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Saturday, November 04, 2017

26 who feuded with Trump -- and lost

Feuding with Donald Trump is a bad idea. Too many people have wound up worse for the feud, the latest being Alec Baldwin.

It's not what President Trump does to them. It's just that karma kneecaps so many of them.

Oh, not everyone winds up worse, I suppose. But enough do that a wise man would ask, why risk it?

The 26 are:

1. Casey Affleck.

February 2017: "Casey Affleck Slams Trump Administration’s ‘Abhorrent’ Policies in Spirit Awards Speech."

November 2017: "Thousands Sign Petition To Keep Casey Affleck From Presenting At Oscars."

2. Alec Baldwin.

2016: "Alec Baldwin totally nailed Trump on the 'SNL' premiere."

2017: "Alec Baldwin Admits He's 'Bullied Women,' Calls for a Change in Hollywood."

3. Hillary Clinton:

2016: "Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning."

2017: "Hillary, I love you. But please go away."

4. George Clooney.

2016: "Clooney's Vow: Trump Will Not Be President; See Trump's Response."

2017: "Clooney's 'Suburbicon' tanks, 'Saw' sequel No. 1 with $16.3M."

5. John Conyers.

2016: "Rep. John Conyers: Donald Trump Is the Next Richard Nixon."

2017: "Rep. John Conyers Jr. resigns over sexual harassment allegations."

6. David Corn.

2016: "MSNBC’s David Corn destroys Ann Coulter for defending Trump’s decision not to release tax returns."

2017: "David Corn investigated for inappropriate workplace behavior."

7. Bill Cosby.

2011: "During an appearance on the 'Today Show,' Bill Cosby slammed Donald Trump's political aspirations, telling him to 'run or shut up'."

2017: "Bill Cosby trying to take out $30M loan to pay mounting legal bills."

8. Eminem.

October 2017: "Eminem unleashes on Trump: The 11 fiercest lines."

November 2017: "Eminem is SKEWERED on social media after his bizarre performance on SNL."

Bonus: "Rapper Eminem ‘extremely angry’ that Trump didn’t respond to castigating freestyle rap."

9. Al Franken.

2016: "Al Franken Hilariously Mocks Donald Trump."

2017: "Al Franken to Resign From Senate Amid Harassment Allegations."

10. GQ.

2016: "If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You."

2017: "Layoffs Hit GQ as Condé Nast Cuts Continue."

11. Kathy Griffin.

2016: "Kathy Griffin Thinks Comedy Should Go All Out on ‘President Piece of Shit’ Donald Trump."

2017: "CNN fires Kathy Griffin."

12. Alcee Hastings.

2016: "Democratic congressman calls Donald Trump 'pile of excrement'."

2017: "Taxpayers paid $220K to settle sexual harassment case involving Hastings."

13. Megyn Kelly.

2016: "GOP Debate: Donald Trump's 'Spat' With Megyn Kelly Is Sexism."

2017: "Megyn Kelly drags down 'Today' ratings."

14. Garrison Keillor.

2016: “So, he won. The nation takes a deep breath. Raw ego and proud illiteracy have won out and a severely learning-disabled man with a real character problem will be president. We are so exhausted from thinking about this election, millions of people will take up leaf-raking and garage cleaning with intense pleasure. We liberal elitists are wrecks. The Trumpers had a whale of a good time, waving their signs, jeering at the media, beating up protesters, chanting ‘Lock her up’ — we elitists just stood and clapped. Nobody chanted ‘Stronger Together.’ It just doesn't chant.”

2017: "Minnesota Public Radio Fires Garrison Keillor Over Allegations of Improper Conduct."

15. Macy's.

2015: "Macy's Drops Donald Trump's Fashion Line Over Immigrant Remarks."

2017: "Macy's Announces Store Closings for 2017."

16. NFL.

September 2017: "After Trump Blasts N.F.L., Players Kneel and Lock Arms in Solidarity."

November 2017: "NFL TV Partners Set To Lose Up To $500 Million On Ratings Decline."

17. Barack Obama.

During the campaign, Trump tweeted, "President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!"

Obama went on Jimmy Kimmel's show, read the tweet, and replied, "At least I'll go down as a president."

Fifteen days later, we elected Trump as Obama's successor.

18. Rosie O'Donnell.

1996: "Queen of Nice Can Rosie O'Donnell Clean Up Trash TV?"

2017: "Rosie O’Donnell Admits: ‘I Spend 90% Of My Hours Tweeting Hatred’ At Trump."

19. Tony Podesta.

2010: "Tony Podesta, Superlobbyist."

2017: "Tony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe."

20. Brett Ratner.

June 2017: "Brett Ratner Regrets Not Naming 'Tower Heist' After Trump."

November 2017: "Six women accuse filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct."

21. George Soros.

2016: "George Soros: Trump a 'would-be dictator'."

2017: "Soros Fund Manager Accused of Brutal Rapes: 'I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter'."

22. Kevin Spacey.

2016: "Kevin Spacey mocks Donald Trump and calls him a 'disease' at Cannes."

2017: "Actor Anthony Rapp: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14."

23. Alwaleed Bin Talal.

2016: "Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Trolls Trump: ‘I Bailed You Out Twice’."

2017: "Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal arrested in corruption crackdown."

24. George Takei.

2016: "George Takei: Trump's Muslim registry is 'prelude to internment'."

2017: "George Takei’s Facebook empire strains under sexual harassment allegations."

25. Teen Vogue.

2016: "Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America."

2017: "Teen Vogue is going to cease printing."

26. Harvey Weinstein.

2016: "Harvey Weinstein says Trump 'appeals to the worst in us'."

2017: "Harvey Weinstein Is Fired After Sexual Harassment Reports."


