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Friday, November 10, 2017

Imagining Hillary's first year

Over in Not My Presidentville, the Washington Post published a couple of stories about Hillary's first year as president.

Apparently she is doing quite well in that imaginary world.

From the Post:
On Inauguration Day, President Hillary Rodham Clinton took the oath in a headband and a pantsuit. Hey, it was rainy, and what does she care what you think anymore? That night, Lin-Manuel Miranda brought the house down with a freestyle rap at her first inaugural ball, while new White House co-chief strategists/toasts of the town Robby Mook and Donna Brazile set Twitter afire with their exuberant choreographed dance.
The following day, dozens descended on the Mall for the “Men’s March.” Three fistfights broke out over who forgot to secure a rally permit.
Here in real life, more than 200 rioters greeted President Trump's inauguration, as they broke store windows and set fire to an Iraq immigrant's limo -- which was the sole source of his income.

But what if through some miracle, Hillary had carried Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and won 278-260 in the Electoral College?

Would the Dow Jones Industrial Average be up 30%?

Would unemployment be down to 4.1%?

Would the Islamic State be collapsing?

Would fracking still be legal?

Would there be any coal mines left?

Would colleges be required to give men the presumption of innocence when accused of rape?

Would Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse remain a secret?

Would there be any Inauguration Day rioting as we had with the resistance?

Would the press tolerate a Republican trying to kill Democratic congressmen at a baseball practice?

Indeed, would a Republican try to kill Democratic congressmen at a baseball practice?

Would Bill keep it zipped?

Would Chelsea gallivant around the country -- and world -- collecting $250,000 a pop for speeches?

Would the Clinton Foundation continue to accept emoluments disguised as donations?

Would there be a special counsel investigating that foundation?

Would the press consider its job to hold her accountable?

Would Obamacare magically work when it was designed to fail?

Would illegal immigration ebb?

Would we renegotiate NAFTA?

Would China be investing a quarter-trillion dollars in the United States, including $84 billion in West Virginia?

I know one thing. If after 8 years of Obama the nation elected her, I would have accepted her as my president, and moved on.

Just as I did with Obama.


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It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Pay to play would reign supreme. Whatever group could scratch together the most money would get their policies approved. Foreign and domestic policy would be run this way. And it would be open and known. She is a crooked at any Byzantine Grand Vizier.

    1. Extreme vetting would mean the check to her Foundation had to clear before the Federal asset was delivered.

    2. Yeah, the NRA would be required to make 7 figure donations to the "Foundation" just to keep her from signing gun grab legislation.

  2. So Trump spared us the vomit-inducing sight of Mook and Brazile setting Twitter afire with their exuberant choreographed dance?

    Is there nothing he can't do?

  3. Chardonnay futures would be through the roof.

  4. That's an excellent set of questions, Don!

  5. Hillary elected?

    The borders would be wide open. The country would be overrun with people. A minimum of 30 million people would have arrived within a year, with another 100 million making plans.

    DC would be hiring, starting with bureaucrats to give government aid to the "immigrants".

    TPP would have been signed, allowing people from Pacific Rim countries to come in and take jobs in America from Americans.

    Social Security and Medicare benefits would be cut in order to give those funds paid for by Americans to people entering the country.

    As in the UK, newly arrived immigrants would be given medical priority over American citizens, with domestic criminals being given priority against law abiding tax payers.

    Obamacare would be expanded, with more jobs for DC bureaucrats that had no background in the medical field to run it, including directing the Doctors as to what they're allowed to do for patients with priorities set by the patients declared gender, the color of their skin, and their ethnicity. To assure fairness, DNA tests would be used to score a persons priority level on everything except declared gender.

    Congress would happily be passing massive tax increases, as well as increasing their salaries and benefits.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average would be at 10,000 and sliding.

    Persecution of white people would be would not just be done in schools, but sanctioned by the government as a part of Hillary's "Make America Rwanda" program, happily run by Facebook and Google executives whose companies would be paid by the government to coordinate efforts.

    Police would be "standing back" allowing thugs to not only roam the streets, but to openly break into peoples houses to allow those oppressed people to take the owners (note the word owners as it relates to slavery) material possessions as a part of income redistribution and fairness.

    ISIS would be a power around the world, and operating openly in the US. Americans using their weapons to protect their families against them and all immigrant attackers would be jailed.

    Robert Mueller's team would be expanded in order to investigate any American citizens still thinking they are free and acting in a such and inappropriate manner. Contracts given to Facebook and Google to computerize the the onslaught of indictments, as well as to automate the trials to work down the backlog. Kim Jong-un would be brought in to coordinate the development and implementation of Gulag's to house those convicted by computer from Mueller's indictments.

    John Kasich, would be appointed Dictator of Congress, with Paul Ryan as his Chief of Staff.

    Colon Kaerpatrick would be put in charge of the NFL by Hillary. The government would demand white people with assets be forced to buy tickets and be in their seats one hour before kickoff in order to be lectured to by NFL players and Mr. Kaerpatrick's girlfriend, all of whom average a 4th grade educational level and will do so without notes as most of them cannot read.

    The Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials would be torn down, replaced by statues of JayZ, Fidel Castro and Chelsa Clinton.

    The Clinton Foundation would have a net worth of $10 billion with additional contributions coming in daily.

    1. Some of these are not far off the mark, sad to say.

  6. I found your blog the last night, and I have major respect for you now. This is amazing and exactly what people need to read. Your sarcastic take on things really brightens up these topics, not to mention enlightens people about what's really going on. Thank you.

  7. Are there any adults left at WaPo that can tell the staff how infantile these "make-believe-Hillary-is-President" stories are?

    It's childish. Seriously, grow the hell up.

  8. The civil unrest would be kept completely off the Nightly "News" - even as states have to call repeated special elections to fill vacant seats, and new faces keep showing up on those "newscasts".

  9. Don, her name is spelled HILLARY, not Hilary. But, what the L.

    1. Thanks. Double letters for some reason area problem.

    2. Try again, it is HiLlARy. Capital H, small i, Capital L small l, (resembles an I), capital A, capital R, then small y because no one in the press asks why she went from dead broke to multimillionaire in only a few bribes.

  10. Don,one problem with your piece,you could have left this out,
    "I know one thing. If after 8 years of Obama the nation elected her, I would have accepted her as my president, and moved on.

    Just as I did with Obama."

    1. No, Don's right. I would have moved on too.

      Moved on to Australia, that is. It's a very pleasant country if you don't mind being a subject, and better than the police state this would have quickly become.