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Thursday, November 09, 2017

ISIS became was-was

Syria declared the Islamic State as dead as Kevin Spacey's acting career, after the terrorists fled their last stronghold, Abu Kamal -- a town of 42,510 people.

Credit the Gulf states, Syria, Russia, and the United States for ridding the world of a JV squad that Barack Obama helped grow into a monster.


From CNN on December 9, 2015:
A new report from a prominent human rights group has found that ISIS has built a substantial arsenal, including U.S.-made weapons obtained from the Iraqi army and Syrian opposition groups.
Amnesty International's 44-page report, released late Monday, found that much of ISIS' equipment and munitions comes from stockpiles captured from the U.S.-allied Iraqi military and Syrian rebels.
The findings come as President Barack Obama has recommitted to leaning on regional forces, including the Iraqis, Kurds and Syrian opposition, to try to wipe out ISIS rather than committing significant numbers of U.S. ground troops.
We armed Syrian rebels. The weapons got in the hands of the Islamic State because they too were rebels.

(We really need an overhaul of our intelligence. We have 17 intelligence agencies, four of which fell for the Russian dossier.)

The good news is a year and a day ago Americans rose and elected Donald Trump president.

He's let the military fight the wars.

The military let the Arabs and Muslims lead fight against the Islamic State.

The Arabs and the Muslims got the job done -- with United States backing.

From the Independent:
“The liberation of Abu Kamal is of great importance because it is a declaration of the fall of this group’s project in the region generally and the collapse of its supporters’ illusions to divide it, control large parts of the Syria-Iraq borders and secure supply routes between the two countries,” said army spokesman General Ali Mayhoub in a televised statement. 
Syrian pro-government media said Syrian troops had clashed with remnants of Isis militants in the town after they entered it late on Wednesday. On Thursday, they reported the town clear of Isis fighters. 
Pro-Syrian media reported the town was liberated. Al-Ikhbariya TV’s journalist reported from the road to the town, joyfully breaking out on camera: “Daesh [Isis] is finished. Live.” 
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said government forces and allied troops, including Iraqi forces who linked from across the border, are combing through Abu Kamal after Isis militants withdrew. 
With the collapse of Isis in Abu Kamal, Isis militants have no major territorial control in Syria and Iraq, and are believed to have dispersed in the desert west and east of the Euphrates River. US officials have estimated that there were between 2,500 and 3,500 Isis militants around Abu Kamal, and that leading members of the group were also believed to have taken refuge in the town. The group has a small presence near the capital Damascus. 
The war on terrorists is ending. The funding is drying up as Arabia realizes it can rid itself of these radicals.

Persia, you're next.


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  1. How about a comment on the billion dollar investment China is making in West Virginia?

    1. Dana Holgorsen is getting a huge contract extension?

    2. Hahaha John...nominee for Post Of The Day!

  2. I love it when a plan comes together.

  3. I just listened to a recent Uncommon Knowledge with Norman Naimark on genocide. At the end Peter Robinson brings up Trump, (this was recorded last Feb) and what might he need to do about the genocide-like ISIS activity against Christians, etc. They both agree that something must be done. Naimark brings up the discredited Responsibility to Protect (Obama and Hillary debased that doctrine).

    The interview wasn't updated for the October posting to credit Trump with essentially putting a stop to the genocide in Syria by putting an end to ISIS' control of territory. Hey, and Trump didn't even give a speech about it then do little or nothing which has been the go-to DC Establishment method of "doing something".

  4. We are just reclaiming what was ours to begin with - and killing them in the process. WIN/WIN! - Elric

  5. "We have 17 intelligence agencies, four of which fell for the Russian dossier." Fell for it? I bet they wrote it!

  6. Led and partially funded by your senile - I'm sorry, senior - Senator from Arizona, John McLame.

  7. When the President completes the snuffing out of terrorism entities in the ME with the aid of the local governments (the purpose of his sword dance) then the "refugees" who fled to Europe can return to their homelands - there will be no need for refugee status. That's one way to end that form of immigration demand.

    Of course the non-refugees - who went to Europe and came to America for non-refugee 'reasons' will stay where they were imbedded for use later on.

    Interesting what we are not hearing from Europe these days, isn't it?

  8. ISIS was a combined US & Israeli invention. The Swamp wanted to go to war against Russia to defend ISIS.