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  1. Another goody, Big D! "Pretty sure"? Hell, it's bulletproof.

  2. I do have to disagree with you about Rosie, Don; a lot of people stopped thinking of her as "The Queen of Nice" when she started hosting "The View"---remember when she said regarding 9/11 that "fire can't melt steel" and that terrorists "are mothers and fathers too"? Both of those predated DJT's ascent to the top of the political mountain and showed a lot of us what a mean-spirited, braindead ogre she really was.

  3. The day Macy's announced it would support illegals over Trump I was setting out to buy new furniture for my new home. The last furniture I bought had been from Macy's. This time, Macy's saw not one dime of my money.

  4. Most of these people project their own awfulness onto Trump. That awfulness then gets found out.

    Glass houses and stones. Pretty fundamental.

    In sports the bad players are the ones who keep forgetting their own fundamentals.

    Washington wrote a notebook to himself regarding these things. I'd say that Trump's various books are his equivalent of what Washington did.

    Sure he grabbed some. But every one he grabbed wanted it or we'd have heard about it already. He avoids the hypocrisy of the "feminist" man who treats women worse.

  5. The word "cretin" brings back memories. My old headmaster used to call me that, but would send notes to my parents saying how much fun it was to teach me. He was truly ambidextrous. Would write on the blackboard starting out with his left hand and when he got to the middle simply switched hands. The year we left my brother won the student of the year award. He went back for a visit in the 1980's and found that the headmaster had substituted my name for his on the honours board.

  6. Can't argue with post hoc ergo prompter hoc fallacies. (Those who subscribe to such thinking get lost.)

    1. Insinuat karma est pars non recta dicatis. Magis diligenter legere debes potius quam efficias, ut etiam callidus.

    2. Orwell's rule from 'Politics and the English Language'- Never write something in a foreign language when there is a perfectly good English equivalent.

    3. It may be a fallacy in individual cases, but how many apples have to fall out of how many trees to surmise that some force of some kind is afoot?

    4. Anon @ 10:48,

      That's "post hoc, ergo _propter_ hoc" (not "prompter")
      "After this, therefore because of this"

      And it isn't _always_ a fallacy.

      And just _sometimes_, it isn't a fallacy.

  7. Or you could just as easily point out how trump has suffered for all his feuding.
    1. He lost the popular vote,
    2. He's the least popular president of all time at this point in any administration since there have been polls
    3. He has yet to have one legislative win
    4. He lost the Trump University court case,
    5. The courts keep overruling his executive orders
    6. He's been forced to fire multiple high level advisers under clouds of maleficence
    7. He's under investigation for collusion by a special prosecutor earlier than any president ever
    8. Many of his advisers are under indictment
    9. Many of his nominees for federal positions had to withdraw due to corruption
    10. He has been unable to staff over 1/2 of the presidential appointees required to run the government including multiple critical ambassadorships.
    11. The President of the United States is no longer considered the leader of the free world
    12. A Korean Dictator has fired more missiles and made more nuclear progress than prior to the Trump administration

    1. It must really suck to be you.

    2. Winning. ��

    3. 1. Irrelevant.
      2. Not sure that's true. If it is, see #1.
      3. Sounds like a problem with legislators.
      4. False. He settled the case. Not the same thing.
      5. District courts.
      6. What? Is he supposed to keep them on?
      7. There is no such crime of "collusion".
      8. Many? Just how many?
      9. See #8.
      10. It's not like he isn't appointing people. The problem is the approval process.
      11. Personal opinion. I'm willing to guess there isn't anything he could do that would change that opinion.
      12. And just how did he get the necessary equipment?

    4. How many people have been convicted of the crime of conspiring to win an election?

    5. An anonymous piece of shit. Nothing would make me more joyful than beating the fuck out of you. But, someone who knows you will have to handle things on that end. I'll take care of the pieces of shit I know, should the police ever truly stand down.

    6. Master Hellman must be relying on the same pollsters who swore Hillary was going to be our next president, when he claims that "polls" indicate Trump is the least popular president.

      He obviously never attended a Trump rally, where supporters showed up for him when the crowds were so big they couldn't even see him from where they were standing. But they stayed, nonetheless.

      The only thing he got right is his name (I think). BUT, I will give him credit for having the courage to use a real name, and I believe it really is his.

  8. I don't recall Rosie ever being the "queen of nice", but I see that was about 20 years ago.

    1. That title actually ended when she berated Tom Selleck on her show about gun control. One of the most uncomfortable moments in TV history. After that, the stories about working at her magazine came out as to what a raving bitch she is. All this way before Trump.

  9. "I certainly have treated women in a very sexist way. I’ve bullied women" - Alec Baldwin.
    "I certainly have been baptised in a very Catholic way. I've been baptised" - Pope Frank.

    1. Including publicly bullying and berating his daughter. What a mensch (sarc).


  11. I was born in '53, so came of age in the late '60s to mid 70s. It was a wild, promiscuous time. But NEVER did I think it was okay to paw and/or rape women. But then again, I'm a conservative Christian.

    1. I was born in '47, and never did I think it was OK to disrespect women.

      But then, I'm not a democrat.

  12. To be fair Saudi guy actually did bail Trump out.

    1. Notice he didn't say that Trump never paid him back?

  13. Linked at Instapundit at 9:05PM!

  14. Add the Muslim Gold Star father, Miss Venezuela, and... in very short order... Hillary

  15. Interesting to see what goes down with George H W (sexual harassment) and George W. Bush.

  16. very good as always Don one minor point is williams now has to face a live show on fox by shannon bream good luck with that bri guy shannon is a pro.

  17. I think we'd all be better off if Trump spent some time learning about the world instead of wasting time on personal grudges.

  18. Really, it seems they can't help themselves.