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Monday, October 30, 2017

What they knew, and when they knew it

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller put together a timeline of the funding of Fusion GPS, or as I call it Fake News Incorporated.

The ex-reporters who front this opposition research have monetized gossip and fabrications in a  manner draws envy from Jeff Zucker, head of CNN.

Glenn Simpson,
Head of Fake News Inc.

Ross of the Daily Caller followed the money.

Billionaire globalist Paul Singer hired Fusion GPS in September 2015, using the Washington Free Beacon as his go between.

Six months later, Fusion GPS approached the Democrats, who had hired the Fake News fabrication company in 2012 to get the dirt on Mitt Romney.

Ross wrote: "Marc Elias, a Perkins Coie partner and general counsel for both the [Hillary] campaign and DNC, would serve as the bagman."

Attention Bernie Bros: Elias representing both the DNC and the Hillary campaign sounds unethical. You may be able to disbar him, but I am not a lawyer so consult one before filing such a complaint.

Ross wrote: "May: Free Beacon ends its contract with Fusion."

That overlap tells you all you need to know about what Counterfeit Conservatives the WFB is.

Ross's timeline includes when Fusion GPS began pushing the peeing prostitutes story. In July, the company approached Rick Wilson and other Faux Republicans.

That month, Obama's administration cleared Hillary of all charges related to violating national security laws, and began "investigating" Trump and the fake Russian dossier.

British "spy" Christopher Steele briefed reporters from the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, the New Yorker and Yahoo! News on the Russian dossier.

None of them reported on the items in the Russian dossier -- because they knew it was Fake News.

But in January, CNN reported it.

There is a lot more.

But we now know the media, the Democrats, and the Obama administration colluded to overturn the 2016 election -- and they did so on the word of Russian officials cited in the dossier.

The swamp cannot drain fast enough.


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  1. Old and Busted: "You can't make this stuff up."

    New and Hot: "Oh, yes. Yes, you can."

    And the chief honchos at CNN vacation with the crew at Fusion GPS. How cozy an arrangement. - Elric

  2. Hmm I had a bit of discussion with a certain "Anonymous the Coward" about this in an earlier thread. Seem it is more than
    meet the eye...
    as in a growing shadow of an Acme safe.
    TG McCoy

  3. Looks to me like there's a yuuuuuge explosive pizza that's going to blow chunks of itself onto all the players in this game.

  4. Chardonnay sales are skyrocketing in Chappaqua

  5. Where are the Hillary indictments? Hah! It's not like the GOP doesn't have the means to prosecute.

    Meanwhile Trump campaign senior leadership indicted on conspiracy against United States.

    Also don't forget Popadopolos pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about trying to collude with Russia.....and working with Mueller.

    Great start. Buckle up.

    1. The GOP is controlled by people who support the same goals as the DNC. Why would they indict Hillary?

    2. Maybe they can investigate Hillary? It's too bad that's never happened. I sure hope the Trumpsters get to the bottom of this. Maybe Alex Jones can help?

  6. I think the reason Trump doesn't push on indicting Hillary is because he knows what a tremendous liability she is to the Democrat Party. As long as she's in the clear they can't rid themselves of her and doing so will raise a stink and split the party.

  7. Just a question:
    Could there be 2 fed prosecutors at the same time? The Republicans can do a parallel investigation on the Hillary collusion case at the same time as the Donald's "collusion case". Let the pieces fall as it may.

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