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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fake News of the night

Call this post Anatomy of a Stupidity.

The tweet claimed, "Wow: There's a fake, mysterious robocall in Alabama out there from someone falsely claiming to be 'Bernie Bernstein,' a reporter from the Washington Post, seeking 'damaging' info on Roy Moore for $"

The tweet was followed by a bunch of yuck-yuck tweets.

Then Chris Hayes of MSNBC tweeted, "Having listened to the audio of the robocall, I think the name is Lenny Bernstein."
This brought another yuck-yuck.
So I Googled.

There is a Lenny Bernstein at the Washington Post.

He has not been assigned the story, as far as I can tell. I doubt seriously that the Washington Post would be this clumsy if it tried to do something like this.

But the name shame over Bernie Bernstein and later Lenny Bernstein shows how everyone follows the pack.

These are media folks.

This is how diligent they are with facts.

Thank goodness they are not involved with anything important, right?

You are judged by everything. Even Jokey tweets. I suggest the media stop tweeting to show how clever they are -- because they succeed.

They just do not realize how unclever they are


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  1. They're lefties. They only THINK they're clever, but they think it real hard.

  2. Why bother with due diligence when researching facts for a news item when it's so much quicker and easier to just make up a story to fit your preconceived narrative? Welcome to 21st Century journalism. - Elric

  3. The media is taking on Trump via Twitter?

    1. That sounds a bit like suicide by Twitter. - Elric

  4. I predict a Moore win and that his accusers will just go away because there is no there ... there.

    Besides, in 1970, I was born to a 16 year old mother whose husband, my father, was 27.

  5. David St Hubbins of Spinal Tap said it best...

  6. They define 'clever' as 'approved by your peers.'

  7. Who says the WaPo wouldn't try this? Maybe Bernstein is the Gloria Allred of journalism. The stakes in this election are high enough to tempt any left leaning reporter.