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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Hobby Lobby lawyer nominated for judgeship

President Trump nominated for a federal judgeship Kyle Duncan, 45, the lawyer who beat the Obama administration in the Hobby Lobby case. Duncan's fight for religious freedom shows the respect for the Constitution that is sorely lacking in the judicial branch these days.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, praised Duncan as an experienced litigator and urged the U.S. Senate to confirm him.
“I’ve known Kyle Duncan for years — going back to my time in state government in Louisiana,” Perkins said. “Kyle is an experienced litigator — arguing cases throughout the country including at the appellate and Supreme Court levels. Apart from being well-qualified, I’m certain he’ll adhere to the Constitution.”
Pro-life groups Americans United for Life, Susan B. Anthony List and Concerned Women for America likewise urged the Senate to approve Duncan.
“Kyle Duncan is a brilliant attorney with wide-ranging experience across the legal spectrum, including his bold defense of religious liberty,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “We are so thankful to President Trump for nominating him and urge the Senate to confirm him without delay.”
Readers know that I have called this the Mitch McConnell Court because the Senate majority leader refused to let Obama fill vacancies last year -- giving our conservative president more vacancies to fill than usual.

Everyone else can jump on McConnell all they want, but I am not. The courts are too damned important to lose.

The Marxists are mad, bro:
On conservative blog The Hayride, publisher Scott McKay calls Duncan a "conservative superstar."
That's what makes liberals anxious. Writing in ThinkProgress, Ian Millhiser says "a major component of Duncan's private practice has been briefs asking the Supreme Court to limit LGBTQ rights."
On a post for The Center for American Progress, Billy Corriher and Michele Jawando say Duncan worked on the legal team defending a North Carolina law that suppressed voting by African Americans.
The law in question required a photo ID -- like you must show to buy a beer or a pack of smokes.

We need more judges that obey and uphold the Constitution.

To get them approved, we need Republican senators.


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  1. Please,please, lets have someone challenge the requirement to show I.D. when purchasing a gun and have them lift the entire argument from the various briefs filed by liberals to challenge voting I.D. requirements. Just substitute purchase a firearm in place of cast a ballot. Footnote the entire thing so the libs will realize that in arguing against the lawsuit they are undermining their own arguments.
    The hypocrisy would hill them if any had self-awareness or a conscious.

  2. He defended Hobby Lobby????? DEATH TO HIM, sayeth the lefties.

  3. Anyone who can make lefty heads explode like this must be formidable. YAY Trump!

    I'm still not with you on McConnell - he's doing as much as he can to prevent legislative success for the President. Just because he agrees with him on the Judiciary makes you a glass half full guy and me a glass half empty gal.

    There is no argument a Senator in the mold of a Duncan would not do the things McConnell is doing.

  4. McConnell has not been great in many ways, but on moving judicial appointments, he shines.

    One place where he stinks is the current Senate tax bill, which would immediately eliminate the state and local tax deduction. That provision virtually guarantees the entire bill will never pass the Senate. I agree in principle, but the real estate lobby is second in power only to the farm lobby, and they will scream bloody murder.

  5. Thank you Harry Reid, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. You can't really call it the Mitch McConnell court because Mitch was saving that seat for Jeb's nominee, not Trump's. No, It's the Trump Court, and he'll strengthen that hold in the years to come.

  7. "asking the Supreme Court to limit LGBTQ rights."

    Or is that "asking the Supreme Court to limit LGBTQWERTY special privileges and prerogatives".

  8. I still think McConnell was holding the Supreme Court seat open as a gift to Hillary.

  9. OK, I'll give McConnell credit for the appointment of Judge Gorsuch to SCOTUS. That is a huge relief, and takes away a great deal of worry.

    But what about the vast number of nominations that President Trump has made that have not been confirmed? Or have they been, and I haven't heard it?

    The last I heard, the nominations were not being confirmed in the Senate. I'd love to hear that this isn't the case!

    1. OK, I should have realized- the #FakeMedia doesn't want to mention President Trump's successes, so naturally they have put a lid on this- but I've just read that "Dems Fuming as Trump Remakes Federal Judiciary" over at PJ Media.

      Oh, how sweet it is!