPe don't get to ride to the rescue

  3. Why, oh WHY do Politico and the lefties hate the Constitution so?

  4. So where were all these "critics" when Obummer turned the Justice Department into a political weapon for the Democrat Party and the liberal left on both sides of the aisle.

    As much as I would like to see Mueller given the heave ho I am reluctant to call for that as by letting him roam like this he may well take down the Dems and Clintons in the process.....or he will self destruct at some point.

    It is far better to let the left "eat their own" so to speak.

    The Brazille thingy is wreaking havoc among the Dems.....and I am loving it every time the looney tune takes another cut at the dem plate!

    The media doesn't know what to make of this....or how to handle it. Gotta love that!


  5. Looney Tunes is how the Democrats have been behaving, but now that some of the truth is coming out they're more like the villagers hiding from the Frankenstein monster. It's coming to get them sooner or later and they're getting desperate. By the way, I haven't heard much about Anntifa's big shindig scheduled for today. - Elric

  6. Speaking of Attorney General will someone please wake up Jeff Sessions? Or is he too busy with his favorite job: asset forfeiture?


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