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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Instead of coffee this morning, try some liberal tears

Katha Pollitt, 68, wrote "Year One: My Anger Management" for the New York Review of Books. She is angry and cannot deal with losing the last election.


A year later.

Drink up.

From Pollitt, who is a columnist for The Nation:
My life has changed a lot in the year since Trump was elected. Not materially, except for the fact that my stepson and daughter-in-law moved to Canada partly because, as non-citizens, they worried for their futures here in the US. I mean psychologically. I sometimes feel like I’m a different person now. I’m fidgety and irritable and have trouble concentrating. For months after the election, I could hardly read, except for books about Roman history, which turns out to be full of Trumps: fantastically rich sociopaths obsessed with crushing their enemies. 

Wait, there is more:
My work seems trivial: Given what we are facing, what difference does one more Nation column make? I might as well be an ancient Egyptian scribe logging production figures for cat mummies. In the old days, the days before Trump, it bothered me that so many people loved things I thought were stupid. Now I just think, Go ahead, enjoy yourself. Maybe your Batman DVDs will comfort you when we’re wandering around in the ashen hellscape of whatever apocalypse Trump will bring down upon us.
Mmm, mmm, good. That's what Katha's tears are, mmm, mmm, good.
But the main difference is that I hate people now. Well, not all people, of course. Just people who voted for Trump.
Slurp, slurp, slurp.
Actually, Trump voters are not the only people I hate. I also hate Jill Stein voters and Gary Johnson voters and Bernie dead-enders with their ridiculous delegates math and people with consciences so delicate they could not bring themselves to pull the lever for Hillary so they didn’t vote at all. I hate everyone who thought there was no “real” difference between the candidates because Hillary was a neoliberal and a faux feminist and Trump was not so bad. I hate people who spent the whole election season bashing Hillary in books and articles and Facebook posts and tweets, and then painfully, reluctantly dragged themselves out to vote for her, as if their one little, last-minute ballot canceled out all the discouraging and dissuading they’d spent six months inflicting on people. I especially hate everyone who thought that electing a reactionary monster would be okay because it would — or could, or might, who can tell? — bring on the revolution. Looking at you, Susan Sarandon and Slavoj Zizek! You are idiots and my heart seethes with wrath against you.
She is angry. Angry!

I doubt Susan Sarandon or Slavoj Zizek know who she is or care what she is thinking, but she is angry at them. And millions of other people.

She should see someone. If you are 68 and angry at the world, you have a problem. They have pills for it.

But in the meantime, her year-long rage is entertaining:
You could say I am putting my rage to good use, but it never feels like much of anything. It feels as if the world has taken a bad turn on its axis and we are now in a different, awful era that will go on for the rest of my life, and maybe my daughter’s life as well. Things are happening that cannot be so easily undone: the parade of arch-conservative federal judges about to be appointed, for starters, because Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was only the beginning; climate change; environmental damage; the mobilization of a confident proto-fascist movement. How can I not rage at the people who are bringing all that about? Away with them! Away with us. Our minds have been hijacked and colonized by a ridiculous con artist and reality TV showman, and we are of no real use to anyone anymore.
Nine years ago, when America elected Obama, I knew it was a mistake but I accepted his election. I made light of being sent to a re-education camp, and all that. I was 55. I had been through a few political cycles. We would win back the White House in 2012 -- 2016, tops.

Now I am glad it took eight years instead of four because we got a man who really changes things. Romney would have made modest changes. Trump brought the yuge changes that we bigly need.

Pollitt can stew in her self-righteous hate for all I care. Let her waste her time.
My husband and I visited the Art Institute of Chicago a few weeks ago. We only had time for a few things and wound up in the ancient Greek and Roman collection.
As we came out of the museum, we realized that the hours we’d spent absorbed in these objects was the longest time since Trump won the election that we hadn’t thought of him.
A nice person would suggest more visits to more museums. She's thinking of Trump, but Trump is not thinking of her. He is having the time of his life.

But I am not a nice person. I do not want her visiting another museum for the next eight (well, seven now) years. I want her to get angry and stay angry, and cry. Cry, cry, cry.

96 tears.

I hope she writes more essays like this, although I fear they may be therapeutic.


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  1. > My work seems trivial: Given what we are facing, what difference does one more Nation column make?

    Cheer up, Katha. The journey of ruining a million lawns begins with a single tyrd.

  2. > 96 tears.

    Now you're showing your age, Mr. Surber! :)

    1. One of gems, fo sho. Lead organ. Like Booker T's "Green Onion." Take me back, Big D! Or how about this:

      Cry Baby Cry
      Make your mother sigh
      She's old enough to know better
      So Cry Baby Cry

  3. fantastically rich sociopaths obsessed with crushing their enemies

    Yup, that's the Clintons and the Obamas.

