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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Case shows judges matter

"A U.S. District Court judge in Washington on Tuesday handed a big victory to President Donald Trump, ruling in favor of the administration in its bid to install White House budget director Mick Mulvaney as acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau," Politico reported this evening.

His name is Timothy J. Kelly. President Trump appointed him earlier this year, and on September 8, Judge Kelly took office. He is 48 and likely will serve another 31 years. That's the life expectancy of a male in America at age 48.

When Trump took office, he issued two executive orders to halt travel with seven, and then six, countries. Obama appointees blocked the orders. The Supreme Court eventually stepped in and let the orders go through, unmolested.

That was judicial activism. Those Obama-nauts exceeded their authority.

What makes this decision different?

From Politico:
While this ruling cannot be challenged, Deepak Gupta, English’s lawyer, told reporters that he would have to consult with his client about the next steps. These could either involve seeking a preliminary injunction or requesting a ruling on a permanent injunction, either of which could be appealed to a higher court.
Well, let's see if the Supreme Court reverses Judge Kelly. I doubt it will get the case because I do not see her continuing the case. But we shall see.

I keep bringing up judicial appointments because unfortunately the courts have become the dominant branch of the federal government.

Kelly is a district judge. Higher up the judicial food chain is more good news.

Today the Senate confirmed Trump's ninth appellate judge, Gregory Katsas, 53. That's the most picks for a rookie president in modern history, breaking Reagan's record of eight in his first year. Obama got three.

Trump likely will install eleven or more appellate judges by January 20.

From the Washington Examiner:
Two more federal appeals court nominees, Kyle Duncan for the 5th Circuit and David Stras for the 8th Circuit, are scheduled to receive hearings from the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Both Duncan and Stras' nominations were slowed by senators not returning positive "blue slips" on their nominations.
Again, this is Mitch McConnell's doing. He refused to take votes on Obama's appointees for two years. He bet on having a Republican president and a Republican Senate.

America is better for that.


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  1. Again, McConnell’s only positive contribution.

  2. When McConnell is good, he's really good. When he is bad, he's very bad.

    A mixed bag with McConnell.

  3. The Progressive Left never did win over the majority of American voters, so they have had to rely on packing the judicial branch with "living constitution" judical activists to push their agenda.

    But that works both ways, and President Trump is rubbing their noses in it. By nominating and confirming originalists who will interpret the laws as written he has dealt a possibly fatal blow to the Democrats and Marxists (now pretty much one and the same) who have tried and continue to try to destroy our republic.

    The struggle is far from over, but there is reason for hope. Now we need to enforce the rule of law as already written regarding illegal immigration, sedition, and espionage, with an emphasis on conspiracy. The Obama administration is a fertile and happy hunting ground in that respect.

    In other words, grind the rat bastard commies into the ground.

    - Elric

  4. So much going in...and out...must sit down...stop drinking the tears...of the NeverTrump.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Mikey, I'm hittin the Buds early today, celebrating another milestone in the retirement account number, and watching the Russell bust out. Easiest call of my life. Time to sing:

      Happy days are here again
      We have a real POTUS again
      So let's cruise on through the bank again
      Happy days are here again!

  5. If Hillary had won all those Obama nominees would have quickly and quietly sailed thru the Senate last winter.

    1. We certainly dodged THAT world-ending asteroid.

  6. SCOTUS was one of the biggest drivers of voters for the (lousy?) candidate that the moderate wanted -- against the other side.

    Hillary should be locked up AND her policies are terrible and her judge picks would have been terrible.

    I think Trump is an alpha-jerk, children from 3 different women he married -- yet this is a bit better than the pumping and dumping done by Pres. Bill Clinton, enabled by Hillary. (Still not too late to ... Lock Her Up. Let Trump give her a pardon AFTER she's convicted.)

    I'm really, really liking Trump's results. And the changing judicial environment is great.

    Plus his economic boom -- hope he can get rid of the deduction of local taxes.

    I don't follow his tweets much, but when I do, I see that the Outraged quote is almost always false.
    Like "choosing Dem Jones is terrible" as Trump actually says changes by the Fake News to 'Trump supports Moore'. These are close, but not quite the same.
    Real News will be noting the difference.

  7. now, this dude seems a judicial activist