    You're gonna cry ninety-six tears
    You're gonna cry ninety-six tears
    You're gonna cry, cry, cry, cry now
    You're gonna cry, cry, cry, cry
    Ninety-six tears

  4. She mentions that she could only read books about Rome, which reminds her of Trump and power. It always baffles me that liberal regressives just cannot look past the rich white, and not care at all what Trump is trying to accomplish. The blinded, corrupted sheep have been brainwashed by the left that all their problems are caused by rich white men, all the while being financially destroyed, and stripped of their rights by the very same big government they are taught to worship by their socialist ignorant so called teachers.
    She must have missed the volumes of Roman books which discuss the part of Romes history the foolish leftists are steering this country towards in their regressive suicidal plunge into immorality. These were the days of Caligula, these ARE the days of Caligula, and they will not bode well.

    1. It baffles me that liberal regressives (GREAT phrase, btw!) only think of rich in terms of white and not black as well.

  5. President Trump is alive and well and living rent-free in Katha Pollitt's head. I would say he is driving her crazy, but I believe she was crazy before he moved in. - Elric

  6. From a mere nine days after the savage Bin Laden attacks:

    1. I followed that link. Got two sentences in before I closed it. I was never a big Trump fan, but if people like Pollitt hate him so much, I have to admit it makes me appreciate him more.

  7. Spoiled elite women are often hateful harpies. I am amazed at how self absorbed, and often at advanced ages, they are.

  8. This is a nice way to start the day so thanks mucho. Good thread too. She is in definite need of a worm hole to another universe. In the meantime I suggest an endless loop of Woody Allen's fine film
    "Midnight in Paris". Within it She can live vicariously in some other time period where Hillary and Bill are always at Versailles, she is a favored lady in waiting to her Highness, and Trump is just the gardner.
    Dream on.

  9. The liberal tears turn it to delicious mug of covfefe!

    1. We can take down the Hetch Hetchy dam and restore that beautiful valley now. San Francisco can get its water from desalinating their own tears.

  10. Three words, Katha: Get, Over. It.
    Three more: Get. Over. Yourself.

  11. To hate is to be Liberal. These people thrive on HATE, even when things are going their way. Projection is another virtue they share...

  12. I went through sadness when Obama won twice, but we on the right didn't have the sympathetic media's shoulder to cry on. These people are overly emotional basketcases that need a kick in the ass. Man up girls. You don't win every election.

    1. Barry was bad, but he wasn't any worse than the choices the Swamp offered us.
      McInsane and Mittens were s bad. Not taking Barry's side mind you, just heaping condemnation on the K-Street and Chamber of Communists crowd who mega fund their anointed filth and call it a republican.

  13. To me, this is an example of why it is bad to have so much American life's direction centered in one place. Elections at the national level have become very important because of the regular influence of the Federal Government into people's lives on a regular basis.

    If we had a smaller central government, the effect would not be as profound. I think that would be good.


  14. Opening verse to a song I wrote in the mid-90s:

    When Liberals don't get their way
    In their quest
    To do their best
    To make everyone the same
    The fit's thing they're apt to say, is
    It's a fascist state!
    It's a fascist state!
    It's a fascist state!
    It's called Liberal Hate

    Liberal compassion supreme
    They can't hear a million unborn babies scream

  15. Why are the LibCong such whiney little bastards? We were lectured endlessly regarding the necessity to accept the election returns. Now, of course, those instructions are forgotten and ignored. Liberal tears are sweeter than honey.

  16. I bet she has a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign on her front lawn.

  17. Mzz Pollitt, after 9/11, was outraged to find her daughter putting an American flag in her window.

    One presumes her life is one continual tantrum.

  18. This is a cry for help from a disturbed mind. Can we have her committed for 48 hours for her safety?

    Also she’s full of shit because substitute Bush for Trump. These bitches acted exactly the same back then.


  19. Actually, Don, a nice person would suggest more visits to her psychotherapist.

    In fact, daily visits to her shrink at least until she could dial down her irrationality.

    She talks about hating all of us, along with Stein, Johnson, and Bernie voters to boot.

    But boy, does she ever play to the stereotype of the self-absorbed, nasty, sneering, elitist, Manhattan liberal.

    Such ugliness in her soul, while parading herself as a paragon of righteousness.

    Nasty woman, go jump in a lake.

  20. Can you imagine being married to this lunatic?

  21. I recall this woman complaining when her daughter displayed an American flag in her bedroom.

    Most Nation readers still weep over Stalin's death.

    So cry some more commie female dog.

  22. Roll up, roll up, and see the Amazing Sideshow Katha! Every hour, on the hour, her blood-pressure sprays out her ears!

  23. Time for a remake of Scanners.
    We've got the exploding head right here.
    Trump to 2024, Katha!

  24. Climate change my arse. Last year we had a terrible winter here in Montana, and this year we have had snow cover for a while and already had below zero temperatures.

  25. My Ex changed her FB profile pic to the selfie she took last her in her "vagina-hat" for the "women's march".

    MMmmm, mmmm, yummy Liberal Tears!!

    Really made my day.